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Chapter 1 - Prologue

She walked through the woods almost stumbling on a root. Looking up at the sky while crossing a forest in Washington State could do that to you.

Still, she couldn't help but marvel at the blue of the sky. It was the middle of the afternoon of a Spring day and the sun was shining, pouring its rays through the trees giving an ethereal look to the landscape in front of her.

She stopped and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. Fresh air filled with oxygen invaded her lungs, almost making her feel light-headed.

Compared to the grim conditions of where she came from, it felt like heaven. If she had landed in the wrong place, at least she would live the rest of her days in paradise.

But she couldn't stop to enjoy it. She resumed her fast pace headed for her target. Failure was not an option. Everything they had fought for, all the planning they had done, every sacrifice made and life lost, would only be honoured and made worthwhile if she succeeded in her mission.

She would see it through no matter what. Only death could stop her and she had stopped fearing death a long time ago.

She finally reached the motel where he was staying. She sat down not far from his room, waiting for him. If her intel was correct, it wouldn't be long until he would arrive.

A shiver of anticipation ran through her, as the immensity of it all dawned on her. She was really going to come face to face with him. A single tear made its way through her cheek, as emotions threatened to overwhelm her. She wiped it away and took a deep cleansing breath, getting a hold on herself.

With renewed determination, she prepared for what lay ahead.

Peter stepped out of the car and thanked Sheriff Ann Mathis for the ride. He headed to his room, his thoughts lingering on Ann's words.

Finding a place he could call his own.

For years he thought he didn't need such a thing. He was pretty much okay with wondering from place to place only staying long enough to pull a job that would get him through for a few months, until it was time to leave and look somewhere else, for something else, never stopping, always moving.

Until Olivia.

She changed everything. She changed him, or maybe she had just drawn out of him what was there all along, hidden behind the bitterness and the anger of having a mad scientist for a father who had been absent most of the time - even before he was locked up in a mental institution - and being brought up by a mother who he now knew just couldn't handle being left alone with a copy of her long dead son.

Olivia had made him want to settle down, to be there for her and for the man he thought was his father.

And for almost two years he was happy with the arrangement, he thought he had finally found a place that he could say it was his home.

Until it all came crumbling down after he found out about his true origins.

The people he most trusted and cared about had lied and deceived him.

And just like that, he no longer knew where home was.

The only thing he was sure of, was that he wanted to put as much distance as he could between him and the place he had called his own until a few weeks ago.

So once more, he had returned to his nomadic ways.

But it felt different from the old days.

This time he was running away from the lies and deceptions from the ones he had until recently considered his weird family unit.

But every mile he put between him and them, didn't seem enough to erase the feelings of betrayal. The bond he had formed with Walter, Olivia and even Astrid had been strong enough that he was unable to simply detach from them and move on like he used to do. He had cared deeply about them, and if he was honest with himself, he still did, even after everything. And that made everything hurt even more.

So he had to keep moving, he had to try to forget about them and move on with his life, even if it seemed like running away didn't work like before.

Still immersed in his thoughts, he hardly noticed the young woman standing not far from the door to his room.

"Peter Bishop?" she asked as she approached him.

He was startled by it, quickly turning to see a young blond woman in her early twenties. He frowned as he took her in. There was something eerie about the young woman, almost familiar.

"Who are you? What do you want? Did Broyles send you?" he asked her.

She raised her hands in a sign of surrender, in an obvious attempt to show him that she wasn't a threat.

"No, Broyles didn't sent me, I swear that I come in peace. I just need to talk to you. It's very important that you listen to what I have to say. I came a long way just to do this, many people risked their lives so I could be here."

Peter was now puzzled by what the young woman had said, the pleading look she gave him reminded him so much of another blond woman just like her, in another time and another place.

"Risked their lives? What are you talking about? And you still didn't tell me who you are."

"No I didn't," she paused and took a deep breath before continuing, "My name is Henrietta, Henrietta Bishop. But you can call me Etta."

A/N This is actually a reboot of season 5. The story will have two parts.
Part one (the next chapters) will take place in the future invaded by the Observers and will explain the events that brought Etta to this point of the original time line.
The second part will pick up immediately after the prologue.
I know Etta is from the reset timeline (Season 4) and I'm putting her in the original timeline. It will all be explained.
Remember, this is sci-fi.
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