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Null and Void

Chapter 3

Old School Building

Rias sat at her desk browsing through a thick tome that looked to be the oldest thing in the whole room. Akeno was by her side preparing cups of tea. Asia was sitting next to Koneko, using her sacred gear's power to heal to heal her injuries. She sighed in relief as the bruised discolorations on her arm disappeared. Issei was on the couch drumming his fingers on the armrest to calm his nerves in this tense situation. The only person who was not present was KIba.

Finally Issei looked like he had enough and stood up making his way to the door, however before he could even reach the handle Rias stopped him. "That's enough Issei."

Issei stopped and turned to look at the girl he loved, "Buchou with all due respect I do not think we should have let Kiba go like that. What if he does something stupid?"

Earlier Rias had berated Kiba for his actions during the fight with Axel and his comrades. Issei was shocked when Rias slapped Kiba for his recklessness. After a brief argument he left the building for some unknown destination.

Rias did not even raise her head from the tome as she answered him, "Kiba's actions tonight nearly put himself at risk and would have endangered his comrades if the fight did not stop when it did. He is obviously preoccupied by something, so I believe he needs time to allow himself to get his priorities straight."

Issei frowned and looked like he wanted to argue, but he stopped and relented. Even though he did not want to admit it he knew Rias was right and any action she took was for the good of her peerage and family. What's more even though he knew little about Kiba's past, he could tell that it must have been difficult and to see him so troubled since earlier that evening, Issei knew that some alone time was probably the best thing for Kiba.

"Besides we have another concern to deal with at the moment. So we may want to take this time to come up with a proper plan."

"Ara ara could you mean our guests from earlier? I admit they seemed a bit strange and their abilities were unusual."

Issei blinked in remembrance, with what had happened with Kiba he had almost forgotten about Axel and his associates. "Oh right I almost forgot about them. Well we did end up learning a few things about them, but I am not sure what exactly they are?"

"You are correct their Issei, we have no idea what are enemies are."

Issei was surprised, "We don't?"

Akeno shook her head, "We do not know what or who Axel and his group are in league with. During our fight we tried to feel their aura and get a grasp of what they were. They were not ordinary people that is for sure, but we are also not able to determine if they were human or part angel, devil or fallen angel. In fact I do not think any of them were even giving of any signatures whatsoever."

Rias turned the page of the tome, "Indeed it is not unusual for experienced assassins or warriors to mask their presence when following or tailing someone, it happens to even the most veteran warriors. But to maintain that form of stealth while in combat is practically impossible to maintain, even for master fighters."

"So that begs the question what exactly are Axel and the others and what is their objective?" Akeno's smile was replaced with a small frown.

"I suppose there are two ways to look at this situation." Rias looked up and above her head a scenario began to play out. "We can assume that they were being honest and wish for us to be allies. On the other hand it could just be a ploy to let our guard down so that when we least expect it they strike and take us out."

As she explained, a set of images began to play out above her head. The first set of images involved chibified versions of Rias, her peerage, and Axel and his friends. The first scenario played out with Rias and Axel shaking hands with smiles on their faces and a halo hovering above Axel's head. However the second image depicted the opposite, with Rias and her peerage piled on top of one another on the floor with x's for eyes, meanwhile Axel stood above them with a toothy grin and devil horns on his head as he danced mischievously.

"I am little more concerned about what Axel said earlier. About a storm coming our way." Issei thought back to the mysterious redheads' final words about an impending danger. It still gave him chills. "Obviously Axel would have to be well connected with the supernatural world to know something that you don't. "

Rias sighed, "Not to mention that brother has not mentioned anything either. Most likely it means that he's purposely withholding information so we won't get in trouble or he is out of the loop like we are. In any case we should hear from him latest tomorrow."

Asia raised her hand slowly into the air a timid expression on her face. Rias took notice of this, "Yes Asia?"

"Umm... Well I was curious since Kiba left, but what are you reading buchou?"

Rias smiled, "Well since we came back from our battle I have been curious on the weapons our two opponents wielded. This book just happens to be a guide on them, so I thought it would help answer some questions."

"Oh that's right they wielded those sacred gears… what were they called again… keyblades?" Issei looked to her uncertainly.

"Yes and on a related note it also reveals that Axel also has one. However unlike the others it does not appear to be related to the keyblade, but it was certainly a strong one."

"Do you know which one it was buchou?" Rias chuckled, "Unfortunately I am not too much of an experiment on all sacred gears, but if I had to guess about Axel…." She stopped reading and raised her head and put her finger to her chin thought.

"Well if I had to hazard a guess… going by the design and power of the flames, I would have to go with the assumption that Axel's sacred gear… might probably be the Eternal Flame!"

"Eternal flame?" Asia asked her with clueless expression.

Akeno smiled at Asia and Issei knowingly as she stepped in to help explain the matter to them, "Surely you've heard of the legend of Prometheus?"

Issei and Asia both nodded, though somewhat hesitantly, "Wasn't he that guy that got his intestines eaten by a bird?"

Akeno nodded, "yes that is the one. Prometheus was a titan, a being that existed before and during the reign of the Olympian gods. One day he snuck into Olympus and stole the very first flame and gave it to humans as a gift to help them fight the darkness of the world. As punishment he was chained to a stone altar where an eagle came and tore out his organs. Prometheus being immortal was forced to relive this torture every single day for the rest of his unending life."

While Akeno told the part of Prometheus torture, everyone took a step away from her when they noticed her face flush red. Akeno sweat dropped at their actions.

"Well that wasn't very nice. Anyways, the eternal flame after being given to the humans, eventually ended up with the Angels and they then delivered it to God. According to rumors, God was so fascinated by the power and beauty of the flame that he used it to forge a weapon. This led to the creation of the sacred gear called The Eternal Flame. Though it is not one of the thirteen longinus, it's power is very close and is capable of matching one, depending on how experienced the user is. Incidentally it was one of the very first sacred gears created by the Biblical God."

"Wow… so Axel has that kind of weapon in his possession? Suddenly I am kind of nervous. But buchou can I ask you again what exactly is a Keyblade, I remember that you said was also a scared gear, but you did not say much else about it."

"Of course, the keyblade is a rare and powerful sacred gear. It's uniqueness has to do with the fact that unlike other sacred gears it does not have only one appearance. It's form varies and changes depending on the user. So it can be really weak or extremely powerful and its abilities also vary. However all keyblades share a single powerful ability. That ability is the power to lock or unlock any lock or seal."

Issei looked at her with an uncertain gaze, "It unlocks things? Not to sound insulting buchou but when compared to all the other sacred gears I have seen it does not sound really special."

Rias shook her head, "I am sorry to say that you are wrong Issei. Imagine an enemy with a skeleton key for everything in existence. They would be able to access protected secrets, could release some of the most dangerous beings from imprisonment or even close the gates of the underworld and even heaven, preventing Angels and Devils from reaching the mortal world and trapping them. The keyblade may be a tool of order but in the wrong hands it can very well cause irreparable damage."

Issei gulped nervously at the thought. Suddenly Rias expression changed as she was shifting through the pages of her tome. "Here it is!" she shouted with satisfaction. Everyone crowded around her to look at two pictures of their enemies' weapons.

"The darker one is called Darker than Dark, the other is known as True Lights Flight. According to this tome both Key blades are similar in appearance because at one time they were once a single keyblade that split into two separate ones. DTD is a keyblade associated with the element of darkness and it boosts the users magical abilities exponentially, as well as allow them access to virtually every element, including time. TLF on the other hand is the opposite, it uses holy element and rather than increasing magic it focuses on the users physical abilities. It shrouds its user in a barrier of light that protects him or her from damage, repels most forms of magic and increases their physical strength making them capable of surpassing even the strongest of Rooks. Which would explain why Koneko took so much damage despite being powered by her rook piece."

Koneko pouted cutely at that, "It was a cheap shot."

Issei frowned, "Looks like these guys are packing some serious fire power, but…"

"Is something wrong Issei-kun?" Akeno asked noticing his sudden silence.

"Well its just that earlier today when I was walking with Rias and Asia, I felt my arm react to something. Whatever it was, it was enough to get Draigs attention and have him warn me about it."

"Now that you mention it I remember walking right by someone, but I did not give it too much thought. Come to think of it I can't remember anything about that person, not even what they were wearing."

"Was it Axel or one of his friends?" Asia asked, to which Issei shook his head.

"No, back when I was fighting them, I felt something was off, but it was not the same as this morning. I can't be certain, but maybe that could be someone else from Axel's group."

"Who no doubt must be strong if he could elicit a reaction from the Red Dragon Emperor."

Everyone fell silent as they sipped some of the tea Akeno prepared. "We should remain vigilant, until we can determine if Axel and his friends truly are our allies and if the danger they mentioned is real. So until then we should keep our wits about us."

Everyone answered with a silent nod of their heads. "Very well then, with that said we should all return home for the evening. We will have a big day ahead of us tomorrow."


Axel sighed as he Roxas and Xion walked through the dark lit streets towards their apartment. Normally it would take them an instant to return home, but they felt like taking their time.

"You know that he won't like that we came back so late you know." Roxas sighed with his hands behind his head. Xion laughed in amusement as she walked on top of the wall next to them, her hands on either side of her as she kept her balance.

"Geez, you really have to be the one to ruin the moment? Learn to just relax in the moment Roxas. Not every night we can get to enjoy a night like this…. After all there is no guarantee that every night will be like this one in the future."

The last he said with a sad smile, his hand on his left pectoral were his heart would be. "Besides I think maybe that guy should loosen up a bit maybe have some fun once in a while would not kill him."

They turned and arrived at their apartment complex and made their way up the steps to their apartment. They opened the door and entered the dark complex slightly perplexed that no one was there to meet them.

From the corner of his eye laying on one of the small tables in the apartment he picked up a letter addressed to them.

'Gone out for some air. See you when I get back. N.' Axel read the note out loud so that the others could hear him.

"I spend all that time worrying and in the end he is the one who doesn't show up to his own meeting time? That really sucks."

Xion frowned in worry, "Do you think he is all right? I mean where could he go at this time of night?"

Axel was just near one of the windows when something caught his eye. "I think I know where he might have gone. Xion can I borrow some cash."

The dark haired girl gasped and quickly backed away from Axel her arm pointing and waving at him in an exaggerated manner.

"Don't even think about! You are not wasting our remaining money on gambling you harlequin!" she yelled hysterically.

Axel seemed to choke when heard that, "Why the hell do you have to go that far you crazy girl! Memorise this well cause I aint repeating this again… I …DO… NOT... LOOK… LIKE… A … FREAKIN… CLOWN!" he shouted through clenched teeth.

He took a deep breath before he had serious look on his face, "Besides it has nothing to do with that reason. I just felt like Naruto could use a bit of nostalgia at the moment."

Roxas ans Xion blinked, she seemed to calm down and Roxas smiled, "I see well lets get going he won't be waiting for us all night."

With Naruto

Play Ventus' theme

Naruto took a deep breath then exhaled as he allowed for the strong wind gusts to wash over him. He had always admired the wind, it was something there yet never seen and was unpredictable in the sense that one moment it could be gentle and the next turn into a storm.

He calmly made his way over the roof and when he reached the edge he silently marvelled at the sight before him. He was standing on the roof of the city's tallest building and he gazed below witnessing the myriad and dazzling display of the city lights illuminating the ground below.

He smiled a bit as he sat down allowing his legs to dangle from the edge and sat there just taking the sights in for himself.

"I got to admit the view here is not that bad." Naruto looked behind his shoulder to see Roxas, Xion and Axel walking toward him. Xion was holding in her arms a plastic bag with something heavy inside. Without saying a word they all took a spot next to the blond and began to marvel at the sight below.

"The view is certainly nice, but it does not quite compare to back home you know?" Xion stared at the view below not once taking her eyes away from it.

Roxas shook his head, "I agree with you. I mean they could really could use a good old fashioned clock tower."

Naruto chuckled, "Figures that only you could say something so weird Roxas."

Roxas did a double take as he turned to glare at the older blond, "What is that supposed to mean?"

"I think what he means is that not everyone has an appreciation of old style as you do Roxas. Anyways what brought you up here Naruto? It's not like you to be all soft like this."

The blonds smile vanished," Today is the day that we met almost 3 years ago."

"Oh is that it? I thought it would involve something a little more serious. But you're getting worked up over that?"

Xion lightly punched Axel in the shoulder, "Axel don't be rude. I think it is sweet that Naruto is taking so much emotion into this day. After all that was the day when we all became friends."

Xion took the plastic bag next to her and pulled out a big blue box with the image of popsicles on it. "We all chipped in and got you a little something special. Its your favorite treat. The one we always had back home."

She took out four popsicles and handed one to each of them before taking the last one for herself. They tore open the wrappings and started to munch on the sweet ice cream. All except Naruto that is,

"You know its times like this when I remember how we first met"

Axel chuckled as he ate his treat, "Now that was something worth memorizing."

Roxas and Xion nodded in agreement, "We should count ourselves lucky that we found you in time. I would not want to thin what would have happened if we hadn't found you."

Naruto stared into the lights below as a fresh wave of memories rose to the surface.

Flashback- 3 years prior

His whole body felt like it was on fire, even breathing caused him some discomfort. He slowly opened his eyes blinking rapidly in order to adapt to the brightness of the room. He observed that the location he was in was in an apartment. He looked to the right and saw some sofa chairs and a dining table. He saw that he was lying down on a couch he lifted his head as much as he could and tried to sit up but he collapsed when he felt the strain was too much for his body.

From what he could see, his whole body was covered in bandages. Most of them seemed new but the ones around his chest and waist were tinged with red blotches. The sound of movement made him look to his right to see a young girl make her way towards him. She was young around fourteen years of age, she had black hair styled short and she was wearing a white sweater with a pair of black jeans. In her arms was a bowl of what he assumed was fresh water and a towel draped over her arm.

The girl blinked when she saw Naruto's gaze met her own and a smile formed on her face. "Roxas come in he is awake." She called behind her shoulder and within seconds a boy probably 15 years of age rushed into the room, carrying some fresh bandages in his arms.

The boy was around the same height as the girl but instead he had blond hair like his own, only a much darker shade, with the front of his hair styled upwards. He was wearing a red shirt with blue shorts. Like the girl he was carrying a smile of relief.

"Welcome back to the land of the living dude." The greeting confused the blond haired boy as he looked at them inquisitively.

"What… do you mean? What happened to me?" The two came closer to the blond and the boy, Roxas helped him up while the black haired girl unwrapped his old bandages.

While she did this they explained to the blond what had happened, "Well me, Xion and our friend Axel were walking through the woods, getting in touch with the scenery and all, when we happened to stumble across your body lying on the ground covered in wounds. We were surprised that you were alive, not that we did not think you wouldn't make it. We were able to take you back with us and treat your wounds, but as to how you got them well we have no idea. We were hoping you could tell us."

Xion slapped his arm causing him to jump back while nursing his sore arm, "Roxas! Don't go asking something him something like that!" she chided him with a surprisingly stern voice despite her gentle appearance.

"If his condition is anything to go by then he must have obviously gone through something traumatic." She had finished replacing the bandages by now and helped him lie back down.

Roxas rubbed the back of his head a nervous chuckled escaping his lips,"Right, sorry about that. Never mind then forget I asked."

The injured boy looked up at the ceiling raising his hand in an attempt to touch the ceiling. He stared at his bandaged palm, then clutched it tightly drawing blood.

Xion and Roxas looked at him with worry etched onto their faces. "Hey easy don't go and do something like that you will only make your injuries worse."

The blond did not even look at them and continued to stare at the ceiling, "… It doesn't matter. I can't remember anything."

Xion and Roxas were shocked at the sudden news, "What do you mean…"

The blond had not meant to shout, but for some reason he felt like he was meant to remember something important and having forgotten that one important fact and possibly everything else just pushed everything over his limit.

"I MEAN EXACTLY WHAT I SAID! I DON'T REMEMBER ANYTHING!" he almost immediately regretted doing that as he felt his whole body spasm in pain. Xion and Roxas looked at him sadly causing him to feel slightly guilty.

"… Sorry I should not have lashed out at you guys."

Xion and Roxas looked at one another and then back at him. Xion gently took his hand into her own, not at all concerned over the fresh blood staining her hand.

"No worries man. We can't even begin to understand what you must be going through. If our positions were reversed we would do the exact same thing." Roxas reassured him.

Xion patted his hand and firmly gripped it, though not enough to cause him pain. "Rest assured we will do everything we can to help you get better. Until you regain your lost memories, you can stay here with all three of us."

"All three? That is right you mentioned that there was someone else, Where is…?"

He was interrupted when the door to the apartment opened and in walked another strange person. He was clearly older than the other two by at least three years. He had short red hair spiked out wildly. He was wearing a sleeveless orange shirt with a red scarf around his neck and dark pants with camo military style boots. Currently his face and his hands were covered with numerous scratch marks and what seemed to be some areas that were lightly bleeding.

"Axel there you are! Where did you disappear too and what the heck happened to you?" Roxas demanded as his demeanor went wild after seeing the appearance of the red head. Axel looked at the blond lying on the sofa and slowly approached him. He looked up at him and he noticed he was clutching something tightly in his left hand. Axel lifted his hand so that it was placed over the blond chest and released the contents.

A small chain necklace landed on his chest and he took it gingerly into his hand on the necklace was something akin to a military style id tag. On the tag was a date and a name in Japanese characters.

Translated the characters read: Naruto Uzumaki. DOB: October 10th

"I went back to the site where we found you. To see if there were something there that could give us some idea about how you got there, but that was all I found."

The boy looked as if he had seen a ghost and his hands trembled, "Naruto… Uzumaki? Is that… my name?"

Axel looked at him curiously, "I am pretty sure you are?"

Roxas looked at him, "Take it easy man, he says he does not remember anything, about how he got there or what happened to him.

Axel raised an eye brow but merely nodded in understanding. He looked back at Naruto to see that he was giving him a once over.

"What happened to your body?"

"Oh this, well considering that I was stupid enough to go in the woods in the middle of the night, so let's just say that there were some wildlife out there that were not so eager to see me"

Naruto stared at Axel and unbeknownst to him tears started to go down the side of his face. He wiped them away and looked at them with a confused expression. Axel looked at him with a neutral expression before sighing.

"Looks like we got no choice." He said out loud getting their attention. "It would leave a bad taste in my mouth to just let you go out in the street the way you are so I guess we just have to handle one more mouth to feed. Plus Xion and Roxas seem to have taken a liking to you."

Naruto was speechless and did not know what to say, Xion and Roxas were grinning with cheerful expressions. So for the first time since his arrival, Naruto smiled, though only a little.

"Thank you Axel. I…"

Axel stopped him from saying another word, by waving a finger to his face. "Do not think this means that you will be here laying on your ass all day. Until your injuries heal completely, the three of us are going to have to handle all of the work, but the moment you are back on your own two feet, you are going to pay us back every little penny. Got it memorized?"

Despite the warning Naruto's smile turned into a grin. "Crystal boss."

Axel turned around and waved him off, "Don't call me that dumbass. Axel will do just fine."

Naruto looked form Axel and then to Roxas and Xion. He clutched his necklace bringing it up to his chest with one thought going through his mind right then. He vowed that no matter what he would do everything to pay his friends back for their help.

Flashback end

"Naruto. Earth to Naruto?" Naruto was brought out of his musing by the sound of Xion's voice and the sensation of her hand pushing against his shoulder.

"What's the matter Xion?" the black haired girl pointed up at the sky and the three boys simultaneously looked up at fast dot moving across the sky towards them.

"Looks like we are about to have company." Xion replied with a blank expression while munching on her ice cream. The small dot dashed through the night sky turning into a colorful streak like a small comet. The streak finally came to a stop in front of the group of four and the colorful energy surrounding it dispersed in a shower of sparks revealing to them an unusual creature.

It was a tiny creature about the size of a basketball and resembled a bat. The bat's body was spherically shaped and colored yellow with two purple wings with stars on them. It had two barely noticeable feet in the shape of hooks and two blue ears with green insides poking out of the top of the bat's head with an upward arrow shaped symbol on its forehead. In its mouth under two sharp canines was an envelope.

"Well, well looks like she sent us a message." Roxas held out his arm and the bat landed on his arm and delivered the note to him and then passed it to Naruto.

Roxas tried to look over his shoulder, "What does it say?"

Naruto read over the note, "it looks like our informant" he said the term loosely "is letting us know that those two exorcists that were tailing us have finally arrived in the city".

"Seriously? I would have thought that they would at least take a couple of days to get here. You gotta give them props for tenacity."

When Naruto finished reading the envelope, it disappearing a flash of blue light. The colored bat flew off of Roxas' arm and flew to Axel taking a large bite of his ice cream bar, much to the red heads protest. The bat the spun in the air and flew away in stream of golden light.

Naruto stood up from the roof and his peers followed him. "I think we should go and crash for the night. It's been a pretty busy day."

"What about those exorcists? Should we do something about them?" Roxas inquired their leader. However to his surprise he shook his head.

"Not right now, besides we've been working for quite some time and I think we've merited some downtime. So don't go looking for trouble guys. Eventually it will end up finding us."

With that said Naruto raised his arm forward and the air distorted and swirled into a vortex. Naruto walked through the distortion and vanished, Roxas and Xion followed him and likewise disappeared leaving Axel the last one to enter. However unbeknownst to them Axel entered the portal last with a mischievous smirk on his face.

The next day


Kiba was not happy, you could say he was downright furious. When he had returned earlier that day he had expected to go about his day as he usually would, but he did not expect to see two exorcists from the Vatican, who also happened to wield holy swords, which he downright despised due to his past.

After they had sat down to discuss matters regarding the presence of a fallen angel named Kokabiel who had been rumored to have been sighted in the area, working alongside the fallen exorcist Freed Sellzan, who had stolen some of the fragments of the holy sword Excalibur.

The two exorcists initially told the devils that they would be dealing with the situation and that they would not accept it if they interfered with their business and that should they side with the fallen angels they would not hesitate to destroy them.

However Rias managed to assure them that they would not side with Kokabiel or any of his forces and even volunteered to help recuperate the blades. It all seemed that everything was going to end on a high note, everything went to hell.

One of the exorcists, Xenovia, managed to recognize Asia as the former "Holy Maiden" who healed a devil. Upon recognizing her it did not take long for both of them to begin insulting her by calling her a witch and even threatened to destroy her on the spot. Needless to say both Issei and Kiba did not take too kindly to their treatment of their comrade which later resulted in them engaging Irina and Xenovia in combat.

Despite their best efforts, with Issei's lack of combat experience and Kiba still being clouded by rage the fight was pretty one sided in favor of the exorcists.

"Oh heavenly father, thank you for watching over us and giving us the strength to overcome our opponents." Irina held her hands in prayer as Xenovia mimicked her actions.

Issei and Kiba walked back to where Rias and their friends were waiting for them. Asia immediately went to heal their wounds, "I am sorry Asia. I wasn't able to make them apologize for insulting you like that." Issei lamented.

Asia shook her head as her hands traveled over the bruised areas of his body, "Its alright Issei-san."

"So this is what a former nun of the church has been reduced to huh? Becoming a devil and healing them to fight against the church?" Rias and her peerage were about to defend their comrade but they were beaten to it by someone else.

"Well know talking smack to cute girl about helping others? Now who here is the real devil pray tell?"

Everyone turned to the sound of the new voice to see a long red-haired man by the name of Axel leaning against the trunk of a tree, his arms crossed and with a grin on his face.

"Who are you? What is your business here?" Irina and Xenovia drew their respective Excaliburs and Axel adopted a look of momentary surprise before it was replaced by his signature smirk. Suddenly Axel's form blurred and both female exorcists were about to attack when they felt something pass by them and they instantly turned around.

Axel had completely ignored the two of them and instead opted to appear next to Akeno.

"Well, well the lovely Akeno. You are looking as radiant as ever."

"Hello Axel-kun, you aren't here to cause any trouble are you?" she asked with her signature sickly sweet smile, to which he countered with a playful smirk.

"Now why would I do something like that? Besides you look like the type of person who looks like they would enjoy some trouble come by their way."

"Is that an Invitation Axel-kun? Cause I would just love to play around with you." It did not escape Axel's notice how Akeno spoke the last part with a husky tone and performed a movement that made her large breasts stand out.

Suddenly he did something that caught her completely off guard. Before Akeno could do anything Axel's hand hooked itself around his waist and brought her body close to his. The close proximity contact made her blush out of surprise but also at the sensation of being near him. His whole body felt extremely warm and radiated waves of heat that washed over her body.

Axel brought his head down so that it was next to Akeno's ear, his breath on her skin causing her to blush even more "You'd better watch who you play with little lady. Otherwise you'll be the one who ends up getting burned."

Before anymore words could be said, the moment was shattered by Irina, who along with Xenovia sported looks of anime rage at being ignored.

"Hey don't ignore us over there! Answer the question!" she demanded with a furious shake of her fist. It managed to get Axel's attention who reluctantly let go of Akeno and looked at them with a nonchalant expression.

"When did you two get here?"

"Are you kidding me we have been here the whole time!"

"I see… and who are you exactly?"

Both girls were fuming at this point of how Axel was screwing with them, "DON'T PLAY DUMB!"

Axel shifted his arms in a thoughtful pose tapping a finger on his chin, "Now that you mention it… I do seem to remember that some exorcists were following us on the way here. Wait does that mean you two are those exorcists? Well you are both cute I'll give you that much."

"S…Shut up!" Irina blushed furiously, then realization hit her and her embarrassment was replaced with anger.

"Hold on a sec… us following you? Then that would mean that…. Are you the one responsible for burning down all those churches?"

Axel sighed and shrugged his shoulders, "Well I don't want to sound conceded… but yeah that was my handiwork." Immediately both girls rushed him drawing their blades and attempted to decapitate him, but Axel somersaulted away from them landing safely a few meters away.

"Why are you guys so mad? Those churches were abandoned so I did not hurt anyone… Well anyone innocent. Besides those churches were being used as gathering spots for stray exorcists performing their screwed up rituals."

"That's beside the point! Those churches were holy landmarks and there were plenty of ways that you could have handled the situation without burning them down!"

Axel scoffed, "Are you serious? Holy sites? Trust me after what those psychopaths did in them I doubt they would ever be considered sacred again. Besides compared to saving a human life, an old church doesn't even come close to comparing to it."

Axel glanced from the corner of his eye at Asia who flinched at his gaze, "Then again people who would call an innocent girl a witch, must really have some issues."

"She was a nun who did something absolutely forbidden. Helping a devil and healing its injuries."

Axel sighed and turned to Asia, "Hey you" he yelled startling Asia and having Rias and her peerage step in front of her protectively. Asia hesitantly raised her finger pointing to herself. Axel growled in annoyance, "Yeah you! When you healed that devil did you do it because you held a grudge against the church?"

Asia appeared shocked by the question, "N…no I did not have any grudge against the church nor would I ever!"

"Then why did you save that devil?"

"I did it because he was hurt… I could not stand it to see anyone in pain even if it is an enemy. Besides my time with my friends I learned that not all devils are bad."

Axel returned his attention back to the two in front of him, " I see, so that would mean that the both of you as well as the whole church are calling this girl a witch even though she never meant anyone harm. You would condone a pure and innocent soul without a second thought."

Axel sighed in frustration rubbing the back of his head, "Honestly sometimes I never understand how humans work."

"How dare you insult the Church. It doesn't matter if she never meant any harm, she still went and healed a devil. The natural enemy of the church and one of the enemies of God. What she did was something forbidden. To not impose some form of judgement on her would be seen as an insult in the eyes of God."

Axel scoffed at Xenovia's words, "An insult in the eyes of God? How would you know that would be considered an insult? Are you two or your superiors in contact with him on a regular basis?"

Both girls seemed taken aback by the question. "Of course we are not, but…" Xenovia tried to argue but was cut off by Axel.

"Exactly! You people have never met God so you automatically assume that whatever action you do, you do so in the sake of his name. I may not know much about your God, but according to your faith, isn't it considered a sin for someone to speak for God?"

Xenovia and Irina wanted to argue against him, however they remained silent and contemplated the redhead's words.

"Exactly what I thought. But as much as I like to point out the obvious flaws in your system. I really should move on and get straight to the point of me being here."

He suddenly brought his arms up in a cross formation before bringing them down and in display of flames his two chakrams materialized within his palms. The action immediately put everyone on guard.

"You see when word reached me that two exorcists wielding Excalibur were in town, I just had to see if they really are worth all the hype."

"So what you mean to fight the both of us by yourself? That seems pretty arrogant of you."

"Don't worry about me. In fact you are the ones who should be worried about being arrogant. After all just because you both are in possession of a legendary weapon does not make you invincible, just because you bested a weak pawn who has no experience nor the training to properly use the powerful weapon he has and a foolish knight whose judgment is clouded by his own anger. I am on an entirely different level."


Axel and the two exorcists stopped what they were doing a looked to Rias who had stepped forward and glared at Axel.

"I allowed my pawn and knight to fight these two because of a personal matter, but I will not allow needless violence on school grounds and within my territory."

Axel smirked, "My apologies miss Gremory, but this matter does not concern you." Axel's charkams began to spin catching fire as they did so. Axel roared throwing the chakrams to the ground and everyone shielded their eyes as a large flash of light caused them to look away and a heat wave washed over them as a giant ring of fire materialized trapping the exorcists and Axel inside.

Irina and Xenovia glanced around them as the giant ring of fire blazed upwards preventing any means of escape or entering, even via flight.

Axel spun the chakrams playfully in his hands, wisps of fire flowing of them now and then, "Well then girls, I think it would be time for me to settle what I came for. By the way to answer your earlier question, my name is Axel. Got it memorized? Because it's the name of the guy who is going to beat you!"

Irina and Xenovia tensed as Axel rushed towards them, his charkams bursting into flames as he rushed them.

"HERE I COME" he yelled eyes filled with lust for battle.

Chapter End!

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