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Marth let his sword come down, but just before the tip penetrated my chest, the door busted.

'What the...' Marth said confused and held his sword away. My eyes grew in joy. Oh my gosh... He came for me. A bear of a man stepped to the blue-haired psychopath with his golden sword in his hand. His face was full of anger.

'IKE!' I shouted. You had my gratitude Naga. Thanks sending him to save me.

'I fight for my friends,' Ike said, cutting through my ropes. I was free again! Marth started sweating.

'Oh hi...Ike...old buddy...this isn't what it looks like,' he said nervously. Marth blocked a swung from Ragnell.

'You'll get no sympathy from me!' Ike said, while trying to chop the prince's head off. Ragnell hit Marth in the shoulder and he collapsed with a cry of pain. He held his shoulder and tried to keep the blade off him. I just sat there, looking at the battle of the two. My brain was processing what happened. My heart rhythm was still fast and it took effort to stop trembling. I was horrified. Ike kicked Falchion out Marth's hand. The prince was helpless now. Ike raised his sword.

'You will pay for what you did to Lucina!' Ike shouted. Oh god...he was really trying to kill him. That wasn't right either!

'IKE! STOP!' I screamed desperately, extending my arm to the mercenary. Both blunettes gave me a confused look.

'He wanted to kill you,' Ike said.

'But this isn't the solution. Nobody deserves to die!' I didn't know why I was defending Marth, but I couldn't see someone lose his life. I was confused, frustrated and scared. This was too much, just too much. It didn't took long before I mentally broke down and collapsed.

Ike's POV

'Lucina!' I exclaimed when I saw the girl fall down. I rushed towards her, kneeling down. Marth took advantage of it and saw a way to escape.

'You're lucky this time,' I snapped. 'But wait until I get my hands on you!' My attention went back to Lucina. I patted softly her cheek.

''s can awake,' I said. After a few seconds, Lucina opened her eyes.

'I..Ike?' she asked, sitting up. She let out a deep sigh in relief.

'Oh really really thank you. If you didn't come, I would be dead now,' she said.

'You don't have to thank me. Seeing you alive is good enough for me,' I smiled. I suddenly got embraced by the princess. She started crying in shock.

'I don't want to leave you behind,' she sobbed. I swept a tear from her cheek.

'Don't cry, my girl. It's fine,' I reassured her. Lucina sniffed once and dried her eyes.

'See, much better,' I laughed.

'I'm sorry I didn't show up yesterday,' Lucina suddenly apologised. 'I was waiting before your room, but then Marth kidnapped me.' I looked up in surprise. Strange time to bring that up. But my room? I was sure I had written garden.

'But I was waiting in the you think Marth changed it when I asked him to give it to you?' I asked.

'Yeah, I think so. The word "garden" was crossed,' she answered.

'So you don't hate me?' I asked carefully. I saw a smile appear on Lucina's face.

'On the contrary. You mean much for me,' she blushed and hugged me. She didn't hate me! She didn't hate me!

'I wanted to say you that I really like you. And I mean like-like. And euh...' I Interrupted her with a kiss.

'So do I, Lucina. So do I,' I said back.

Lucina's POV

Telling my feelings for him was maybe the best thing I could do. And thank the gods he loved me back. We spent de whole night in the attic. We were talking to each other and Ike was most of the time trying to brighten me up from the whole clone-situation. And he succeeded, but his love back to me was already enough to make me smile. His arms were so muscular, his hands not too rough and his eyes deep as oceans.

The first thing we did when it was morning, was visiting with my parents. They were a bit worried, especially after I told the story, but they were mainly glad to see me back. They also thanked Ike for preventing my death. The next thing we did, was talking with Master Hand to report the situation. He reacted very serious. The vanishing of Roy was always a mystery for him. He called Doctor Mario, a newcomer who looked just like Mario, to do research. Marth was found in the forest near the mansion. He turned out to be mentally disturbed (fortunately healable). It was for everybody's sake to send him to a psychiatric hospital for at least three months. We were reassured he would be the old kind Marth again soon. I was merely glad I was save now. But my god, so much fuss for being just a clone...

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