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"Now my older brother can be kind of…difficult. Especially since we're dating and he hasn't met you yet. Berwald and Timo are married. Berwald can be intimidating, but Timo is the one you don't want to make mad. And Sven…I'm sure you two will get along well."

"Cool, now let's go meet your family!" Alfred jumped out of the car and shifted from foot to foot waiting for Haldør.

"Hey, you two lovebirds! Get in here! We've been waiting for forever!"

"That would be Sven," Haldør muttered as the two walked to the door.

"Hej! Nice to meet you! Haldør hasn't told us practically anything about you, so it's nice to now something besides your name. I'm Sven by the way."

"Well it's nice to meet you! I haven't heard a lot about you either, so same I guess."

"Great! Come on in!" As soon as he was in the door Alfred was assaulted.

"Strong teeth, bright eyes, muscular physique, clean nose and ears, hair neatly trimmed, clothes don't smell too bad. Appearance in acceptable." Alfred's face was pulled, prodded, and inspected.

"Erik! Stop being weird!" Not even a minute into the dinner and Haldør's face was bright red.

"It's fine! I'll take the compliments when I can!" Alfred waved it off, but Haldør didn't like it.

"You must be the older brother. Nice to meet you." Alfred held out a hand and smiled even brighter when the gesture was accepted.

"Erik," was the only response he got, but it didn't seem to faze him too badly.

"Heh, you must be the only one not weirded out by that!" Sven clapped a hand on Alfred's shoulder.

"I like you! Haldør, he has my approval!"

"Well thank you! I like you as well."

"Ah, you two are finally here! Sorry, we've been busy in the kitchen and setting the table, but it's nice to meet you Alfred. I'm Timo." While Alfred introduced, Sven leaned in and whispered to Haldør, "Nice pick! I have a feeling he's a keeper!"

Haldør's face became even redder if that was possible, and he tried to hide his face in his shirt collar.

"Well, since you know everyone now for the most part, how about we go eat?" Sven was trying to physically usher them into the dinning room as he said this.

"That sounds great! I'm starving. What are we having?"

"Well, Timo and Berwald were the ones who made it, so be prepared for some of the weirdest food ever. And Haldør, we've got lundi for you!"

"What's lundi?"

"I'm surprised you haven't heard of it. It's one of Haldør's favorite dishes, cooked puffin."

"Oh really? Well something new to try then!"

"Great attitude! Put that on your checklist Erik."

"Okay, Berwald and I have made pulla, hasselback potatoes, mansaka, aebleskiver, and Berwald's famous meatballs. And for dessert we have apple pie and rosenmunnar."

"It looks and smells great!" Alfred looked very eager to start the meal and as soon as they sat down he started digging in.

Haldør was very annoyed that his brother just so happened to sit between him and Alfred.

"So tell us a little more about yourself Alfred." And so started the bombardment of questions to judge him by.

"Well, I'm the starting quarterback for the football team. I'm also on the swimming team, and once the football season ends I'll be able to join the basketball team. I've already been talking to Coach about it and he's certain I'll make the team."

"So you are very athletic. How are your academics going?" Haldør could tell his that in his brother's mind Alfred was a dimwitted jock. Haldør almost snorted.

"Well, I have a full schedule this year. I'm taking a Calculus and Mathematical Theory class, just to keep my skills sharp, you know? And then I have Astrophysics, Cosmology, Astronomy, and Advanced Physics classes. I'm also taking Biotechnology as just a sort of fun class. "

"Wow, you have a lot on your plate! And it's safe to assume you're hoping to get a job in the science field?" Haldør was thankful Timo started talking before Erik did.

"Yup! I'm not too sure yet what exactly that is, but I'm leaning towards astrophysicist. I originally wanted to be an astronaut, but I'm not so sure now."

"That's so cool!" As Alfred, Sven, and Timo started a more in depth conversation about how amazing the universe was, Haldør turned to Erik.

"Stop it."

"Stop what?"

"You know what you're doing and I'm telling you now, he's too oblivious to be scared off by you." Erik turned to listen into the conversation.

"The whole multi-universe theory is great to think about. I mean, it basically says that there is a universe out there where the theory doesn't exist, which is a paradox; however, there is another universe out there where paradoxes make sense and don't make the world implode. And thinking about how these universes came to be, or where they may be, is mind-blowing! Our universe in forever expanding, so that's where dimensions come into play. And if there are multiple dimensions, do they sit stacked on top of one another or are they somehow all in the same area, per say, or what? And are we able to rip through the fabric and space and reach these dimensions? I would sell my soul if I could just figure out all the secrets of the universe before I died."

"Wait, so there could be a universe where there are dog versions of us wandering around?" Haldør knew Timo would ask a question like that.

"Relatively speaking, yes. If the theory is correct."

"Wait a second, I thought theories can't become laws?" Sven inquired.

"Theories are a series of observation suggesting something happened, bet we can never state that it did happen. Take the Big Bang Theory for example. There is a lot of evidence pointing that it did happen, but no once and really prove it happened. And when I say prove, I mean no one saw it happen or anything, making it a theory. A scientific lay on the other hand states that something has happened, like with the Law of Gravity. It was always there for the finding. It is very obviously here and is actively taking place. An analogy I always like for this was an apple cannot become an orange."

"You've very talkative, aren't you?" Erik might have meant the remark to be innocent, but Haldør could hear some venom in his tone.

"Yeah, sorry if that annoys you. If you get me talking, especially about something I'm passionate about, I can just go on spewing words out a mile a minute." Haldør tried to kick Erik under the table, but something told him he missed.

"Do you have a dog?" Alfred asked suddenly, looking under the table.

"Not here, Berwald and I have one at our house, but we left her there."

"Hm, interesting." Haldør tried to look innocent as he hid his face by looking down at his food. Berwald was giving him a look like he knew what Haldør had done, or at least knew he was guilty of something.

"This is really good by the way!" Alfred was digging into the pulla.

"Thank you! I can give you the recipe if you want to try to make it yourself."

"Ah, no thanks. I'm not the best baker if you get my drift."

"Can you cook?" Now Erik was going to judge Alfred based on his cooking skills. Bastard.

"Yeah, I guess so. I mean, I'm not a five star chef or anything, but I can make food that's edible and has nutritional value."

"And that's all that matter when it comes to food." Haldør knew that Berwald also understood what Erik was doing.

"Well, I believe it's time for us to start getting home. School work, you know?" Haldør was done with all the shenanigans his brother was putting.

"Aw, can't you guys stay a little longer? It's been forever since we have seen you!"

"Don't worry, we can call Sven. I just remembered an essay I have to write and it's due tomorrow." Haldør was practically dragging Alfred to the door now, throwing his coat on as soon as he got to the door.

"Well, I'll be waiting for that call!" Haldør pulled the door shut and started to speed walk away, Alfred still in a state of shock and being dragged by his hand. They got into the car and Alfred regained his ability to drive.

"So that was pretty sudden."


"I don't think your brother likes me very much, I'm pretty sure he kicked me under the table." Haldør tried to keep his face neutral as he groaned.

"Yeah, but the others seem really nice, and you were right, Sven and I really kicked it off!"

"That's good." And now we get to go home and watch Captain America."



Early the next morning, while Alfred was still sleeping after watching Captain America and all the Spiderman movies, Haldør's phone went off.

I approve.

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