Hi all!

So, I saw a fanfic the other day in another fandom and after reading it, I really wanted to do a similar version but for the GONE fandom! So with the author's permission (which, by the way, is orangerachel with her "If you give" series) I was able to write one!

I know I shouldn't be starting another project but I really wanted to publish it. So I'll update this fanfic occasionally whenever I feel like having a break from my other two stories.

Anyways, here is the fic! Hope you enjoyed this and please R&R :)

If you give Drake a wing ding, he will look at you strangely.

If he looks at you strangely, he will then realise that a human is in his immortal presence.

If he realises this, he will smile his signature shark-toothed grin.

If he grins at you, he will end up whipping you for fun.

If he whips you for fun, you will eventually die.

If you eventually die, Drake will start doing his happy dance.

If Drake does his happy dance, he will wave his arms about and get tangled in his whip.

If he gets tangled, Drake will fall to the ground.

If he falls to the ground, he will land face first onto the ground filled with many bugs and whatnots that are slowly crawling over him.

If the bugs crawl on his face, he will start to uncontrollably shudder while thinking of the germy insects crawling all over his face.

If he thinks of the bugs, he will suddenly make a connection to Bug, the creepy Peeping Tom.

If Drake randomly thinks of him, he will start to make other connections with Coates Academy.

If he makes connections to Coates Academy, he will immediately think of Caine.

If he thinks of Caine, he will start thinking about what happened after he split up from them.

If he thinks about the many possibilities, Drake will start thinking about his own goal in life.

If he thinks of his own life, Drake's teenage hormones will come out, making him more sensitive as ever as he cries about his own pathetic life.

If he cries because he thinks his life is pathetic, he will rethink it through again and then realise he likes being immortal.

If he finally realises this, Drake will slap himself for being such a sissy.

If he starts slapping himself, he will laugh at the pain (even though he can't exactly feel it).

If he laughs, he will swallow some dirt while finally realising that his face is STILL planted on the ground.

If Drake realises this, he will eventually get up.

If he gets up, he will head down to Perdido Beach, ready to pointlessly terrorise some kids.

If he heads over to Perdido Beach, he will be passing by Ralph's grocery first.

If he peers into the grocery, he will see a pile of fresh wing dings waiting to be eaten.

If Drake sees the wing dings, he will suddenly feel like eating them.

If he feels like eating them, he will head over to the shop.

If he heads over to the shop, Drake will hear some screams from the kids living there as he enters Ralph's.

If he notices the screaming kids and looks at them, they will grab the first object they see and try to defend themselves.

If the kids grab the first object they see, they will see the plate of wing dings.

If the scared kids grab the plate of wing dings, they will offer Drake some, hoping that they can somehow escape.

And if the scared kids offer Drake a wing ding...

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