Chapter 5

She can feel her heart racing as she looked at the stunned faces of the three mafia men standing there. A death like silence enclosed the whole room. The seconds were passing by very slowly. It has been under a minute since she spilled all the beans about what she witnessed in the future to Tsuna, Reborn and Yammamoto.

Tsuna was the first person to display any sort of reaction. He fell to his knees, with his eyes wide and a look of pure horror and shock plastered on his face.

"Gokudera-kun… dies?" He managed to mutter lifelessly. Reborn, despite always been such a calm and collected person, had an expression that mirrored Tsuna's. Even Yammamoto was in shock.

"Is there anything we can do?" Haru tried to change the drift of the conversation to what mattered the most right now. How to save Gokudera. A few seconds passed without any sort of reply from the three standing in front of her. It was Tsuna who finally broke the silence again.

"We should obviously find out what's the disease. And the cure, before it's too late!"

Haru nodded along with the other two. But there was another question that was stuck in her head.

"Tsuna-san…" She started with her eyes glued to the floor. "What if…" She gulped. She didn't even want the possibility of what she was about to ask to be true in any way. "What if the disease is incurable or something…?"

The question made all of them flinch. That was when Reborn decided to take a stand.

"Right now, we just have to think positive. It could be anything…." No matter what the situation was like, Reborn's wise words have always being able to peace to their minds. But right now, the look of hopelessness of was on all their faces.

"Bianchi-san did mention that the disease Gokudera-san was suffering from was the same as his mother…" Haru attempted to fill in the blanks for the rest of them. In that case, they could find out about his mother and there was going to be hope left for him, isn't there?

"I don't know anyone who was aware of what his mother was suffering from. She was too reserved, even in sickness." This answer made everyone's faces drop. "I don't think that even Gokudera himself is aware of what it was…"

"There is another thing we could try…" This time it was Yammamoto who spoke up. Haru was aware of how close Yammamoto and Gokudera were, despite the latter saying otherwise. She cannot even begin to comprehend how hard this must be, especially for Yammamoto and Tsuna. She was shocked and devastated, for these guys, it has to be way worse.

"How about use the bazooka to bring someone from future and find out more about this?"

Tsuna furiously nodded at the suggestion. Reborn seemed to think about it for a while, before agreeing with the idea.

"Haru, you should be the one to go. From what I am able to conclude, your future self seems to have more knowledge about this than the rest of us." Reborn faced towards Haru as he let those words sink in.

"Of course." Haru replied. "But doesn't that mean we have to get the ten-year bazooka from Lambo?" She asked wondering if Lambo would ever agree to give away his precious.

"Leave that to us!" Tsuna and Yammamoto replied simultaneously. Their moods have noticeably brightened as Reborn came up with a possible solution. Haru felt a smile tugging on the side of her lips. She would always be thankful to how reliable these guys were.




The sun was setting and the sky was already painted orange. It has been at least an hour since she informed Tsuna and the others about the future. And they did manage to come up with a possible solution for it. Haru sighed. She cannot relax. Not at all. She was going to the future again. That means her future self was going to be here. Reborn has already devised a plan and Haru was told that they will be coming over to her house that night with the ten-year bazooka. Still, the nervousness and the wait and anticipation was too much.

"Yo stupid woman!?" Haru's eyes widened a bit at the words that were said by the person. She didn't need to turn around to figure out who it was. Those insulting words wouldn't come from anyone else other than Hayato Gokudera.

She can hear the footsteps coming closer and closer until they stopped right next to her.

"Gokudera-san…" Haru coped to acknowledge the storm guardian.

"I have been meaning to ask… what the hell happened to you today?" The storm guardian questioned her with a confused look coated on his face.

Haru thought back to the moment earlier on the roof. The very second she decided to tell Tsuna. She remembered being in a middle of a conversation with Gokudera, before dashing out to find Tsuna. That was when she found out that along with Yammamoto, Tsuna has already left with Reborn for some mafia related stuff. She had to wait till late afternoon for them to arrive back at Tsuna's house so she could very well as shatter their worlds.

"U-uh…" She wasn't sure what she was supposed to reply. Just stuttering would do fine. Way to go Haru.

For a moment an awkwardness lingered in the air. From the look on Gokudera's face, Haru can tell he wanted to say something. But he seemed to hesitate a bit before speaking again.

"You see, I overheard Kyoko and Hana talking about something today…"

Haru can feel her heart racing. She was already assuming the worst. And this time, why did she get the feeling it was the worst?

"Eh… they were saying you have a crush on me?" Haru wanted die and crawl into a hole as Gokudera uncomfortably ended the sentence. She didn't have the slightest clue on what she should even be saying. She did not have a crush on him. This was too awkward. And Hana and Kyoko were going to die since they obviously talked about that in public.

She can already feel her whole face light up a bright red. At this point, she would be thankful if he even believes her.

"No! No! That was a misunderstanding." Gokudera slowly nodded at Haru's words.

"Kyoko-chan misunderstood something I said…" She finished clumsily.

"Ah, thank god. Rejecting you would have been sort of awkward." Gokudera replied as he ran his hand through his silky white hair. Haru managed to pull off a half smile at those words of his.

"Well, since its dark and our houses are close by, why don't I walk you home?" Gokudera asked. Haru smiled at this. Unlike their middle school days, they were able to tolerate each other now, and now and then, moments like those happen.





Haru made it home before it got too dark. The walk was quiet as neither Haru nor Gokudera knew what they should talk about. But that silence wasn't awkward and uncomfortable as she expected it to be. For some reason, it was quite nice.

The house was empty as always. It was rather lonely. The fridge was already empty and kitchen cabinets didn't look like they had much in there. Haru sighed. She has to go grocery shopping after all.

For the next two hours, Haru busied herself by taking a shower and doing some homework. Until the bell started to ring that is. She already knew who to expect. It must be the guys with the ten-year bazooka. She has been anxious about this for hours. Quickly, Haru sprinted towards the door and opened it, only to be greeted by Kyoko and Hana?

"Umm… What are you guys doing here?" The disappointment in Haru's voice was apparent. These girls could show up at any time but this. Reborn and the guys are going to be here with the ten-year bazooka anytime and it's going to raise loads of questions from Kyoko and Hana.

"Tomorrow is Saturday Haru! We are going to have a slumber party!" Hana yelled at the top of her voice. It took a few seconds for Haru to notice the sleeping bags and the bags full of junk food that both her best friends were carrying.

"Chrome-chan will be here any second." Kyoko happily announced as both she and Hana put down all their stuff on the couch as they started chatting about something to each other.

"C-Chrome-chan is coming too?" Haru gawked at this. Knowing Hana and Kyoko, the news about Haru's 'crush' on Gokudera has probably reached the ears of Gokudera's girlfriend herself. The possibility of this night being awkward as hell keeps on growing.

Before either Kyoko or Hana could answer, the doorbell rang again.

"It must be Chrome!" Hana jumped up and down on the couch before crawling her way to the door. Immediately, Haru was starting to think that Hana was drunk.

"Haru, I hope Chrome being here isn't going to be too awkward for you…" Kyoko finally said something about the whole Chrome issue. Haru gave a mental sigh and shook her head. Chrome being here is the last thing that was going to make tonight weird.

Hana finally managed to open the door, revealing not Chrome, but Tsuna, Reborn and Yammamoto. And a very noticeable ten-year bazooka.

Haru shut her eyes tight, waiting for the questions.

"Tsu-kun? What are you guys doing here with that?" Kyoko asked with confusion as she pointed her fingers at the ten-year bazooka which Yammamoto was carrying.

Tsuna was equally shocked by the presence of his girlfriend there.

Reborn sensed the confusion lurking in the atmosphere and stepped up.

"Since it came to this, we should probably tell you two about the situation too." Haru and Tsuna were about to protest this, but Reborn's glare shut them down.

"Situation…?" Haru can tell that Kyoko was feeling a bit scared. Haru can't blame her. After everything that happened with Byakuran and all, Kyoko must be expecting the worst right now.

In the whirl of the next ten minutes, the lively atmosphere surrounding both Hana and Kyoko changed. They were as shaken as the rest of them when they found out.

"So we will send Haru to ten years in the future. This will bring her future self here and we could get some useful answers from her."

Both Hana and Kyoko nodded, showing their agreement towards Reborn's words.

"Haru, are you ready…?" Tsuna asked as both him and Yammamoto held the ten-year bazooka over her head.

Haru gulped. "I am." She answered as she closed her eyes.




Haru closed her eyes as she felt her self being enveloped in a puff of smoke. And some spinning. After a few seconds, she opened her eyes and found herself in what seemed like a nursery?

With the pale purple wallpaper, with crescents and various animals painted on, Haru can deduce that this was a well made nursery. There was a nightlight on a surface which seemed like a dresser. The light was turned on, illuminating the room in light shadows of stars and planets. The sight was somehow heartwarming and beautiful. Haru could make out the outline of what seemed like wooden bookshelf. A closer look at that confirmed this. It was filled with a number of kids books, with a few plush toys neatly lined on the top drawer.

What drew her full attention though, was the sound of a gurgle. Haru followed this sound to the sight of a bassinet. She walked closer to it and took a look inside. As she expected there was a baby, who looked like she just woke the looks of it, she was around six months. She was pretty cute, with chubby cheeks and dimples garnering both her fat cheeks. Her hair was chocolate brown and it covered her eyes partially. Her eyes were what was truly astounding. A beautiful emerald shade.

"Lilia-chan…?" Haru whispered, taking a guess. The baby let out a giggle as if she was responding to her own name. Haru gave a small smile as she cuddled the baby for a while. So she really ended up becoming a nanny or something? That explains Bianchi's words well. But deep inside, Haru still felt like she was missing an important detail.

Haru decided walked around the room a bit more, with the giggling baby squirming in her arms. There was a door half open which led into another room. This room was bigger and was furnished more lavishly. The second this room met her gaze, Haru felt her mouth form an 'o' shape and she was in awe. The room was gorgeous. This is surely how she imagined her dream room. Walking around the room, Haru can't help but admire the artwork and the decor of the place. That was until Lilia-chan reached out her hand and pushed a picture frame resting on the side table of the bed. Haru can't help but sigh as she bent down to take the frame back after putting the baby on the king sized bed.

What came next nearly killed Haru out of shock. The frame wasn't just a random picture of pretty plant or some landscape. It was a wedding picture. She did expect something like this in the room, but not exactly like this. Sure enough, in the picture, dressed in a black tuxedo and a smart smile decorating his face, Gokudera stood with pride. But that wasn't the unexpected part. The bride. It was not Chrome. It was Haru. With a shiny white gown and a lavish bouquet, it was none other than Haru herself in the picture.

All the pieces started to connect now. The conversation she had with Bianchi about Lilia-chan makes sense. Haru sat on the bed in an attempt to calm herself. She put her hands over her head and thought about the whole situation. She was not expecting this at all. This theory did cross her mind briefly. But for it to be true was something she wasn't expecting. And worst of all, there was the whole deal about Gokudera's death. Right now, Haru's future self was having a conversation with the gang back in the past about it. Her future self must be dealing with a lot right now. Haru felt a pang to her heart. She did not understand how she could have possibly gotten with Gokudera. Even if he and Chrome broke up, she would never date a guy who dated one of her closest friends. But who knows what the future holds? What happened has happened. In the future, she was going through this heartbreaking ordeal. And it was up to her present self to make sure that this is not going to happen in this future.

Haru checked her watch. Four minutes has passed since she arrived in the future. She can only hope that her friends have acquired enough information that can possibly save Gokudera.

Right now, all she can do was hope.