Just a little place for me to put any one-shots for this pairing I have.

Haldør was only working in the god-forsaken coffee shop so he would be able to pay for his college tuition. He despised all the people who fired off long orders at an inhuman speed to him and complained when he messed up a tiny detail. All the big groups of friends who sat and giggled, but never bought anything. He especially despised the costumers who got to the counter and took forever to decide on what to buy, causing a huge pile-up, which resulted in him getting in trouble. And of course, one of the regulars who came in everyday-and was in fact ordering now- was one of the worst at the latter.

He had been at it for at least five minutes now. Thankfully, it was near closing time, so there was no one behind him. The double bonus was Haldør got to leave in less than half an hour and it was a Saturday. But first he had to get this patron to leave.

"Hmm, do you think I should get one shot or two shots of espresso? I mean, I don't want to be jittery all night, but I do have a tournament I need to practice for and could use the energy. You know what, I'll just take one and then I can have an energy drink if I need to later. So, I guess that's my order."

"Got it. That'll be five seventy-eight." As Haldør prepared the man's outrageous drink, he started to daydream about getting back to his dorm and just falling right to sleep. Of course that probably couldn't happen because exams were coming up and he had to study, but he liked to think he could.

"Thanks! I'm Alfred by the way, since we've seen each other almost everyday for a couple months now." Well, this was not a conversation Haldør could say he wanted to have at the moment. Still, it was his job to be polite.

"Haldør. Now I'm sorry, but we're closing up so…"

"Ah, say no more. I got it. And hopefully I'll continue seeing you for a while now!"

Was he…flirting? Haldør stared as the man briskly left, giving a small wave through the glass door before walking away. That was different and unexpected. However, the young barista was able to quickly appreciate Alfred's butt before cleaning and locking up.

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