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Summary: this is an alternate version of what might have happened if Paige had been in a relationship with Seth Rollins and joined the Authority on Raw Monday night after attacking AJ Lee.

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Paige and Seth's Relationship

Chapter 21

"Welcome everyone to Night of Champions and tonight we will witness a first ever woman's Elimination Chamber match, we will also see Seth Rollins cashing in the contract he won by defeating Dean Ambrose last month and tonight Seth challenges Brock Lesner for the WWE World Heavyweight title" said JBL.

"That's right John but let's also not forget that we also have the return to the ring of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk as they take on the Authority in a 2 on 3 handicap match and also the Bella Twins will face Stephanie and a Mystery partner in a No DQ Tornado Tag, and if that's not exciting enough we will also find out who the masked figures are that have been creating chaos for the past month" said King.

"Yes everyone Night of Champions promises to be spectacular here tonight" said Michael Cole.

Paige and Seth's Relationship

'You Can Look (But You Can't Touch) plays as the Bella twins come down and get in the ring together.

'Welcome to the Queendom' plays and out comes Stephanie with a smile on her face as she enters the ring.

The Lights dip and then Purple lighting all shines to the center of the Entrance way as 'Legs Like That' plays out and Maria comes out and makes her way to the ring to a deafening cheer to the utter surprise of the Bella's.

Maria grabs a mic and say's "I'm here to finally get revenge on you two" Maria drops the mic and hits a Running Cross Body on both Bella's, Stephanie pounces on a downed Brie and delivers several Punches to her head. Maria picks up Nikki and Irish Whips her into the corner and follows her in with a Clothesline dropping her to the mat so she was sitting in the corner, Maria backs up and goes for a Bronco Buster and connects on Nikki. Meanwhile Stephanie delivers a Suplex to Brie and then follows that up with an Elbow Drop and goes for the pin and gets a two count before Brie kicked out, Maria Whips Nikki at the ropes and as she rebounds Maria delivers a Lu Thez Press taking Nikki down, Brie used the ropes to get up and caught Stephanie with kick to the side of her head and then went to help Nikki deal with Maria they delivered a double Suplex before Nikki rolled out the ring and pulled out a Table she slid it in the ring and began setting it up. While that was happening Stephanie had got up and hit Brie with a Running high knee to the back, Nikki having now set up the Table stood it up and turned to see Stephanie waiting for her and Stephanie kicks her in the gut and goes to set her up for the Pedigree but Nikki is able to counter it into a modified Alabama Slam Brie now gets back to her feet and they go over to Maria and set her up so she is lying on the table, Brie climbs to the top rope and delivers an Elbow Drop to Maria driving her through the table leaving Stephanie in a two on one situation. The Bella's advance on Stephanie and have her cornered when the lights go out and on the Titantron two masked Figures are shown and then 'Faint' by Linkin Park plays out and the two masked figures appear on the entrance ramp and come down towards the ring and after walking round the ring they slide in under the bottom rope and both of them deliver strong clotheslines to the Bella's and then move towards Stephanie who starts to smile thinking they are on her side but as she walks by them and towards the downed Bella's one of the Masked figures grabs her and the two of them Deliver a double Power Bomb to Stephanie then they Drag the Bella's over the downed Stephanie and leave the ring. The Ref makes the three count and calls for the bell before raising the Bella's hands in victory.

Paige and Seth's Relationship

In a locker room the two masked figures enter and they see the third member.

"Do you think they will have worked out its us when we reveal ourselves?" asked one of the females.

"Well they haven't said anything to us so I don't think they have" said the Guy as he and the other female held hands.

"Good luck out there in the next match make sure you don't get hurt, we had better go and get ready for our match" said one of the women.

"Yeah ok see you two later when its time, I have to go and talk to two other people" said the guy as he walked away and knocked on a door marked Shield.

Paige and Seth's Relationship

The Next Match.

'King of Kings' plays out as Triple H, Kane and Randy Orton make their way down to the ring.

'The Flight of the Personality' plays out to a deafening cheer as outcome Daniel Bryan and CM Punk and then make their way down to the ring.

Both teams get in the ring and Daniel Bryan and Triple H are ready to start the match as the ref calls for the bell.

Triple H gets the power advantage early as the two lock up and he hits a Front Suplex on Bryan before picking him up and Irish Whipping him at the ropes but Bryan is able to use the moment of coming off the ropes and hits Triple H with a Flying Forearm. Triple H hits the mat and Bryan Kips up and is ready for the next attack and as Triple H is getting up with his back to Bryan, Bryan runs at him and delivers two knees right to Triple H's back sending him into a neutral corner. Bryan tagged in CM Punk who went straight for a running high knee in the corner to the Game and then pulled him out the Corner with a Running Bull Dog. Punk got up and signaled for the GTS and tried to go for it but Kane and Orton entered the ring and attacked Punk, Daniel Bryan used the ropes to deliver a Springboard Cross Body on Kane and Orton taking both men down Triple H Pedigreed Bryan and then went back to CM Punk and delivered a Knee Drop to the top of Punks head, now while the ref checked on Bryan and rolled him from the ring Kane and Orton came back in to the ring and Kane grabbed Punk by the throat and pulled him into the air and Choke Slammed him then Kane picked Punk up again and held him in place for Orton to hit a RKO, finally after that the ref got Orton and Kane out of the ring and Triple H went for the cover on Punk but Bryan broke it up with a Diving Head-Butt off the top turnbuckle. Triple H tagged in Randy Orton who Whipped Punk at the ropes and as he rebounded caught him with a picture perfect Drop Kick, Orton then tagged in Kane who came in and Choke Slammed CM Punk then he signaled for the Tombstone and started to set him up until Bryan Chop Blocked the back of Kane's leg, the ref had lost control of the match as Orton came back in again and Triple H was now giving orders of what he wanted to see happen to both Punk and Bryan. The ref got accidently knocked to the mat when Kane whipped Punk towards a turnbuckle but hit the ref instead finally Triple H waved to the back for a referee to come out but instead of a referee he heard 'Faint' by Linkin Park played out and a masked man came out through the crowd jumping the Barricade and leapt into the ring and attacked Triple H causing Kane and Orton to turn away from the downed Punk and Bryan and to go after the masked man, Kane missed a Clothesline on the masked man who caught Kane with a Drop kick then as Orton tried to grab him he caught Orton with a Swinging Inverted DDT and then pulled him to his feet and Powerbombed him into the Turnbuckle and before Orton hit the mat followed it up with a Super Kick. Kane now with a chair in hand chased the masked man back into the crowd and followed him up the stairs and through into the back of the Arena, as a camera was following them Kane suddenly got taken out from behind and as the camera swings round to see who it was we see Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. The masked man now appears with a Table and he sets it up and then Roman with a signature roar sets Kane up and the three of them put him through the table with a Triple Powerbomb leaving him lying on the floor the camera went back to the two shield members and the masked man and they did the Shield pose before disappearing. Back in the ring Bryan and Punk were back to their feet and Bryan climbed to the Top Rope while Punk signaled once again for the GTS and this time hit it and Bryan followed it up by connecting with a Diving Head-Butt. A ref ran down from the back and Punk covered Triple H for the win only for Orton to somehow managed to break it up at the last second, Punk and Bryan nodded to each other and as Bryan locked Orton in the Yes Lock, Punk put Triple H in the Anaconda Vice and eventually Triple H had to tap out.

'The Flight of the Personality' plays out in victory for Punk and Bryan.

Paige and Seth's Relationship

An hour later.

The Elimination Chamber is being lowered to surround the ring and finally the officials give the signals that it is ready for the competitors to enter.

'Stars in the Night' plays out as Paige comes to the ring and slowly feels the steel chains all around the ring.

'Anything You Wanna Do' plays out as Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring she enters the chamber and Paige comes up to her and they shake hands as Paige heads in to her Chamber and Lynch also goes into the Chamber that is hers.

'Recognition' plays out as Charlotte makes her way to the ring and cautiously touches the chains and then she enters her chamber.

'Let's Light it Up' plays out as AJ makes her way to the ring but she stays in the ring and doesn't go to a Chamber.

'Rush of Power' plays out as Summer Rae enters the ring and stays in the ring not going towards the final Chamber.

'Emmalution' plays out as Emma comes dancing to the ring and enters the final Chamber.

"This is a big surprise Emma is back" said JBL.

"I Know it is awesome, King stop doing the Emma Dance" said Michael Cole.

"Come on its fun why don't you two give it ago?" said King.

The Ref calls for the bell and the match starts with AJ and Summer locking up and AJ quickly getting the advantage by hooking Summer in a Front Facelock and delivering a Suplex to her and following it up with an Elbow Drop she pulled Summer up and Whipped her hard at the ropes and as Summer came back AJ Hip Tossed her over the top rope and on to the steel surrounding the ring, Summer landed back first and looked to be in serious pain AJ went out after and picked her up this was a mistake thought since Summer grabbed AJ and whipped her into the steel chains that made up the walls of the Elimination Chamber and Summer repeated the move several times until AJ was almost out on her feet Summer went for a high Spinning kick and connected to the side of AJ's head and was about to cover when the lights dimmed and each Chamber began to flash with light as it revealed who was next, the lights stopped on Becky Lynch whose Chamber opened and she got straight in the action by attacking Summer Rae which was giving AJ some time to recover. Becky Irish Whipped Summer back into the ring and connected with three very quick Leg Drops and hooked Summer's leg as she went for the pin and somehow Summer only just got her shoulder up. AJ having used the time on the outside to recover got back in the ring and as Summer tried to get up AJ caught her with a Shinning Wizard and then Becky brought Summer to her feet and hit Hard Knox then AJ smiled as Becky backed off so AJ could get the pin.

Becky and AJ circled each other as Summer was rolled out the ring and helped to the back, AJ and Becky locked up AJ got control with a Headlock and Becky countered it with and Back Suplex, the lights dimmed again and began to flash and ended on Charlotte who cautiously exited her chamber and entered the ring where she immediately took down both AJ and Becky with a Double Clothesline she then focused on Beck since she was the fresher of the two and Whipped her into the corner and Charlotte followed after her and delivered several Knife Edge Chops to Becky before Lynch managed to avoid one and rolled out the corner away from Charlotte and held herself up with top rope Charlotte ran at Becky who countered it by lowering the top rope so Charlotte went over the top rope and landed back first on the metal and as she started to get to her feet AJ leapt from the top rope to try and take Charlotte back down to the metal only Charlotte countered AJ and Monkey Flipped her into the Chain walls, Becky waited for Charlotte to get back up used the ropes to Springboard over the top Rope and connected with a Bulldog driving Charlotte head first into the steel. Becky got up and delivered a Leg Drop to the back of Charlotte's head then she rolled her over and went for the pin fall and Charlotte got her shoulder up at 2 Becky pulled Charlotte up and tried to hit her with Hard Knox but Charlotte countered it into a Tilt a Whirl Gutbuster then as Becky was slowly starting to come round Charlotte was in position for her finisher and hit the Bow Down to the Queen driving Lynch head first into the metal. Charlotte moved towards Becky going to go for the pin when AJ who had recovered a little locked her in the Black Widow. The lights dimmed and began to flash between the two remaining pods and ended on Paige who let out a deafening scream as she exited her chamber and while AJ still had Charlotte in the Black Widow Paige delivered several Knife Edge Chops to Charlotte, eventually AJ broke the hold and Charlotte fell to the floor and then AJ whispered something into Paige's ear and in turn Paige turned to Becky Lynch who was just getting back to her feet and Whispered the plan to her and they bumped fists as Paige let out another signature Scream AJ and Becky grabbed Charlotte and lifted her up and Carried her to the corner and set her up on the top Rope as Paige got in position underneath her and Powerbombed her on to the metal surround then all three Girls got on top of her pinning Charlotte down for the 3 count. Becky and Paige grinned at each other as AJ stood between the two of them and they quickly hit a Double Super Kick both squashing AJ's head at the same time and Becky got the pin on AJ. Paige and Becky both made their way back into the ring and instead of fighting they stood in opposite corners both looking at Emma and waited for her to come out of her chamber. About 10 seconds later the lights dimmed and Emma's chamber opened and she entered the match and challenged both Becky and Paige to come at her together which they did and Emma took them both down with a Cross Body she then Picked Becky up and Irish Whipped her into one corner and did the same to Paige to the opposite corner then she ran in and Clotheslined both women so they were both now sitting in the corners and Emma was in a natural Corner doing her Dance and then delivered the Emmer-mite Sandwich to both of them and while they were both down she approached Becky Lynch and locked her in the Emma Lock and before Paige could get there to break it up Becky had to Tap out. Which now left Emma and Paige in the ring, Paige got to her feet and Emma went for a Discus Clothesline only for Paige to avoid it and catch Emma with a sharp kick to the midsection and then Paige dragged her to the ropes and placed her between the middle and top rope and connected with her signature Multiple Knee lifts the Paige dragged Emma back in the ring and hit the Paige Turner and followed it with a cover only for Emma to get her shoulder up at 2. Paige complained to the referee that that was a 3 count but the ref wasn't listening, Emma got up and got behind Paige and lifted her up onto her shoulders and delivered the Emma-plane Spin to Paige and as she stopped and returned Paige to her feet both women were dizzy, Emma recovered first and used the ropes to gain momentum and delivered a Running Big Boot to Paige which dropped the champion to the mat and Emma was quick to lock in the Emma Lock again this time to Paige had to Tap Out.

'Emmalution' played out as Emma celebrated with her newly won Women's title.

Paige and Seth's Relationship

Half an hour later and Seth was still consoling Paige over losing her women's title.

"Thanks Seth I know you'd rather be focusing on Lesner" said Paige.

"Hey nothing is more important to me than you" said Seth as they heard someone else walk up and looked over to see Becky Lynch.

"Hey I just wanted to say I'm sorry Emma eliminated me before we could have took her out" said Becky.

"That's alright Becky I know at least with Emma holding the belt theirs a chance I could get it back" said Paige.

"Ok well I actually came here to say that I heard fighting from inside the Authorities locker room and was wondering if everything was ok?"

"We don't know neither of us have been back to the locker room since Paige's match ended she needed to cool off first" said Seth.

The three of them walked towards the Authorities Locker Room and as they got closer the door opened and out walked Brock Lesner and Paul Heymen.

"Oh look who it is Brock your opponent for tonight" said Paul Heymen.

"What are you doing here Heymen?" asked Paige.

"Oh we are just making sure that you can't call on any Authority help tonight since the Shield took out Kane and we just finished the Job"

Heymen and Lesner walked away laughing and once they were out of sight Seth opened the door to the locker room and saw Triple H and Randy Orton both out cold and Stephanie was crying as she knelt beside Triple H, Seth and Paige stayed in the locker room while Becky went to get the trainers and they soon returned and looked over Triple H and Randy Orton.

"They both need to go to the hospital" said one of the trainers.

"Ok Stephanie go with them to the Hospital I will deal with Lesner" said Seth as he grabbed his briefcase and headed towards the ring with Paige and Becky they reached the last part Becky could travel with them they touched fist's and she left to go and find somewhere to watch the match.

Paige and Seth's Relationship

"Here we go time for the Main Event of the night the 2 out of 3 falls match for the WWE World Heavy Weight Title" said JBL.

"Yeah and let's not forget the stipulations for the match's as well" said King.

"That's right fall 1 is a First Blood match, fall two is a Table Match and fall three if we need it is a Submission Match" said Michael Cole.

"I can only see this going one way a 2-0 Lesner win Seth has no back up except for Paige the Shield and Lesner have seen to that" said JBL.

'The Second Coming' plays as Seth comes out to the ring with Paige beside him carrying the Money in the bank Briefcase. Paige opened the Briefcase and took something out and placed in Seth's hand and he put it in the pocket of the trousers he was wearing.

'The Next Big Thing' played out as Brock Lesner and Paul Heymen came out and made their way to the ring Seth and Brock both got in the ring and the ref called for the start of the 2 out 3 falls match. Brock quickly overpowered Seth and Irish Whipped him into the corner as hard as he could but Seth used the momentum to leap onto the top rope and hit a Diving Cross Body to Lesner taking them both to the mat then Seth Felt in his pockets and pulled out Brass Knuckles and punched Brock in the head until he started to bleed.

The ref checked on Brock while they had a short rest period between falls.

"Well Seth is resourceful he has won the first fall" said King.

"Yeah I never thought that would happen" said JBL.

"Well here comes the second fall" said Cole as the ref signaled for the match to continue.

Lesner goes straight for Seth at the restart and once again Lesner starts to dominate he delivers a German Suplex to Seth and then pulls him up and repeats the move another 5 times before finally going for an F5 he picks Seth up and with him on Brocks shoulders and looked to the Announce Table and looked like he was going to F5 Seth through the Announce Table but weather through bravery or insanity Paige got on the Apron of the ring to stop Lesner.

"Get out the way or I will hurt you little girl" growled Lesner.

"You already tried and I came back" said Paige.

Lesner tried to kick Paige off the Apron but all he did was enrage Seth who fought off of Lesner's Shoulders by raking his eyes Paige now dropped of the Apron now Seth was back in the match but Lesner once again quickly regained control after delivering a hard Clothesline to Seth and then he left the ring and pulled out a Table and slid it in the ring but before sliding back in the ring he turned his attention to Paige and backed her around the ring side until she was stopped from going any further by Paul Heymen. Brock grabbed Paige and Irish Whipped her hard in to the Barricade then he grabbed her and lifted her up and placed her on the Announce Table then he dragged Seth Rollins out the ring and again set him on his Shoulder ready for an F5 and he looked like he mightF5 Seth onto Paige.

"Come on Brock don't do this you could end her career" said JBL.

Lesner just laughed at the commentators until King took off his headphones and moved Paige away from the table. Lesner was angry that King interfered in the match and F5'd Seth onto the floor and grabbed King by his throat and lifted him over the Announce Table and then Choke Slammed him through it.

"The same will happen to anyone else who sticks their nose in my business" said Lesner.

As he set up the Table and in the ring and picked up Seth with easy and German Suplexed him through the Table.

"That ties things up at 1-1 said JBL.

"Yeah it does JBL, are the medics ever going to come out and check on King and Paige" said Cole.

"I guess they are afraid of Lesner" said JBL.

The ref made Lesner back up so he could check on Seth and he gave him a minute to try and recover.

A medic came down and went to Paige to see if she was ok and then came over to King who had now started to move about a bit and with help from JBL and Michael Cole managed to sit King up so he was resting against the Barricade.

The ref signaled the match to continue into the final Fall and Brock went straight for Seth and locked in the Kimura Lock and threated to Dislocate Seth's Elbow unless he Tapped.

The Medic had handed something to Paige who was back on her feet and Lesner was close to the ropes so Paige could reach him and she sprayed Pepper Spray in Lesner's face forcing him to break the hold.

"Who is that Medic John and why would the Medic give Paige Pepper Spray something fishy is going on here" said Michael Cole. The medic went after Heymen and took him down with a clothesline and then followed that up with a Exploder Suplex and then the Medic returned to Paige's side.

"I don't know who it is Michael but it appears they are with the Authority" said JBL.

Lesner managed to clear his eyes and grabbed hold of Seth Rollins and delivered a F5 and then followed that up with the Kimura Lock. Seth had to tap out giving Lesner a 2-1 victory.

Lesner grabbed his title and stood in front of Paige and the Medic gloating that he still had the title belt, then he grabbed both of them and threw them into the ring and went back in to attack them he knocked the Pepper Spray from Paige's hand and grabbed the medic and put them on his shoulder and then did the same to Paige.

"Somebody has to stop this Lesner has lost it" said JBL as he took off his head set and got in the ring only to receive a big boot from Lesner.

'Special Op' plays out as the Shield ran out through the crowd with AJ following them.

"Thank god someone else came out to stop Lesner" said Michael Cole

Roman slid in the ring and Speared Lesner causing him to drop Paige and the Medic who Dean caught and placed them in a safe corner of the Ring, Lesner was getting up and Roman again hit a Spear and Ambrose followed that up with Dirty Deeds then he dragged Lesner and placed him over the bottom rope and Reigns hit a Running Drop kick. Seth was now starting to get back to his feet and he nodded to Paige who whispered something to the medic who left the ring grabbed the briefcase and slid it in to Paige. Reigns and Ambrose now spotted Seth getting up and Dean and Roman walked over to him and grabbed pulling him to the middle of the ring as Brock was slowly trying to get to get up when he reached the perfect position Paige slid the Briefcase under Brocks head and Dean and Roman Lifted Seth up and then dropped him and he delivered a Curb Stomp to Brock. Then Paige, the medic and AJ made their way to the middle of the ring and all six of them did the Shield pose as the medic removed the face mask to reveal Becky Lynch.

"Oh My God" called Michael Cole.

AJ handed Seth a Mic.

"Get me a referee down hear" said Seth.

Roman let out a Howl and Paige let out a deafening scream as Dean and Seth placed Brock between Romans legs and they delivered a Triple Powerbomb, the ref ran out and Seth handed him the briefcase and said he was cashing it in, the ref called for the bell and Seth went for the cover on the downed Brock Lesner and he got the three count.

'The Second Coming' plays as Seth gets his hand raised with the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

Seth bent down and grabbed the mic again and said "Now hit our Music"

'Faint' by Linkin park played out.

"THEM IT WAS THEM ALL ALONG" shouted Michael Cole.

Then the music died down and 'Special Op' plays out as the six touch fists and leave through the crowd.