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Summary: this is an alternate version of what might have happened if Paige had been in a relationship with Seth Rollins and joined the Authority on Raw Monday night after attacking AJ Lee. This is the 2nd chapter and it takes place during the Aj/Paige vs Natalya/Emma divas tag match. Please let me know what you think of this story so far and weather I should continue it.

Paige and Seth's Relationship


Paige was in the Sharpshooter and crawling towards her corner and AJ managed to tag herself in and brake the Sharpshooter and put Natalya in the Black Widow and got the win. The ref raises both girls hands and the two girls celebrate in the ring as Natalya is helped from ringside and Emma follows her, AJ quickly gets her Divas title belt and comes back in to continue the celebration with Paige. Then as AJ looks away Paige grabs her hair and slams her into the Ring then mounts her and delivers several head-butt's to her then tosses her from the ring and goes out after her and tosses her into the barriers and releases one of her deafening screams as she picks up AJ and throws her into the ring post AJ is in real trouble as Paige tosses her back into the ring and locks her in the PTO and refuses to let it go.

Emma runs out and gets in the ring and tries to separate Paige while screaming at her.

"This isn't like you"

Paige just smirks as Emma struggles to break the PTO.

Then Seth Rollins and Randy Orton come out smirking as Seth jumps on the apron he distracts Emma while Orton gets on the apron on the other side of the ring but before either of them can get in the Ring. 'The Truth Reigns' blasts out as Roman Reigns runs down to the ring and takes out Seth and then Randy and as Orton gets back up Reigns spears him then goes back to Rollins. Paige sees Seth in trouble breaks the PTO and hits a quick Paige turner to Emma who had tried to restrain her one the PTO had been broke. She slides out the ring and delivers a low blow to Roman and as he drops she joins in with Seth on the initial beat down on Reigns until Orton recovers and gets into the beat down.

'Lunatic Rage' blasts out as the crowd cheer as Dean Ambrose comes out with a chair in hand and a bat strapped to his back and covers Roman swinging the chair wildly around to stop the three of them from attacking Reigns any more. In the ring AJ and Emma have recovered and jump Paige forcing Seth to grab her and pull her away from them, Reigns gets up and grabs the bat from Deans back and together they stalk Randy, Seth and Paige around the ring and the three of them end up backing up the ramp.

Paige and Seth's Relationship

Reigns and Ambrose roll in the ring and get a microphone.

"Well I guess the Authority has another Traitor in their ranks" said Reigns.

"You have just made the biggest mistake of your life Paige and to think we were once thinking of asking you to join us in the shield I'm glad we didn't make that mistake your actions today show you have no pride and will take the easy way to achieve your objectives, you are nothing more than a two cent whore" said Ambrose.

Paige broke away from Rollins and Orton and started to come back towards the ring until Seth grabbed her round the waist and pulled her back and into a hug.

Orton now had a microphone in his hand and said.

"The shield will once again find out why Evolution is the Past, Present and Future of this company"

"The only thing Evolution will find out is that you do not mess with the Shield" said Roman.

Seth had taken the mic from Orton and said "You 4 had better watch yourself because you will not know when we attack but we will and before you know it evolution will have passed you by"

Paige grabbed Seth's head they kissed in front of everyone in the arena and watching at home.

"That is fine Evolution may pass us by but when the four of us have finished with you and your friends in the Authority you will believe in the Shield" said Roman as he and Dean placed their fists together and then signaled AJ and Emma to join them which they did.

Paige and Seth's Relationship

As Orton, Rollins and Paige went through the curtain the first people they met was Hunter and Stephanie, then a few minutes later the Shield came through the curtain as well.

"Well done that worked so much better than we planned and Seth and Paige that kiss was really believable the fans really bought it" said Hunter.

"Well if they hadn't believed it was real it would have been a problem since it was real" Seth said.

"What?" asked Stephanie.

"Me and Paige have been in a secret relationship that only us and four other people knew about and none of them are working for this company" said Seth, who could now finally hold hands in public with his girlfriend.

"How long?"

"6 Years Paige was 17 when we first met and became a couple we have managed to hide it from everyone"

"I guess the only other people who knew were both of your parents?" asked Hunter.

"Yeah and they understood why we wanted it to be kept quiet but I guess now it's out in the open" said Paige.

"Do you know how many times we scrapped the storyline of Paige joining the Shield because we couldn't work out a way of doing it, I mean your connection in FCW is why we approached you for this story but had we known about this then there is a chance that we would never have split Seth from the Shield as we couldn't afford to have turned Paige heel with no real high end face competitors with the exception of Emma and Natalya at the time and we had plenty of heels in the locker room."

"So now I'm heel will I get matches against Natalya and Emma?"

"Yeah next week you are down to face Natalya in a repeat of the epic match between you two that took place on NXT"

"Great I'm looking forward to it"

"But first you have an appearance on Smack Down with the rest of Evolution" said Stephanie.

"What about us?" asked Roman.

"The Shield will be there as well in fact you will be in an 8 person mixed tag match against Rowan and Harper of the Wyatt Family and their tag partners Alicia Fox and Eva Marie"

"You will all come to our office before Smack Down to get the info of what will be happening that night" said Hunter.

"Right well until then let's get out of here" said Seth and then he whispered something in Paige's ear, who blushed at whatever he had said and they walked away.