Hi guys! I officially broke my bow... 8S so I was a bit busy with getting a new one. But anyway, this story is almost over and I have several ideas for other stories, but I don't know if I have the imagination to make a full interesting story with plot.

But here's the one last chapter!

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The change of my appearance was incredible. Although I was no doubt the same angel as the Blackhawk, it didn't stand out in the society. Palutena helped me with getting a cover story. The Blackhawk was dead and I was a unique angel: the only one born with red eyes. My appearance (red eyes, white wings with black tips) was the reason she called me Kite, since many kites were white with a bit of grey/black and red-eyed. So I kept my first name. The most of the angels only knew the name "Blackhawk", so I never told anyone my last name. Not that I had much contact with other angels though. Lady Palutena had given me a sleeping place in one of her own rooms. My life continued. She educated me and supported me when necessary. She also helped me with solving my soul-addiction problem. It was a success.

I tried to hide my former life. I started to act differently. The memories of my horrible past had made me gloomy and serious. I had to become more happy-go-lucky, cause that was common for angels. I often practices smiling for the mirror. In the begin, it was quite difficult, but I learned fast. Within no time, I had a sweet smile. Being the actress I was, I changed my behaviour. Lady Palutena stimulated me with this, cause she thought it would make me forget my past. Forgetting, I did never, but it was helpful indeed. I didn't know how long passed (centuries maybe?), but I didn't need to act my behaviour anymore. It was permanently rewritten in my brain. I also changed physically. After Hades' last torture, my wings were that damaged and I had to re-learn how to fly. I did, but realised I wasn't as skilled as I was in the past. My strength went backwards too. I hadn't touched a weapon for years and I didn't think I would ever do it again.

Angels started to forget me. There was no threat, at least for Angel Land, Palutena's part of the Skyworld. I got an own house near Palutena's temple. I often visited her, but stayed away from her army. Palutena had told me she and her army hadn't perceived much of my deeds, because she was mind-possessed and her general unconscious in a ring. But I still didn't want too much attention. Palutena's army was currently busy with the war between Viridi and Artemis. The reason: Viridi pitied the animals the humans hunted and blamed Artemis for stimulating the hunt. Of course Ares started poking between the two and soon, they were at war. Palutena had an alliance with Viridi since the attack of the Aurum, so she helped the forces of nature.

My time seemed to be peaceful, until something awful occurred. It was a peaceful day and all kinds of angels were walking around, enjoying the day. I was sitting on a bench in the park, watching a fight between two angels. Not that this was very peaceful, but it was quite common for angels to show who was better and nobody got hurt. Especially male angels between sixteen and twenty were doing this a lot. One of the two angels was winning and the audience started to encourage the winning lad. The losing angel had dropped his weapon and lay almost on the ground. But then...that yell.

'Finish him!' one of them shouted. Suddenly, a sharp headache went from my left temple, through my forehead to my right temple. I intended to grab my head, but the time slowed down. All the noises muted and I felt how I was pulled away. The world I was in was not longer the real world I knew. With every nanosecond feeling like a minute, I had time to panic. Two arms pulled me underwater. My body stayed unmoved, but my mind felt like I was drowning. Then I heard a voice.

'Give yourself up.' The voice's owner appeared for me: my dark counterpart.

'No!' I shouted back at her, but the fallen angel drowned me even more. My vision blurred. I didn't know what happened, but my darker counterpart smirked at me. My head was too foggy to fully understand her words, but one thing was clear to me. She was possessing me. Then the image of the lord of the underworld appeared next to her.

'I see anger within you. Show it! Show it to everyone! Destroy everyone in your way!' he said to both of us. I tried to resist, but it was no use. My mirror angel walked to me.

'Sleep well...' she said and lay her hand on my head, ending my thought.

With a flash, I awoke in the real world. I heard screaming people. Then my sight came. My eyes grew in terror and I gasped when I saw it. I had the bow of one of the angels in my hand, with the edge stabbed his chest. My other hand lay on the dead body, covered in blood. I recoiled. I looked around. The horrified faces said enough: I was the murderer. No, how could this be? Tears started to fall from my eyes. I was upset. I thought everything was all right. All memories of years ago loomed before my eyes. I screamed in fear and panic. Then I felt how a dozen of Bateleurs pinned me down to the ground. I slackened and surrendered myself. I closed my eyes. The sadness within me was enormous.

'You're coming with us, gal,' a strong man said, lifting me up. I didn't say anything, even when they threw me in a chariot. My eyes were still closed and I heard one of the Bateleurs wonder whether I was asleep or not. No, I wasn't, but sleeping would be a relief from my emotional pain. I felt how I was dragged to somewhere cold and stuffy. I landed with a smack on the ground. I finally opened my eyes and saw I was in a dungeon. The angels walked away and locked the door. It was dark, cold and musty. I sat up and buried my nose in my knees. I cried for a long time. Maybe a hour passed. I lay on the ground, desperate. Tiredness had struck me. It was cold and I curled up to get warmth. I was shivering and sniffing, but my exhaustion won and I fell asleep.

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