Hello everybody. This story wasn't planned, but this problem BOTHERS me. I am totally done with all those flames toward Lucina and Sakurai that she's a wasted character. I personally wanted her more than Chrom. In fact, she is the newcomer I am the most excited for after Palutena (Palutena is definitely number one) . And she isn't a wasted slot, but an extra slot (keep that in mind people).

With that done, I say this fic is AU (technically, Smash Brothers is already AU). The only thing that can be seen as canon is the fact that Lucina is the daughter of Chrom and the female Robin. And sorry if some of the characters are OOC. And it may contain Lucina X Ike (I don't know yet).

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I stared out the window of Master Hand's black limousine. My father and mother sat next to me. Urgh...how could I possible turn the mansion upside down with my parents walking around the whole time. I loved them. In fact, I would give my life for them. But as adolescent, I wanted to make friends and joke around with them. I felt a hand on my shoulder: it was my mother.

'I see something is bothering you, am I right?' Robin asked.

'No, I'm just a bit nervous,' I said quickly. I didn't want to hurt them.

'Don't worry so much. I have heard there are a lot of swordsmen near your age. I am sure you will make many friends...and maybe a boyfriend.' I immediately blushed.

'Mom!' I said embarrassed. But she had somewhere a point. I felt attracted to swordsmen. I had heard Ike Greil also joined the tournament and that he was muscular. I really hoped he hadn't already a relationship. But I would never have a chance with anybody if my parents embarrassed me the whole time.

'Please, don't embarrass me the whole tournament.'

'We try to do our best,' Chrom said. Oh boy, this was gonna be a long difficult time for me.

'We are on our final destination. And I mean the mansion and not the stage,' Master Hand said. I got out the limousine and looked at the huge mansion before me. Not a castle, like back home, but still a huge building. Master Hand floated and guided us to the front door.

'I'm sure Peach will welcome you and give you a tour and a room et cetera,' Master Hand said. 'If you have problems, you can always visit me in my office.' And with that, the giant hand opened the door.

'Peach! Newcomers for you!' he shouted. Within a minute, a young lady with a long pink dress and blond hair appeared. She shook our hands.

'Oh hi everyone and welcome at the Smash Mansion, the cosiest mansion for fighters.' We introduced ourselves.

'You are from Fire Emblem, isn't it?' Peach asked.

'Yes, you're right,' Robin said.

'I recognised the blue hair and swords,' she said. I looked uncomfortable at my dad. He was only a part of my mother's final smash, because he was a blue-haired swordsman.

'Master Hand invited me to join to change that view,' my mother said. We were still standing outside the mansion. The sun was burning my pale skin. I hoped I could enter soon.

'Can we come in?' I asked.

'Of course of course,' Peach said and we went through the door. Oh... my... god..., it was a huge mess! Parts of the wall were black, probably burnt by one of the smashers. Some paintings hung crooked and the ground was littered with clothes and papers.

'Euhh...' was the only thing I could say.

'Our janitor hasn't arrived yet,' Peach said. 'I really hope ROB enters soon. Not because he's a good fighter, but because he's a good janitor.' I was really confused. Who the heck was ROB? Something blue rushed past us. Peach caught it at its ears and now I could see what it was. It was a huge blue hedgehog.

'Ho Sonic. Say hi to our new fighters,' she said strict. Sonic looked at me.

'Hey! Are you Marth's little sister?' he asked. I looked confused at him.

'No...huh? What are you talking about?' I asked.

'You look awfully like him,' Sonic said.

'I have to agree with him,' Peach added. Ok, I was now confused as heck.

'Peach, can you tell us our room. We are tired of the day travelling,' Robin said.

'Sure, I will take you to it,' she said. I wanted to introduce myself to the other smashers. Back home, I didn't have much contact with other people.

'Where is the living room?' I asked.

'Through that door.' Peach pointed at a door. I made nod as thanks and walked to the door, while my parents and Peach walked upstairs. I heard the noises of talking and laughing. When I opened the door, it immediately became silent. I saw many people staring at me.

'Hello everyone. I'm...'

'MARTH! WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE!' a blonde boy with a green tunic and green hat interrupted loudly. The crowd became immediately a chaos.

'Okay. We already knew you was somewhat feminine, but this...is extreme,' a brown-haired girl said. The green-haired girl next to her chuckled.

'Marth, if you wanted to be a girl, you could talk about it. I could fix it for you easily, without...you know, the human way...' the greenette said.

'Looks like we DO have Super Bash Sisters,' the brunette girl laughed.

'Now there's a reason why I mistook you for being a girl,' an angel with messy brown tufts said. 'Bad for me some fangirls took it serious!' I could explode in confusion.

'What is going on with that "Marth". I'm Lucina!' I shouted. It became silent again.

'Oww...' a blunette said. My heart made a jump. Was this Ike? He was so handsome! I forgot the awkward looks for a moment. Those muscles...he looked so strong. I was sunk in my thoughts, but snapped out them when a plumber in red shook my hands.

'It's-a me, Mario. I'm the captain of-a the fighters,' he said.

'Oh hey Mario. Nice to meet you,' I answered.

'It's-a time for your introduction fight.' An introduction fight? Sounded a lot like "Showing your skills so the rest knows you abilities". But I thought everybody had done this too, so I hadn't a choice.

'And where am I supposed to do that?' I asked.

'BATTLEFIELD, NO ITEMS, MULTIMAN!' the whole crowd yelled in unison.

'Come guys, aren't you interested in her moveset?' a talking Fox asked. Almost the whole crowd stood up. Mario guided me to the transportation room, while the rest was following me. When I stepped through a door, I accidentally bumped into someone. He rubbed the place on his head I had hit. When I thought it couldn't be more strange, I looked at him and gasped. He was an exact male copy of me! Was this that "Marth" everybody was talking about? He was...well, somewhat feminine with the tiara in his azure hair. In fact, I wore the SAME tiara.

'Oh, sorry,' I apologised. He looked confused too.

'Who let this cosplaying fangirl in our mansion?' he asked annoyed, but also a bit anxious. A cosplaying fangirl? I was really insulted.

'I am NOT a fangirl. I'm joining the fray!' I snapped. Marth pushed me aside and left, but I could hear him murmuring. What was wrong with him? Mario beckoned at me, as sign to walk further. The smashers took place in a large waiting room with a jumbo-screen.

'You can-a step into the transporter,' Mario instructed. I nodded and stepped in the glass capsule. Mario closed the door and I took a deep breath. I could do it. I would show them what I can. The teleport warped me into the Battlefield stage. The doors opened and I stepped through.

'Livestream in three, two, one,' a narrator said. Not only the other smashers would see me, but also the audience we would fight for.

'GO!' Immediately, colourful robots appeared. I raised my legendary sword, Falchion. The robots started attacking, so did I. They were no match for me. The one disappeared after another as I cut through their skin of steel. In no time, all the robots were gone and I made a smile. That was an easy fight. I couldn't wait to see their amazed faces that girls could swordfight. Yes, I was a princess, but absolutely no damsel-in-distress. I automatically transported back. I wanted to see their surprised faces. Faces full of respect and wonderment. But when I saw them... disappeared my smile. They looked the opposite.

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