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I spent days in the dungeon, before I was let out. They brought me to a room without a window. Then a angel walked to me and blindfolded me.

'Just stay calm and it's over quick,' he whispered in my ear. He made me walking to the wall and tied me up. My intuition freaked out, making me feel nauseous. I didn't like this. What was he going to do? My knee kinked in anxiety.

'Full name?' the question made me doubt. My last name was Blackhawk. The name who terrorised many and killed everything on her way.

'Kite Elanie...Blackhawk sir,' I finally said.

'Date on earth: 5 September 1624. Time: 10:47. Execution of Kite E. Blackhawk.'

'WHAT?!' I shouted in panic when I heard "execution". I struggled all I could when I heard the angel grabbing a staff. No no no no no...I didn't want to die. It was not my fault. I squealed, but the door busted.

'Stop!' I heard someone shout. My heart made a jump: Lady Palutena!

'My lady, what's wrong?' the angel asked.

'Untie her! Execution, are you crazy? She is too young. She is fourteen, not fifteen or older. And besides, why is this way of justice still legal?' Palutena sounded angry. The angel walked to me and untied me.

'Oh thank you,' I said and made a prayer (to her?).

'Okay, I'm gonna change this system. This isn't fair. Stepmother's system? Now it will be MY system. With lawyers who protect the criminals and no execution, except for Hades.' My relief was great. My gods, I was almost finished.

The days had changed. Centuries had passed. For an angel, it was only one and a half year. People didn't believe in the gods anymore. Angels were still believed, but they were nothing like us. After Lady Palutena had saved my life, I retreated. I only was outside when really necessary. But even then, it happened once more. It was just after my fifteenth birthday (though I started at thirteen). The poor angel who stood next to me didn't survive. I felt so bad. I wasn't strong enough to keep my mind in control. The Blackhawk (I called my possessor that way) was too strong and Hades weakened me with my memories. But both times, I didn't know how I had killed the unlucky angel. Lady Palutena protected me. I was really devoted to her, she was like my mother. She kept telling me it was not my fault, but it was. The Blackhawk was myself. It didn't happen often, but two times were more than enough. Lady Palutena assisted me more. Since the second time, it didn't occur anymore to my relief. My behaviour turned back to happy-go-lucky.

And the human's second millennia, that day came. The day that would change my life forever. I was reading a book when I got a message from Palutena. The door knocked and I opened: an yellow-winged girl stood in the doorway. I could see she was from Sector Epsilon, Palutena's messengers. She had long yellow hair, big blue eyes and was wearing a violet toga.

'Lady Palutena want to talk to you, follow me,' she said. I nodded, not knowing where Palutena wanted to talk about. So I flew after the Epsilon and met Palutena in her temple. My stomach made a twist. I was very curious. What was Palutena going to say? I couldn't wait. The green-haired goddess greeted me.

'Ah Kite! You're quick,' she smiled. 'Thank you Nowi for bringing her.' The angel nodded and walked away. Palutena beckoned to me, as sign to follow. We took a seat in comfortable sofas.

'What do you want to talk about?' I asked, and my eyes grew. Palutena chuckled.

'I see you can't wait, so I will be straight. Do you want to join my army?' I was surprised. Joining Palutena's army? It sounded great, but I didn't really know how or what.

'Sounds great, but can you be something more specific?' I asked.

'Tomorrow, the new recruits will be introduced. You'll start with them, Sector Kappa, like every beginner. It will be great.' I looked uncomprehending.

'Aren't Kappas like five year old or so?' I asked.

'Yes, but I already made a cover story. You know, you have a wing decease and it took a long time to finish flying school,' Palutena said with a smile. Palutena was good at making cover stories, but this was ridiculous. No one would believe it.

'Is that even possible?' I asked.

'It's really possible. Imagine, my own general couldn't fly on his own until Hades' defeat. I know what I'm saying. And now I'm talking about my general, he will be your mentor!' Palutena's own general as my mentor? As in, the one who slew more gods than anyone? The one who interrupted Hades with killing me and defeated him?

'But what if he notice I was lying and that I killed angel?' Palutena stroke gently my brown hair and smiled.

'Don't worry,' she reassured. 'He's quite naive.' I chuckled. Never thought he would be naive. I had heard other stories. That he was like a titan, merciless and extremely powerful. But I could have known those stories were mainly gossips.

'Then it would be a great honour to be tutored by the general of your army,' I said and bowed my head a bit.

'Do you know that you are really cute when you show respect?' Palutena asked while smiling brightly. I blushed a bit.

'Oh, am I? I didn't know...'

'It's a good thing,' she reassured. 'Well, I see you tomorrow with the others. It's for me time to observe the Centurion's new boot camp. I hope they're more useful the next time I need them. Poor Pit was burnt out after the great underworld war.'

'Poor guy...okay, see you tomorrow lady Palutena,' I said and left. The rest of the day and the night I kept wondering about my traineeship in lady Palutena's army. Was it heavy? What were my tasks? What was Pit like? I had never seen him, only heard his stories. I tried to create an image how he looked like. I imagined him as a man of an angel age of twenty-five with long, blond, untended hair and covered with war scars. I thought he was like a real hero, who knew both the great and difficult times.

The next day I arrived at Palutena's temple. Some other angels had arrived already. They were at least three heads smaller. I was really standing out and that made me feel embarrassed. I kept repeating the words: "I have a wing decease". Not that I couldn't lie (on the contrary, I was a great actress), but somehow I was nervous and could easy forget things. I felt like it took hours before an angel gave us the sign to follow. It was the same girl who brought me to lady Palutena yesterday. My heart was in my throat. I was really curious.

'Okay newcomers,' the angel said. 'You are going to see lady Palutena within one minute. When you see her, kneel before her in respect.' The angel gave more instructions, but I was rather annoyed. Get us there already. We walked to the other side of the temple, through a great golden door. And then...when I saw him...I knew I would enjoy my time as soldier. The same age, the fluffy chocolate hair and the blue pools as eyes.

My gods...he was freaking HANDSOME...

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