Chapter I: Prologue

For Haru Miura, life has been unpredictable. She was supposed to finish the prestigious Midori Middle School and continue her way to Midori High school. There she was supposed to start paving her way to become a successful doctor. She was supposed to do all these things with no distractions. Her only goal was supposed to be working hard to achieve her dream. Maybe find love along the way.

That was supposed to be the only thing that she worried about. But no, life had other plans for her. Life has thrown her into so many unexpected situations. Most what a normal person will not even believe.

If someone asked her ten years ago how her life would be in ten years, her answer would be nothing like how her life actually is now. The day she met Reborn and Tsuna was life altering. But today, thanks to that fateful event, she has forged many strong bonds with so many people and has gone through so many situations with all of them. They meant the world to her and she will not trade that for anything in this world.

Five years have passed since that day their paths crossed. And knowing what their lives have become, she was grateful that they all made it alive to their senior year of high school. With all that fighting and all that bloodbaths, she was expecting the worst.

After graduating Midori Middle School, she started attending Namimori High. Rejecting a chance to be in the prestigious all girls' high school, to be in a public school was not well received by her parents. Especially her dad. But after all the long hours of convincing, he agreed to let her join Namimori High. Normally, she would never make such a bold step. Especially one that could affect her future hugely. But knowing every abnormal thing her friends go through in their life, she can't bear not being there and not knowing how they are. It was a choice she made in a blink of an eye and never looked back.

Though to be fair, switching from an all-girls school to a mixed school was odd. Then again, any major change in life is hard to get used to. She learnt that a long time ago. But with Tsuna, Kyoko and Hana as her friends, it wasn't as hard as she initially expected it to be.

Going to school with the whole gang made her feel a lot closer to them than ever. Tsuna actually started to acknowledge her. Though not in the way her 13-year old self would have wanted. But as a good friend.

Over the course of those years, Haru's love for Tsuna has eventually faded away. Sure, once she did have feelings for him. But she wasn't daft. Tsuna's feelings for Kyoko were too strong, and Haru can never compete with that. When Tsuna and Kyoko started going out, Haru was devastated. For a while at least. But she wanted to be happy for Tsuna and Kyoko. So somehow she managed to get over those feelings. Now, she can genuinely say that there weren't any hard feelings leftover from those times. Now, she was truly happy with them and any feelings she had for Tsuna were long gone.

And Yes. Tsuna and Kyoko are officially dating. That was bound to happen anyway. They started dating few months after the gang started high school. Even now, they are going very strong. Better yet, everyone is expecting them to get married soon after finishing high school. How great would that be. Haru can already imagine the huge Vongola style wedding that those two will have. Who knows. Reborn will probably end up being the priest at the wedding. Never say never.

Tsuna and Kyoko are not the only ones who have opened up a new chapter of their lives.

Yammamoto is actually dating a girl he met while the Vongola family was at Italy during holidays. Her name was Renita. She lives in Italy but she is half Japanese. Haru doesn't know much about that relationship. She and Yammamoto were never that close to begin with, and she only heard about this Renita through Kyoko.

What actually surprised everyone was Gokudera getting a girlfriend. He always seems to be so attached and loyal to Tsuna. As if his whole life depended on protecting Tsuna. Well, it probably does. The fact that takes the cake though, is who Gokudera's girlfriend is. Chrome. Its Chrome Dokuro. That was one mysterious relationship. At least in Haru's eyes. They have never shown any past interest in each other, until Tsuna and all his guardians went on to this holiday in Italy. Cupid must have been at work there as that was where Yammamoto met his girlfriend too. Despite Haru being close with Chrome herself, she is very tight lipped about the whole Gokudera subject.

Meanwhile Mukuro's whereabouts were unknown, and everyone has to hold onto the hope that he will show up when needed. As for Hibari, he wasn't much different. The same cold, strict guy whom everyone was scared of.

Lambo and I-Pin are ten years old now. I-Pin was as bright as a light. Lambo on the other hand is the polar opposite. He hasn't changed a bit. He is still the spoiled brat he was when Haru first met him.

Everything seemed to be going fine for everyone now. Even though nothing significant was going on in Haru's life right now, she was at content. Right now, all she worried about was her future. And friends. Nothing more.

But who knows. Tomorrow could be the day your life changes for good…