A Certain Complex Feeling

Chapter 2 ~ The Scent of Home

"Why would a man put his mouth on a woman's? Misaka asks as Misaka splashes with the water."

Last Order and Accelerator were in the bathroom, finishing their morning routine. The latter was still in a bad mood. Although he had made his way to the bathroom right after he woke up – at a time where most of Academy City was still sleeping – Last Order had heard his footsteps and awaited him at the door. This was followed by a big struggle as Accelerator tried to go into the bathroom alone, but the little one refused to let go of him. Finally, Last Order had managed to get a hold of Accelerator's crutch and with this decreased mobility, it was even more of a fight to enter the room without having her following him.

As he cursed at her in the most violent way, Last Order made use of her superior ability: A simple command, and Accelerator's choker no longer received speaking support from the Misaka Network, rendering it nearly useless. The teenager tried forcing her into giving his abilities back by pulling at her cheeks, but swiftly, Last Order made her escape and swirled into the bathroom, stating that if he wanted his speaking abilities back, he had no other choice but to share the bathroom with her.

Thus it was no surprise that Accelerator was still fretful, and Last Order's constant blabbering did its part as well.
"Misaka has seen this in the movie from yesterday, Misaka adds as Misaka tries to explain where her curiosity comes from," Last Order elaborated, her eyes still glued to Accelerator who turned his head away from her as he dried his hair with a towel.
"That's nothing a brat like you should worry about," he grunted aggressively. Just a second later, he was soaked in a splash of water; Last Order had swung a full bucket at him and grinned while Accelerator cursed.
"How inconvenient it must be not being able to use Deflection anymore, Misaka says as Misaka acts as if she pities Accelerator, though she actually enjoys being able to score off him."

"You little brat!" Accelerator shouted at her as he got up with a fist. "I'll break you, I swear!" He made a step towards her, but the tiled floor was slippery from the water and Accelerator lost his balance, only able to break his fall by clinging on to the sink.

Last Order laughed wholeheartedly as Accelerator stared at her with murderous eyes.

"Last Order..." he growled, but eventually, he sighed and grabbed a fresh towel to dry himself once more.

"So, why do people do that? Misaka asks as Misaka wonders."
"Shut up, you're annoying," Accelerator grumbled, but Last Order stuck to her guts as she repetitively poked Accelerator all over.
"Hey, hey, what does that mean? Misaka asks as Misaka is annoyed that Accelerator won't answer her question," she said accusingly, but Accelerator shook her off and left the bathroom.
"I said shut your mouth, troublesome kid," he grunted as he opened the fridge in search for some black coffee.
"Damn." It was near to empty and not even a single coffee can was left. It was promising to be an unpleasant day indeed.

"Why won't you tell me? Misaka asks as Misaka puts her hands on her hips in an attempt to appear more serious," Last Order came up to him. When her eyes brushed over the fridge to see it was empty, her stomach started to growl as if on command.

"Accelerator~? Misaka says as Misaka holds her hands to her stomach," she started with a more sweet and innocent voice. Accelerator gave her an annoyed look, though behind his glare, he almost seemed amused. "Let me guess – you're hungry?"
"Uh-huh, Misaka says as Misaka nods."
"Tch. What a pain."

"Woooooah, Misaka says as Misaka sees the sign of the family restaurant and enthusiastically waves her arms to draw Accelerator's attention to it!" Last Order called out.

Turning his head, Accelerator was met by the sight of a cozy and bright family restaurant, full of hustle despite the early hour. With a sigh, he turned towards it, ignoring Last Order's repeated screams of happiness.

"Hey, Last Order!" A voice from behind shouted. Said person turned her head, only to be met by her fourteen year old self: Misaka Mikoto, the ace of the Tokiwadai Middle School - a level 5 esper also known as Railgun.

"Onee-sama! Misaka says as Misaka is surprised to see Onee-sama here," Last Order replied with wide eyes before a big smile spread on her face.

In a sense, Mikoto really was her sister. She was the one whose DNA was used to clone the Misaka Sisters, a batch of twenty thousand clones designed solely for one purpose: To help Accelerator surpass level 5 and turning him into the legendary level 6, though helping him meant nothing else than letting themselves being killed by him.
While he at first was reluctant to take part in the operation, called the Level 6 Shift Project, Accelerator convinced himself over time that the Sisters weren't actual people. And even then, he tried to scare them out of their set up battles with revilement and a sadistic attitude.

But the Sisters could not understand what he was aiming at – he probably didn't realize it himself either. Only when Last Order told him what she had observed and concluded from these tries of communication before the battles, did he become conscious of it. It was needless to say that he didn't admit it towards Last Order or anyone else.

But his suppressed feelings of remorse welled up again as he met Kamijou Touma, a level 0 esper on the night of yet another fight.

Touma protected Misaka 10032, the subject of that day, as an individual and broke Accelerator's illusion of them not being people.

When Touma managed to defeat Accelerator in battle, an event quite unlikely to happen, Accelerator's status as the most skilled and strongest esper was gone. As a consequence, all the calculations the Level 6 Shift Project wasbased on were rendered useless and the experiment was annulled. Up to that point, Accelerator had already killed 9969 of Mikoto's clones.

Thus, it was of no surprise that Mikoto had little sympathy for Accelerator, and her eyes only faintly brushed over his presence before she turned back to Last Order.

"Well, what are you doing here, Last Order?" she asked with a friendly smile as she squatted low to be on eye level with the girl. Her mini skirt, part of her school uniform, flipped up, but Mikoto didn't need to worry, as she always wore shorts underneath it.

"Misaka and Accelerator are going to eat out for breakfast, Misaka explains as Misaka points to the restaurant behind her," Last Order said. Then, her face lit up in sudden realization and she made a jump forward, saying, "Does Onee-sama want to join us? Misaka asks as Misaka's eyes sparkle in excitement and hope for a positive answer."

"Ah, well..." Mikoto started reluctantly, but as she met Last Order's hopeful eyes, she just couldn't turn her down. "Sure, why not," the Railgunnodded and got up, her smile deepening as Last Order swung her arms in the air and ran around in circles, repeatedly shouting "Yay!"

Accelerator made a quiet sound of disapproval and Mikoto shot a glare towards him. She still hadn't forgiven him for what he did to the Sisters, but just the same, she could not ignore the things he did on another note. Like saving Last Order, even though it almost cost his life. Or the destruction of the Remnant, a part of the destroyed Tree Diagram which could have supported a continuation of the Level 6 Shift Project.

Having a rather frequent contact to Last Order, Mikoto could not live with the belief of Accelerator being completely evil, regardless of how much she wanted to. Still, it was hard on her, facing the boy who was responsible for thousands of deaths and suffering. The girl abruptly turned away from him and took Last Order's hand, heading towards the family restaurant, slowly followed by Accelerator.

The inside of the establishment was held in warm colors. Ceiling lamps emitted a pleasant light and hidden air conditioners catered for fresh air. Cushioned seats were neatly aligned around wooden tables and waitresses in maid costumes were serving the customers in a friendly manner.

With a loud voice, Last Order ordered a load of pancakes which seemed too much for a person her size. Mikoto went for a milkshake and Accelerator ordered a black coffee. After an intense glare from Last Order, he reluctantly asked for a bagel as well, not in the mood for another fight.

With her mandatory 'Itadakimasu', Last Order tucked in with pleasure, shoving almost an entire pancake into her mouth. Maple syrup dropped down her chin and with a rather abrupt gesture, Accelerator handed her a tissue to wipe it off.

Mikoto's eyes followed the scene with skepticism and she squished them in surprise to see Accelerator actually caring for Last Order in his own way. Even though he often averted his eyes, even though his gestures were rough and even though his words were harsh, there was always a certain kind of consideration or care behind them, directed towards Last Order.

Suddenly, Accelerator caught Mikoto's regard and his posture turned hostile.

"What are you staring at?" He spat, narrowing his eyes.
"N-nothing," Mikoto jumped in surprise, pulled out of her observation, but Accelerator grinned unexpectedly.

"Were you staring at his?" he asked and held his hand to the choker around his neck. "Yeah, I'm dependent on this stupid thing, but don't get any ideas – you still have nothing on me."
"Were you hoping you could become number one, now that I am constrained? Sorry to disappoint you, but none of you shitty bastards will ever be able to surpass me!"

Angrily, Mikoto got up, electricity sparking around her head – she wasn't named Railgun for no reason.
"Are you looking for a fight, albino?" she threatened but Accelerator's grin suddenly vanished and he turned his head away in indifference.
"With someone as weak like you? It'd be a waste of my time," he said, looking at his coffee with no interest. Deep down in a place he wasn't familiar with, he simply did not wish to fight any Misaka anymore.

"Why you!" Mikoto spat hotly, pressing her hands on the table when suddenly, she felt a touch on her arm.

She looked to the side to see Last Order with a worried expression.
"Please, no fighting here, Onee-sama, Misaka says as Misaka shakes her head to underline her statement."

Mikoto looked at her younger self in surprise before she sat down again, pouting: "I wasn't really..."

Concerned, Last Order turned her head to Accelerator, as if she feared he might still be upset. For a moment, her chestnut eyes were locked to his blood red ones, until the teenager averted them abruptly, taking a halfhearted bite from his bagel to wash her worries away.
Last Order smiled widely at the sight of Accelerator eating and she enthusiastically went back to finishing the remaining pancakes.
Awkward silence hung among Mikoto and Accelerator; neither of them wanted to upset Last Order further, but there was no option for friendly words between them either.

Accelerator did not really care about Mikoto – his "family" of three, with Aiho and Last Order, was already enough social contact for him, if not even too much. But Last Order really liked Mikoto, so he more or less had to learn how to cope with her, sooner or later.

In Accelerator's case, however, coping with someone meant nothing more than holding himself back from smashing them into bits.
Mikoto, on the other side, was a lot more social and sensitive. Though she did not portrait the typical lady-image that was expected from a student of the Tokiwadai Middle School, she was caring and kind and she felt the urge to support Last Order.

While having a strong feeling of responsibility towards any of the Sisters, she was especially fond of Last Order. Maybe due to her childish body and personality or the fact that she was able to actually display her emotions (all other Sisters never showed their feelings and could only use the third person to express what they felt), Mikoto had grown to feel attached to her.

In that moment, Mikoto felt obliged to start a conversation with Accelerator, as a sign towards Last Order that she wanted to try hard. But what could she possibly talk about?
Just as she was wondering about that, Last Order finished her meal and laid back with a satisfied sigh.

"Thanks for the meal, Misaka says as Misaka feels full to the brim," she mumbled happily. All of a sudden, with her stomach now full, she remembered the question she held within the entire day. Knowing Accelerator would find a way to elude an answer once again, she faced Mikoto.

"Why would a man put his mouth on a woman's? Misaka asks as Misaka uses the same words she already used to express her question."
Mikoto turned completely red at the unexpected question, stuttering with an embarrassed smile, "Wha-, er, where, I mean, why would you ask, Last Order?"

"Accelerator wouldn't explain it to Misaka, Misaka adds as Misaka points accusingly with her index finger towards Accelerator."
Mikoto jerked her head to Accelerator and stared at him, her mind coming up with the only proper explanation it could find. Suddenly, Mikoto's face darkened as she glared at the white-haired teenager and she loudly smacked her hands on the table.
"What type of sick pervert are you?!" she spat out in bewilderment, her hands shaking. "K-k-kissing an innocent girl like that, what are you...!" Electricity sparked from her body and came at Accelerator. Quickly, he turned on the switch of his choker and the shock wave was deflected, jumping all over the place, causing the explosion of nearby ceiling lamps.

The other people in the restaurant screamed and jumped at the sudden noise, staring at the two esper in fear.
With cold eyes, Accelerator turned his gaze towards the sparking Mikoto. He didn't want to fight her. Actually, he never wanted to fight anyone to begin with. Still, he kept his hand at his choker, ready to activate Deflection again if necessary.

Unexpectedly, as if nothing had happened, Last Order went on, "Misaka has been wondering about it ever since she saw that movie yesterday, Misaka elaborates on the topic as Misaka remembers."
"Huh?!" Mikoto huffed in surprise and gawked at the child version of herself. When the meaning of Last Order's words dawned to her, her face turned deep red again.
The next few minutes were spent with Mikoto talking to the staff apologetically. Some of them shot wary glances towards Accelerator who was quietly eating, but Mikoto was quick to take the full blame; when it came down to it, it was her shock that went crazy.
After settling everything and returning to her seat with an abashed face, Mikoto let out a sigh.

She avoided both Accelerator's and Last Order's eyes and was about to mumble an apology to them when Last Order repeated her question once more: "Hey, Onee-sama, do you not know it either? Misaka asks as Misaka starts to feel it is a mystery."

"Erm, well, the people in that movie k-k-kissed," Mikoto replied quietly with her head down.

"Oooooh, Misaka says as Misaka starts to understand. Why do people kiss, Onee-sama? Misaka asks as Misaka feels she starts to get on to the topic." Last Order leaned forward, curiosity beaming in her eyes.
"Erm, well, I... Sometimes, grown-ups do that stuff to..." Mikoto started, not sure where to begin, let alone where to end, as she looked at her interlocked fingers.
"Have you ever kissed someone, Onee-sama? Misaka asks as Misaka understands that Onee-sama is a grown-up."
"Eh?!" Mikoto jumped back, her face glowing red. "I... I... H-hey, have you heard about that new amusement park? Isn't its opening today? C-come on, let's go check it out!" She suddenly changed the topic. For a second, she feared Last Order would hold on to her question, but at the sound of the word 'amusement park', her face had lit up and she nodded quicker than the eyes could follow.

"Yes, yes! Misaka says as Misaka realizes that there are Ferris wheels and roller coasters at an amusement park! Let's go, Accelerator! Misaka demands as Misaka pulls at his sleeve to drag him along."
"Are you fucking kidding me, like I would – hey, will you stop pulling!? Fine, fine, we go, but let go of me!" Accelerator complained as he stared at Last Order with annoyed eyes. The young girl squealed in delight and together, they followed Mikoto to the amusement park.

The amusement park was only a few minutes away by bus. Even from afar, they could hear the joyful screams of people taking rides and the scent of popcorn and cotton candy greeted them as they turned around a last corner.

"Wow! Misaka says as Misaka reclines her head to see the Ferris wheel's top but it's too high!" Last Order marveled.
Indeed, as it was fitting for such an advanced city, the amusement parks were top-notch as well. Supported by modern technology, roller coasters were built as high as never before and could take turns against the laws of physics. Little stalls served all kinds of sweet and hearty dishes, while other booths praised their quick games and they could hear the hollow voice of the master of the lottery trying to lure in customers by claiming, "Each ticket is a win!"

"Misaka wants to ride this, and this, and that, and this! Misaka says as Misaka points to everything!"
"Fine, fine!" Mikoto replied with a laugh, happy to see the joy on Last Order's face. She took the young girl's hand and gave her a big smile. "Let's go, Last Order!"

But Last Order took a look back to Accelerator who leaned against a wall, not showing any signs of excitement or joy.
"Don't you want to come with us? Misaka asks as Misaka leans forward with worry in her eyes."
Accelerator jerked his head away. "Tch. I told you I'm not into such childish stuff."

Disappointed, Last Order let her head hang down. "Misaka figured as much, Misaka says as Misaka admits. But Misaka had still hoped you would try and give it a go, Misaka says as Misaka refuses to let go of hope."

Suddenly, Mikoto squeezed in and gave Last Order an encouraging pat on the shoulder. "It can't be helped," she said with a grin. "Someone's gotta hold on to my bag anyway." And with that, she shoved her bag into Accelerator's arms. She gave him another grin and winked. "Hold on to this for us, 'kay? I'll go have some fun with Last Order!"
Accelerator opened his mouth to reply, but the two girls, looking so alike, turned away and ran towards the first attraction, squealing before even getting in.
The teenager sighed to himself as he looked at Mikoto's bag. For a moment, he played with the thought of tossing it into the garbage, but then he imagined Last Order's reaction. She might easily pester him about his 'unfriendly behavior' for the rest of the day, and his resilience for that day had almost been used up by that kiss-question.

A kiss, huh? Accelerator stared towards the roller coaster Last Order was sitting in. Even from afar, he could point out her voice above anyone else's. She was screaming at the top of her lungs and he could picture her waving with her arms even though Mikoto would tell her to keep them inside the wagon.

Suddenly, the thought of the roller coaster malfunctioning and crashing down occurred to him and a surge of cold rolled over him, followed by heat. He felt an unusual feeling inside his stomach and, closing his eyes, he tried to figure out what it was.

Was it... worry?

"Tch." How unlike him. Then again, it was linked to Last Order and when it came to her, everything about him was unnatural. But he didn't hate it, not really.

Damn. What's wrong with me lately? He thought as he tightened his fist. Here I am, at an amusement park, thinking about that brat and kisses. For fuck's sake, am I coddling!?

Accelerator took a deep breath to calm his thoughts.

"Is showing goodwill to others really that scary?"
It is. It fucking is, Yomikawa.

"Accelerator! Misaka calls as Misaka runs up to him," Last Order's voice rang in his ears.

Startled, Accelerator jerked his head up to see Last Order and Mikoto running towards him, both with red cheeks from excitement.
"It was awesome! Misaka exclaims as Misaka tries to express her feelings by gesturing wildly," Last Order blabbered and Accelerator watched her with softness in his eyes. He listened to her happy voice and felt warmth rising inside him, the hint of a smile appearing on his face.

Suddenly, Last Order ceased her vivid explanation of the feelings she had and peered at Accelerator with surprise.

The teenager twitched at the changed look on her face, his own expression turning more aggressive and less caring.
"What are you staring at?"

"You had a strange look on your face, Misaka says as Misaka feels surprised," the young girl answered, her hands behind her back.

"You looked really nice and caring just now, Misaka elaborates as Misaka-"
"I am not caring!" Accelerator spat hotly. He glared down at Last Order who hunched over in surprise, though she was used to his irregular outbreaks.

"Stop your crappy talking, you annoying brat! I'm sick of you calling me 'nice' or 'kind' – I'm the fucking strongest esper in Academy City because I kill anyone who stands in my way!" Accelerator stared at her, his red eyes full of anger. Then, he got aware of Last Order's puzzled, almost scared look on her face and his rage disappeared into thin air. He let out an annoyed sigh before he shoved Mikoto's bag back into its owner's arms and turned away.
"I'm tired of this shit, I'm leaving," he grumbled and limped away.

Last Order followed his movement with big eyes and Mikoto made an angry noise before she turned to the girl with a reassuring smile.
"Well, what a shame, Accelerator is going to miss out all the fun we're going to have," she pat Last Order before she took her hand.
"You wanted to ride on the Ferris wheel, right?"
"Yes! Misaka says as Misaka gets excited."

Accelerator was strolling through Academy City. His feet and his arm with which he held the crutch were already hurting, but the anger inside him kept him going.
He had lost his cool. Towards the only person in this world he had sworn to protect.
The teenager clenched his teeth so that no degrading sound could leave his lips. Remorse was a feeling he tried to bury inside him, since he knew well that his past actions couldn't be atoned for by a mere apology. He also knew that there were no actions either he could take to really make up for what he did, so why should he bother trying to?

But it was different with Last Order. At the sight of her forgiving smile and her positive eyes he felt even worse. And the worse he felt, the less was he able to show what he really felt and to do what he actually should be doing: Admitting, apologizing. Instead, he would become aggressive, insulting and condescending.

And all that only because Last Order was about to discover that side of his which he couldn't accept. Would it have been so bad to let her see through him this once?

The teenager let out an annoyed sigh and leaned against a wall nearby. He wasn't used to the feelings inside of him and tried to ignore them by examining the place around him properly.
Apparently, he was not too far away from home; he could make out some of the building in proximity to their apartment, even though it was already dark.
It's late. She's probably already home, he slowly thought. Then, the flashing sign of a convenience store nearby caught his attention. He vaguely remembered the fridge being completely empty and pushed himself off the wall.
Although he wasn't in the mood to go shopping, he knew he had to. Last Order was probably hungry by now, even if she had lunch with Mikoto.

If it's already dark... How long was I limping around?

He started to feel uneasy and a tension began building up inside him while he bought the necessities. Had he been right about assuming she was back home already? What if Mikoto didn't bring her home? She might have gotten lost in the city.

A bad feeling came over him and unconsciously he sped up, almost hurrying back to the apartment. He wished for the elevator to rise quicker and when he pushed open the door to the apartment, his feelings proved to be right: It was empty.

For a moment, he stood at the entrance in complete silence. Was it so late that she already went to bed? It was an unlikely thought and he didn't even need to knock on her door to prove it wrong.

After he unloaded the purchase in the kitchen, he let himself fall on the couch. Not too far away, he could see Last Order's phone – he really had to give her a lecture of actually carrying it, one day.

His fingers felt numb as he reached for his phone and dialed a number he never thought he would use.
Looking back, the day when Last Order gave him Mikoto's number hadn't been such a waste after all.

He pressed the cell against his ear as he waited for her to pick up. Seconds passed and just as he was about to hang up, Mikoto answered.

"Hello, hello, Misaka Mikoto here?"

"... Is Last Order with you?" His own voice sounded pathetic, unnaturally rough and quiet. It was just a small kid, damn it.

"Accelerator?" The surprise in Mikoto's voice was evident. She hesitated for a moment, probably thinking on how Accelerator got her number until a higher pitched voice spoke to her, causing her to make a sound as if she smiled.

"Yes, it's him," she replied to whomever talked to her. Then, as if she just remembered, she turned back to the phone, saying: "Yes, Last Order is with me. We're at a local bath."
"A local bath?" Accelerator echoed as he felt the tension in his chest disappearing.

So she didn't get lost in the city after all.

"Are you jealous?" Mikoto teased in an attempt to ease the mood.
"Huh!?" Accelerator glared at his cell as Mikoto chuckled.

"Like hell!" He snapped before he turned off the phone. He continued to stare at it for a few more seconds until he threw it on the table next to him. With a grunt, he crossed his arms behind his neck and laid back, his thoughts turning back to Last Order.

She was safe, and that was all that mattered.

"Misaka is home! Misaka says as Misaka enters," Last Order stormed in the living room, a wide smile on her face. She wore a candy necklace, a gift from Mikoto, which had already been nibbled off to a great part. Last Order was still chewing on one of the candies as she walked in, waving her arms around joyfully.

Suddenly, she was caught by the sight of Accelerator still lying on the couch, fast asleep. The TV was on, and some comedy was currently airing, though its sound was so low that it didn't seem as if Accelerator had actually watched whatever had been aired before.

Last Order quietly snuck up on the sleeping Accelerator and bent over him. His sleeping face was completely different from when he was awake: It was at peace, soft and gentle.

With a smile, Last Order remembered the first time she saw Accelerator sleeping. Back on the first day they had met, he allowed her to sleep at his place. It had been broken into, completely devastated, but she had been desperate for company and Accelerator had eventually given in. The next morning, she had bent over him just like she did now, curiously examining his sleeping face.

Last Order really liked watching him sleep. In his sleep, all the worries and the anger were washed away, turning his face into the mirror of his true soul. She knew, even though he tried to hide it, that he did care about her and that he was good. Often, she felt sorry for him; she had learned from Aiho about his troublesome past, but she was smart enough not to mention it.
An expression appeared on Last Order's face that didn't seem to fit a ten year old.

Being connected to the Misaka Network, she had experienced every single death of the Sisters and while her body wasn't meant to grow any further, her mind had matured due to all this information. She wasn't like an ordinary ten year old, despite acting like one all the time. While being a child at heart, there was an adult side of her as well, though it had some boundaries and limits.

She understood the pain Accelerator felt, and she knew about the motif behind his wish to become a level 6: All Accelerator ever wanted was that people would stop fighting him because of his enormous powers. But he only saw one way to make that happen: Turning the thought of challenging him into a ridiculous one, that fighting him would be a sin.

And because Last Order knew that, she was able to see through his aggressive behavior and recognize the lonely soul that was hiding behind it. She wanted to make him happy and she knew that, even though he acted annoyed, he secretly enjoyed her fooling around and being childish.

Last Order was grateful for the childish mind and body she was given because she could use it as a way to make Accelerator happy. Sometimes, the mature part of her was sad at the fact that she would never be able to become an adult, fated to live and to die in this childish body once her time had come, but as long as Accelerator would show her that hint of amusement, it was worth it.

With a big smile, Last Order held her hand to her chest as she watched Accelerator.
"Misaka really likes you, Misaka says as Misaka feels happy to be with you," Last Order quietly said, even though he couldn't hear her.

A warmth grew inside her as she remembered how he had called Mikoto just an hour ago. He must have been really worried if he went so far, and while she couldn't imagine what might have caused his outburst from before, she knew it was the closest he would get to showing his regret.

With a sudden idea, she grabbed a blanket from her bedroom and squeezed herself onto the couch beside Accelerator.
The teenager grunted in his sleep as Last Order put her arm around him, and she buried her head at his chest, inhaling his scent which gave her comfort and the feeling of home before she fell asleep in a matter of seconds.