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Summary: This is an alternate version of what might have happened if Paige had been in a relationship with Seth Rollins and joined the Authority on Raw Monday night after attacking AJ Lee. Also this is my 1st attempt at a wrestling story so I hope you all like it.

Paige and Seth's Relationship

Written by Kenn,Faith,Dawn.

Chapter 1

It was the day after Breaking Point and due to a change at the last minute by the Authority Paige was still without the Divas title and she was not in a good mood about not getting the title back she was ok with having to team with AJ tonight since the two actually had in ring chemistry.

AJ had also seen the card for tonight and knew that Paige was in a foul mood about the change the Authority had made to their match last night she was prepared to let Paige share the weight of keeping the Divas Division relevant even if that meant they would swap the title back and forth every few months but as long as they had great matches she was happy.

"Hey Paige I know you are pissed at the changes Stephanie made to our match last night but we need to talk about what we're going to do about the tag match tonight?" said AJ.

"Yeah let's put a good show on and since its Emma and Natalya it'll be a proper wrestling match" said Paige.

"Agreed" said AJ.

They were about to enter the Divas locker room when Hunter came walking towards them.

"Girls we would like to speak to the both of you about a change to the match tonight" said Hunter.

"What again?" said Paige in frustration.

"Please you will both understand why we made the change to the match last night" said Hunter.

"This had better be good" said AJ.

The three of them walked toward the Authorities office.

Paige and Seth's Relationship

When they got there, they saw Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Emma.

"Ok so what are we all doing here?" asked Roman.

"Tonight the Shield will be getting two new members and the Authority will be getting one new member" said Stephanie.

"Care to explain that a little more?" asked AJ.

"Well once tonight's Diva's Tag is over Paige will attack AJ in the process turning heel Natalya will have been helped to the back and will look like she is in no state to come and help so Emma will run back down to the ring and try to pull Paige off AJ. While that is going on Seth and Randy will make their way down to the ring to help Paige, but before they get to the ring Romans music will start and Roman will run out and attack both Seth and Randy" said Hunter.

"So how does that end up with either faction getting new members?" asked Paige.

"Well that's the thing Paige and Seth you two have always had chemistry between you from your time in FCW and NXT together, we want you to bring that chemistry to the story so it will look as if Paige and Seth have been in a relationship for a while. When Roman attacks Seth after he's speared Randy, Paige see's Seth in trouble and nocks Emma out with the Paige Turner then rolls out the ring and delivers a low blow to Roman which allows both Randy and Seth to double team Roman until Deans music starts and he comes running out with a chair in hand, while he swings the chair at Randy and Seth to get them away from Roman. In the ring AJ and Emma both recover and jump Paige causing Seth to pull Paige back and check on her while backing up the ramp with Randy" said Stephanie.

"And what me and AJ put are fists in with the shield?" asked Emma.

"Yes that's right plus we think that Dean and AJ would work well together" said Hunter.

"It sounds like a really interesting story line" said AJ.

"So does that mean you will all be happy to take part in the story line?" asked Stephanie.

"There is one thing I would like to know?" asked Seth.

"Go on"

"Ok, well how convincing does mine and Paige's relationship have to look?"

"We would hope you would both make it look as real as possible, it is really up to the two of you how you do that" said Hunter.

"Ok well I guess we should go to a locker room and talk it through" said Roman.

"Thank you for doing this story line all of you and I guaranty that the WWE Universe will not know how this story line will end up since it will get seriously bad between the lot of you"

Paige and Seth's Relationship

The 7 of them leave the Authorities office and Orton then leaves the group to head to his locker room and get ready for the match while the others head to what had been labeled as the Shields locker room for the night and talk through what will happen after the Diva's tag match. Paige and Seth both have smirks on their face when the talk gets round to how they will make the universe believe they are a couple.

"So what is the story between the two of you anyway?" asked Roman.

"Before either of us answers that how much do any of you know about Paige's history and my training?" asked Seth.

"Not much since you both never talk about it" replied Dean.

"Well I guess now is the time to change that" said Paige.

"Go on then we are waiting" said Roman.

Paige and Seth both reach in their pockets and pull out Promise rings and place on each other's fingers.

"No way, why would you never tell us about this we're your family" said Dean.

"We didn't want anyone to know" said Seth.

"When did this happen?" asked Emma just as shocked Paige kept it from her.

"2009 I was on a ROH show that went to the UK and while there I found a small yet well run wrestling company based in Norwich called World Association of Wrestling ran by the Knight family and that's when I first met Paige" said Seth.

"The first night I met Seth was when he was fighting my brother Zac Zodiac, I was in a rivalry with my Brothers at the time girlfriend she was new to wrestling and her name ring name was Bubbles so I was put in Seth's corner then after the match Seth a I left the ring and as we got backstage my mom and dad who co-founded the promotion were waiting for us" said Paige.

"How did that lead to Promise Rings?" asked Emma.

"When ROH headed back to the US I asked if I could stay a little longer and train with the Knight Family, and while I was their WAW were to host another show where Paige would get attacked by Bubbles and Zac and when that happened I ran out and saved her and unknown to anyone except for Paige and I had talked about what happened after the match and Paige suggested that she kissed me in gratitude on the top of the ramp. We kissed and then went through the curtain to be confronted by Paige's parents and they said we had made the right choice in how we left the ramp" said Seth.

"Then later that day Zac called out Seth and Seth beat him very quick and after the show Seth stayed with us for a few weeks and we just hit it off he even asked my parents if he could give me a Promise ring, and he even said he would do all he could to help get me and Job in the US. A few weeks later he had to return to the US and about a month later he called and said I had a try out for Shimmer but it was a tag match and I would need a female tag partner. My mother agreed to tag with me in that match and we won, me and my mom stayed at Seth's while we were there our time at Shimmer lasted about a year and then we had to return to England then in August 2010 Seth rang me and said he had been signed by WWE and would be starting with FCW a few months later, during the time he was waiting he came to Norwich and we spent some time together while waiting for him to told when he would be reporting to FCW. About a month later he received a call saying he would be starting in a weeks' time so we spent our last night together for a while and Seth quickly settled in to FCW and even mentioned me to the higher ups and when WWE came to the UK in November I had a try out but they turned me down I had expected it that night since I wasn't 100% I had been struggling with a cold all week but I decided to give it my all anyway. Then April 2011 I went for another trial but before I even had my match I was called into an office by one of the higher ups and their sat Vince and handed me a contract to join WWE I signed and was told I would report to FCW in September 2011"

"Wow so Seth latterly helped you to get into the WWE?"

"Actually unknown to me but I later found out thanks to Dean, William Regal had gone to see her perform a couple of times and when he returned he went to Vince and told him Paige was the future of Woman's Wrestling. Any way a few weeks after Paige moved in with me and we were training at FCW a storyline was given to us where Paige would be a mystery woman who was watching me and secretly help me at first it was just her in the crowd watching me but then Summer Rae got involved in my business and Paige took matters into her own hands and took Summer out" said Seth.

"Then in July 2012 we both made our NXT debut's a week apart then in November Seth was called to join the shield and run interference at Survivor Series in the CM Punk, Ryback match then the shield began appearing on both NXT and WWE programming. Not long after the Shield was formed me and Seth agreed to hide our Promise rings so no one could use our relationship to their own advantage"

There was silence in the room none of them had any clue what to say.