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Chapter 1 - LSE

Kid Flash, Robin, and Aqualad rushed into the Project Kr chamber, with Aqualad kicking away the barrel Kid Flash put into place to hold the door open, and Robin hacking into the door's lock mechanism.

"I've disabled the door. We're safe," Robin hastily announced.

Aqualad took a moment to look about the chamber, before saying, very grimly, "We're trapped."

As Kid Flash traveled further into the chamber, he came upon a control panel, decidedly pressing a button. "Uh, guys? You'll wanna see this." The other two heroes walked up to Kid Flash as the room was bathed in light, and astonishment was clearly written on their features.

Robin gasped a "Whoa" as his fellow sidekicks gaped.

There, right in front of them, was essentially, a younger Superman. He was encased in a containment pod, with the letters Kr printed across the surface.

Kid Flash approached the pod. "Big K, little r. The atomic symbol for Krypton!"

Kid Flash turned around, facing his comrades. "Clone?" He inquired.

"Robin. Hack," Aqualad ordered.

"Whoa! Um, guys, we totally missed this," Kid Flash raced to the right of the chamber, where a circular tank of water was set up. Aqualad turned his head and Robin glanced up from hacking, in the same instant that Kid Flash touched the tank and lights shone down in that part of the chamber.

The heroes were once again, surprised.

Right in the middle of the water tank, was a long-haired brunette, floating in the fetal position. The person's head was tucked into their chest and covered by the long strands of brown hair floating around the tank. But the lower portion of their face was uncovered, and they were able to see the oxygen mask attached to their face.

Kid Flash gazed into the tank, strangely entranced. But the sound of Aqualad's footsteps broke him out of his spell.

"Project LSE: Sol," Aqualad spoke, with a low tone. Kid Flash glanced away from Aqualad and turned his attention back to tank. But this time, he made sure to not focus on the person inside. He took in the name and symbol at the top of the tank.

Kid Flash gaped. Again. "T-that's the solar symbol of the Sun!" He exclaimed, pointing at the image of a dot with a circle around it. "And Sol is Latin for Sun! But I have no idea what LSE stands for..."

Aqualad frowned.

"But I do!" The older teens were quick to turn their attention back to their youngest member, who looked up from his findings. "Project LSE, or rather, Living Solar Energy! An embryo experiment force grown in 16 weeks, made from human DNA and material ejected from...a supernova remnant!"

"WHAT?! How is that possible?" KF was quick to voice his question. Aqualad crossed his arms with a frown.

"But that's not all! Kryptonian DNA was subject to study in order to isolate the cells that are able to absorb solar energy. Those unique cells were also used in Project Sol, thereby creating a living, breathing star designed to empower Project Kr" Robin finished with a breathy voice.

"...and Project Kr?" Aqualad questioned.

"Weapon designation: Superboy. A clone force grown in 16 weeks...! From DNA acquired from Superman."

"Stolen from Superman," Aqualad muttered.

"No way the big guy knows about this," Kid Flash vehemently agreed. Robin continued reading aloud, "Solar suit allows him to absorb yellow sun radiation 24/7, including Sol's radiation." All three boys shot a quick glance to the figure floating in the tank.

Aqualad's eyes wandered up Superboy's containment pod. "And these...creatures?"

"Genomorph gnomes. Telepathic. They're force feeding him an education."

"And we can guess what else," KF interjected, "They're making a slave out of...well, Superman's son. Possibly Sol, too!"

As Aqualad took in all the information, he came to a wise decision. "Now we contact the League." He proceeded to press the symbol on his belt, but "No signal."

"We're in too deep. Literally," Kid Flash grimly noted.

The teenage heroes found themselves at a lost on what to do. But as they gazed at the Cadmus projects, they found new resolve. "This is wrong."

"We can't leave them like this."

Aqualad thought about all the scenarios and consequences, before ordering Robin to set Superboy and Sol. "Wait, set Sol free first. Our new acquaintance must be eager to get out of that tank."

"Alright." Robin nodded and set about hacking into the system to free Sol.

Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Robin looked on as the water in the tank slowly drained out, and the brunette inside drifted toward the bottom. Once all of the tank was drained, the lid on top propped open, and the boys gazed at each other in question. Aqualad was quick to rush forward and jump into the now empty tank. He slowly bent down, brushed aside the long hair, and paused for a moment. What was once obscured by the ridiculously long hair, was a female figure dressed in a white leotard.

Aqualad slowly reached forward and gently pulled the oxygen mask off Sol's face. The exact moment the mask was uplifted, Sol took a slow, deep breath, but she did not awaken. Aqualad carefully lifted the immobile girl bridal style, and swiftly jumped out of the water prison.

Kid Flash rushed over, peering at the living star.

"Wow. So not only is she hot, but she's hot!" Kid Flash shot Aqualad a suggestive grin. Robin snorted and Aqualad lifted an eyebrow, not amused, but reluctantly handed Sol over to Kid Flash so he could watch over Robin.

Kid Flash adjusted his grip on Sol, before glancing down. He was met with bleary heterochromia eyes. The owner of said eyes was slowly taking in their surroundings before landing on Kid Flash. The looks shared were completely different; one of fascination, completely enthralled, and the other of curiosity and confusion.

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