A/N: This is part of the 'Porschesmut' universe I sort of accidentally started with the two previous Season 3 drabbles titled-'Rings', and 'Porsches and Sunsets'. So definitely consider them connected. Enjoy!

Felicity idly rubbed a spot on her neck that itched from Oliver's stubble. She knew there would be a red blotch there for at least another twenty minutes, smiling to herself because this was something she now knew. She knew exactly how long it took to get rid of Oliver's Queen's beard burn.

He'd been quiet since their not so impromptu stop along the highway. That thought made her grin as a tingle of desire made its way to her still very aware center. A flush crept across her cheeks. She'd have to remember to do it again if that's the reaction she got from him.

"Feeling proud of yourself?" he asked suddenly, causing her to whip her head to the left, hair flying in her face as she hastily tucked it behind her ear.

"Maybe a little." she answered cheekily, glancing out at the water and the sun that was finishing its descent behind the mountains.

"You really won't tell me where we're going? You know I hate mysteries." The fake pout in her voice didn't sway him though.

Oliver just laughed, hand enveloping hers, his thumb seeming to automatically find her ring and give it a small spin. She hoped that became a thing, their thing. Just thinking about it made her heart swell in her chest.

"If you could have kept your hands to yourself then we would have stopped at an overlook in a few miles to watch the sun set over the water. But since someone couldn't behave we'll have to skip that part and go on to the next."

"Oh, Oliver...I'm-" then she stopped herself as he lifted one eyebrow, "Yeah, no...I'm not going to apologize for that."

He grunted a reply, hand slipping from hers to return to the gear shift, taking an exit that put them on another road that wove through the hills instead of along the coast.

She watched the trees whizzing by, the low light of dusk only allowing her to see a few yards around them. The night was still warm and the breeze pleasant but not chilly. "Are we...are we going back the way we came?" she turned to look behind them, hoping to catch sight of a road sign or something to let her know where they were. She was still annoyed that Oliver had confiscated her tablet.


With a sigh she sat back, "Fine, but this better be good, Queen."

And then the bastard she had called husband for less than three hours turned and winked at her.

The road twisted and turned through old growth forest and when they were finally approaching the city again she was more than confused.

Oliver had been holding her hand for the last few miles, the straight road and steady speed in his favor.

"You ready to know the secret?"

The streets were familiar now, the skyline of Starling City rising in front of them.

"We're back in the city. I thought we were going somewhere?"

He took another turn and she realized they were almost back to the private airport they'd landed at earlier that afternoon.

As they drove through the gate and approached the hangar the same Gulfstream sat waiting, bright blue 'QI' on the tail for the newly minted Queen Inc. that Walter was finishing the paperwork for.

Once the car was stopped and turned off he turned to her taking both her hands in his, "We're going on our honeymoon," he said with a grin that showed his dimples, "But...before we leave I just...I really wanted to drive down the highway with the top down, and you by my side, watching the sun set over the water."

Tears pricked her eyes because it was the simplest thing and to most people something they would take for granted, but for Oliver it was something he never thought he would get to experience.

"Oh, Oliver," she breathed out, wondering if she'd ever truly understand the depth of love she felt for him. "I love you."

He leaned forward, mouth teasing hers, softly sucking her bottom lip between his. For a moment they just breathed the same air, content to share the same space.

She was breathing hard when he pulled away, turning into his hand as he stroked her cheek, tucking a fall of snarled hair behind her ear.

"Should have gone with the ponytail," her hand covered his for a second as she did her best to smooth the tangled strands.

"You look beautiful."

"You're obligated to say that, you're my husband now."

Any chance she thought she had that she could say those words and not have a stupid smile erupt across her face was destroyed. She'd never get tired of it.

"Even if I wasn't your husband-" he paused as if savoring the word, "I would still think you're beautiful."

Her eyes darted to the plane and then back, "Are you going to tell me where we're going then?"

He gave her a knowing look and then a smirk before opening the door to climb out.

"Oliver!" she protested, fumbling with the handle to follow but he rushed around the front to beat her to it.

Gallantly he took her hand, making sure to bring it to his mouth, lips brushing over the top, lingering on her ring. "Let me do this."

It was the quiet, earnest tone that made her melt, leaning forward as he gathered her into his chest. She had to swallow hard as she tucked her head beneath his chin. She was privy to something she wasn't sure she'd ever see; an Oliver Queen who not only wanted a future, but who wanted a happy one and was making it happen. If that meant he took delight in keeping their honeymoon a surprise who was she to take that away from him.

"Okay," she murmured quietly, pressing small kisses along his throat until he growled low, pulling back.

"If you keep that up we're not going to make our flight."

She cocked her head to the side, looking at him over the rim of her glasses, "Really? Your name is on the side of the plane."

"Our name," he stressed and she nodded. That was going to take some getting used to.

"Come on," the tug on her hand was strong, keeping her right by his side as they made their way back to the plane.

Just as they reached the stairs he stopped and scooped her up, making her squeal as she grasped his shoulders, his chest rising with a laugh as he began to climb.

"What are you doing?" she gasped.

"Carrying my bride over the threshold." he said simply, as if it couldn't have possibly been anything else.

She threw her head back and laughed, playfully swatting his back, "Oliver! That's for houses or hotel rooms at the very least."

"Well...this is going to be a long flight and there is a bedroom in the back of the plane."

Her mouth went dry at his tone, "Oh, well then, don't let me stop you. It is tradition after all."

He actually paused at the top to talk to the pilot, still holding her as if she weighed nothing. The one flight attendant gave her a warm smile that she fought to return without turning ten shades of red.

"Enjoy the flight Mr. and Mrs. Queen." the pilot said before returning to the cockpit and her stomach flipped again just like it had at the courthouse when she'd heard those words for the first time.

Oliver had to turn slightly to the side as he continued into the center of the plane. "You know we're inside now, you can put me down."

He made a noise of disagreement, keeping a steady pace until they came to a small seating area, two sets of seats facing each other with a small table in between.

Oliver sat her down first, making sure to kiss her before he moved back to sit next to her.

"Champagne, Mr. Queen?" the flight attendant asked, Oliver's eyes moving to hers asking silently if she wanted any.

"Yes, please." Felicity replied enthusiastically.

"Right away, Mrs. Queen."

She was on her second glass by the time they were in the air, snuggled into Oliver's side with a pleasant tingling going through her body.

"Cold?" he asked, hand rubbing up and down her arm.

She leaned forward to place the glass on the table, turning further into him, "No, I'm good."

He didn't listen, instead he slipped his arms underneath her, lifting her into his lap. "Well just in case."

She smiled, dropping her head to his chest, "You do seem to make an excellent blanket."

At the mention of blankets the hand that had been trailing up and down her bare thigh under her skirt stuttered for a second before resuming it's path.

They were both remembering that conversation on the plane to Nanda Parbat. It had only been a month ago but it felt like forever.

"You remember that story I told you, about Thea." his voice got hung up for a second at the mention of his sister, "About...how I'd come back once while I was gone."

She nodded, hand laying just over his heart, wanting to hear what he would tell her, but also hurting for the memories it would drag up for him.

"You said you had seen her." she omitted the part where he'd killed Thea's dealer, that wasn't something she needed to bring up.

"Well...she wasn't the only one I saw."

"Who else? Tommy? Or Laurel?"


For a minute she was confused, sitting up and twisting slightly so she could look at him face on. "Oliver, we didn't meet until you came back, three years ago."

"We didn't meet." he agreed, "But I saw you."

At her dumbstruck expression he continued, "I had to...get into the system at QC through my mother's computer in her office. I had just finished up when...you walked in. You were...mesmerizing. There was just something about you. I couldn't hear everything you said but I did hear you talk to my picture."

Her hands flew up to cover her mouth as it dropped open in shock, "Oh my god!" it had been five years ago but she did vaguely remember that night. She definitely remembered walking out of Moira's Queen office wondering what someone would think if they had overheard her.

He just smiled, soft and for her, gently tugging her wrists until her hands were in her lap, tangled with his. "Nothing was good then. But you...for just a brief moment, you brought a light into my life. One I hadn't had for a very long time."

"When did you know? Is that why you came to see me with the laptop?"

"No. I didn't really remember until after we met. I asked Walter for a recommendation in the IT department and he sent me to you."

She squeezed his hands, ducking her head to press it back into the hollow of his shoulder, "I'm glad he did."

"Me too,"

They sat quietly, both lost in thought as the hum of the plane's engines provided the only source of sound.

"You still not going to tell me where we're going?" she asked lightly, lips beginning to work a path from the bottom of his throat up to his jaw line.

His hands grasped her harder, digging into the flesh of her hip and thigh, shifting her higher against him. "Nope,"

With that she flicked her tongue out, sucking a spot right where the stubble ended, feeling him begin to stir beneath her.

"Well, you'd better show me the bedroom then."