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Summary: this is an alternate version of what might have happened if Paige had been in a relationship with Seth Rollins and joined the Authority on Raw Monday night after attacking AJ Lee.

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Paige and Seth's Relationship

Chapter 20

Monday night Raw

'Special Op' plays as out through the crowd comes AJ Lee she makes her way down the stairs and jumps the barricade and enters the Ring.

'Boyfriend' plays out as Bayley comes out to the ring and hugs AJ.

'Anything You Want To Do' plays as outcomes Becky Lynch.

'Pretty Mean Sisters' plays and outcome the BFF's and make their way to the ring.

The ref calls for the bell and Charlotte starts off against AJ Lee and once again Charlotte is in control of the match she Suplex's AJ and follows it up with an Elbow Drop and goes for the pin and AJ gets her shoulder up at 2. AJ used the ring ropes to stand and remembered what worked the last time she had took on Charlotte so she ran at Charlotte and jumped on her connecting with a Lou Thez Press and while Charlotte was stunned from the move AJ pulled her up and Whipped her into the corner and followed that up with a running knee lift into the corner and followed that up with a Bulldog and went for a pin and got a 2 count, the crowd were going wild as AJ connected with the series of moves. AJ then Whipped Charlotte into her corner and tagged in Becky Lynch who came in they hit a Double team DDT on Charlotte and as Charlotte got back up and made her way towards Becky, she tried to hit a Knife Edge Chop but Becky avoided it and hit Charlotte with an Arm Drag and the follows that up with her triple leg drop maneuver before going for a pin and Sasha Banks breaks the count this time and then with Summer Rae's help the drag Charlotte to the corner and Sasha tags herself into the ring and runs at Becky and connects with a Clothesline to her opponent, then follows that up with an Elbow Drop Sasha then picks Becky up and delivers a Suplex to Becky and goes for the cover and got a 2 count. Sasha complains to the referee and while she is doing this Becky is getting back to her feet and when Sasha turns back round Beck connects with a sharp kick to the gut and follows that with a Suplex then while Sasha is Down Becky follows her advantage up by delivering 3 Leg Drops and goes for the pin only for Charlotte to break it up. Bayley annoyed by this charges in and Clotheslines Charlotte over the top rope and climbs out after her and as Charlotte looks back to the Ring Bayley Jumps on her from the Apron causing both girls to drop to the floor and fight each other. Sasha manages to crawl to Summer Rae and tags her in while at the same time Becky tags in AJ, Summer and Sasha try to double team AJ only for Becky to take out Sasha. Summer goes for a spin kick on AJ but she ducks out the way and locks Summer in the Black Widow and Summer has to Tap out giving AJ's team the win.

Paige and Seth's Relationship

'Line in the Sand' plays as outcome Evolution, Randy Orton and Seth Rollins.

'Break Orbit' plays out as outcome Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn.

Orton and Rollins looked at each other glad that they would get a chance at revenge after the last time they faced their opponents and were defeated. Neville started off for his team and Orton started for his. Adrian surprised Randy with a quick Dropkick and as Orton got up Neville hit a quick Arm Drag and ran to the ropes and hit a Springboard Cross Body on Randy Orton and got a 2 Count, Orton got back up and once again slowed the pace of the match down and backed Adrian Neville into a neutral corner and started stomping him in the mid-section. On the Apron Sami Zayn was watching his friend getting beat down and was starting to lose his cool, finally Orton had to give Neville some space as the ref had reached a 4 count Neville slide out of the ring and tried to catch his breath before Orton came out after him Neville jumped back in the ring and Springboard Cross Body over the top rope and landed on Orton taking him to the ground.

Adrian grabs Orton and pulls him back into the ring and as a groggy Orton gets back to his feet Neville hits three fast kicks two of which were spin kicks to Orton's Midsection and he follows that with a running high impact Clothesline and then makes a tag to Sami Zayn. Orton also tagged in Seth Rollins who came in a locked up with Sami but it didn't take long for Sami to get Seth on the mat and get control of the match Sami hits a standing Moonsault on Seth, followed that up with a running Leg Drop and went for the cover and got a 2 count before Orton broke the count up causing Neville to run back in the ring and try to takeout Orton but Orton pulled the top rope down and Neville went flying over the top rope and hit the floor hard, Sami tied to attack Randy but was caught with an RKO and Seth followed that up with a Curb Stomp and covered Sami for the win

Paige and Seth's Relationship

Twenty minutes later.

'King of Kings' plays out as the authority come out to the ring.

"Ok we've had just about enough of these masked individual's interfering in matches so if you come out now and identify yourselves we promise you will not be seriously hurt" said Triple H.

"We know you are here tonight so show yourselves" said Stephanie.

'The Flight of the Personality' plays out to a deafening cheer as outcome Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella, CM Punk and Nikki Bella.

Bryan says "Hey Authority Guess who's back"

Punk says "that's right we are back and we are on the same team and that team has one goal and that is to end the Authority"

"I should have seen it that it was you behind the masks" said Triple H.

"Just one thing it wasn't us we just wanted to say we are back" said Daniel Bryan.

Then the Titantron showed the 3 masked figures with the words 'We will see you at N.O.C'

"Ok you two are back and have the Bella's at your side I'll tell you what I'm adding to the Match Card and Night of Champions, you two CM Punk and Daniel Bryan will face the wrath of the Authority when you will face the Viper Randy Orton, the Demon Kane and me The Game" said Triple H.

"Oh and let's not Forget the Bella Twins you think you will be let of easily no chance you will face me and a partner of my choice" said Stephanie.

"Is that the best you could come up with?" said Punk.

"For now but just wait at Night of Champions we will deal with you and then we will deal with the masked figures" said Triple H as King of Kings played indicating the end of the segment.