September 2, 2014: Monday

Like yesterday, I woke up at the crack of dawn. Six A.M. sharp! Of course, it's much easier getting up when you have to listen to the bustling of four other girls getting ready for school. My eyelids felt heavy like lead. Last night had not been the best night of sleep I have had. All night, I tossed and turned, thinking of the consequences of Jack Frost, a Slytherin whom I had just met, knowing my secret. Yup, I'm screwed… I thought as I groaned and forced myself out of bed. Belle and Rapunzel were the only two girls remaining in the dorm besides me. Belle was sitting cross-legged on her bed, enthralled with her book, while Rapunzel brushed her incredibly long hair.

I pulled my uniform out of the mahogany trunk at the base of my bed and began to change. When I was finished fastening my silver and blue tie, I slipped on a pair of gloves to match (Because I'm stylish like that). By the time I was finished getting ready, the other girls had already left. I gathered my books and my class schedule and left my dorm, walked through the common room and strutted down to the Great Hall. I decided I cannot show Jack that I'm afraid of him giving out my secret. I have to act brave, or as brave as I can look. I mean I wasn't put in Gryffindor for a reason.

Before I knew it, my hand was on the steel handle of the great doors of the hall. I took a breath and peaked in through a crack. Jack was in there. I pushed the door close as fast as I could and fled off towards my first class. It wouldn't be starting for a half hour, but it was better to get there early than having to face Jack Frost.

The dungeons were a bit cold, but the cold wasn't really known to bother me. I slipped into the potions classroom and found a seat at the back of class. Normally, I liked to have a seat at the front of my classes where the teachers enjoyed doting on me, but with the previous day's incident, I felt the need to draw as little attention to myself as possible. Within twenty minutes, the classroom was filled and Professor Ursula began running through what we'd be working on over the semester. She stated that the person on our right will now be our Potions partner for the entirety of the school year. The class was made up of mostly sixth year Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff students, with the exception of a few advanced fifth years, which included me. My partner happened to be a fellow fifth year, a Hufflepuff named Tiana. She was a petite girl who had dark brown eyes and hair that matched her smooth caramel skin. She seemed nice, and from what I could tell, very hardworking. She liked work from what I could see and she took the lead on creating potions while I wrote down our findings. We seemed to make a good team.

I have to say, it may not have been a smart idea for me to take the advanced potions class for one important reason in particular: Hiccup, the brown haired, lanky, sixth year Hufflepuff who just so happened to be best friends with the one boy who knows my secret. Well, by now, I'm sure Hiccup knows too. Hell, he's probably told the whole Slytherin house by now. Thinking about this, I grew scared and tried to make myself as small as possible, bowing my head and hunching my shoulders to make myself look even more petite and harmless. Hiccup was sitting on the other side of the classroom with a sixth year Raven claw boy. He has strawberry blonde hair and was scrawny with large circular glasses. Hold on, I'm trying to remember his name… Milo! Yeah, his name was Milo. Hiccup kept looking back at me, trying to get my attention but every time I made eye contact with him, I would quickly look away.

"Sugar, you okay?" I heard Tiana ask me, and looked up to see her with one hand on her hip and the other using a ladle to stir the potion we were making, a shrinking potion, and a skeptical look on her face.

"Uh, yeah… Yeah, I'm fine," I reassured her. She stared at me for a second longer before shrugging her shoulders and going back to stirring, adding a few porcupine quills here and there.

"Uh, Tiana, why aren't you a Ravenclaw?" I asked her. "I mean you're taking advanced potions with the sixth years. You're the only fifth year Hufflepuff in here."

"My mama says its cause I work too hard. That's why I'm in Hufflepuff. See," She started. "My mama's a muggleborn and my daddy was a muggle. So, I've got to do good here. I've got to prove to these people that I'm just as good as those purebloods!" She grinned, and I couldn't help but smile at her enthusiasm.

The bell rang and Tiana and I packed our potions supplies in the table's cabinets and left the classroom. I walked with her until this perky blonde girl ran up and dragged her away, talking about Prince Charles or Harry. Whichever one was the red head. Tiana apologized for the disruption and walked off, soothing her fellow Hufflepuff friend who went by the name of Charlotte.

I walked alone through the halls of the dungeon when I heard someone running towards me. I turned around to see none other than Hiccup, standing before me. I never realized how tall he was until he had been standing right in front of me.

I sighed. "What do you want, Hiccup?" I asked him.

"Look, I don't know what happened, but Jack seems pretty bummed about how you ran off last night, all flustered and stuff. Anyways, he wanted me to talk to you. So, yeah. Here," He held out his freckled hand to give me a piece of parchment. I went hesitantly to grab it, before Hiccup pulled his hand back. "Just, give him a chance. I know, he seems like a twit, but he isn't as bad as he lets on." I nodded with little conviction and he handed me the note. As soon as I took it, he ran off.

I waited until my free period, right after lunch, to look at the parchment. It had been eating at me all day, but I forced myself to focus on my classes. I'm sure Professor Odie was a little concerned when I failed to pay attention in her Transfiguration class like I normally do, though.

So now, I sat beneath a large oak tree that overlooked the west side of the Black Lake. I reached into my messenger back and pulled out the rolled up piece of parchment that Hiccup had handed me. It had crumpled up slightly from being jostled around in my bag all day, but it was still in relatively good condition. I unrolled it and as much as I'd like to say Jack had beautiful handwriting, I can't. I'm sorry but it was practically illegible. It probably took fifteen minutes before I successfully deciphered his writing.


We should talk. I know you're afraid of me right now,

But I REALLY need to talk to you.

Don't be afraid.

I'll wait for you by the edge of the forest tonight at eight-thirty.

Please come. I'll leave you alone if you want, just come to see me this once.


I smiled. Why did I smile? I have no clue, but I did. After a long intellectual battle with myself, I decided that I'd go see him after my lesson tonight with Merlin. I just hoped that this wasn't the biggest mistake of my life.

September 2, 2014: Monday: 6:30

I grabbed my bag off of my bed and slipped over my shoulder. Curfew was in fifteen minutes and then I could leave to go see Merlin without attracting any curious eyes. I was slipping on my gloves when Belle walked into the dormitory.

"Elsa, your sister is downstairs. She wants to talk to you about something, I guess," Belle told me. I nodded and left her alone in the dorm to go see my sister. This is odd. I though. She has to be in her dormitory in fifteen minutes. What is she doing here?

Sure enough, Ana, was standing in the middle of the Ravenclaw dormitory… in her pajamas. "Elsa!" She grinned.

"Ana, what are you doing here?" I asked her. "And why are you in your pajamas?"

Ana looked down and noticed her flannel pajamas and pygmy puff slippers. Then started to laugh. "I forgot about my pajamas! Anyways, I needed to ask you something!"


"Can I date Hans?" She grinned a toothy grin.


"Yeah, we want your blessing to go out." She continued to smile.

"Ana, you are eleven. You just met the guy!" I exclaimed. "No. You cannot date him!"

Ana's face slacked into a frown when she realized what I said. "W- why not?" She asked.

"I just told you. N- now I think you need to go back to your dorm. I don't want you getting into trouble for being out after curfew." I led her to the door.

"Wait!" She yelled. "This is unfair! He loves me! I love him! And…" Ana looked over me. "Where are you going?" She glowered.

"No where." I told her, but she didn't believe me. My voice was too shaky. Realization came over her.

"You're going on a date! Aren't you?" She snapped. "I see how it is! I can't date because you say no, but then you go off with some guy! You're such a hypocrite!" She snapped and stomped off down the hall towards the Gryffindor common room.

I sighed. Great, now my sister is mad at me. I looked down and saw that my gloves were frosting over. I clutched my hands into fists after closing the Ravenclaw door and shuffled off to Merlin's office.

A large stone gargoyle signed as the entrance to Merlin's office. I said the password and the gargoyle moved aside to reveal a large marble staircase. I walked up, like have done so many times before and at the top, was greeted with a great wooden door with iron lining, almost identical to the doors to the Great Hall. I pushed them open to see Merlin feeding his snowy white owl.

Saying Merlin's office was amazing was an understatement. The walls were covered with bookcases filled with the most intriguing and antique books and objects. On the wall behind his desk was an entire wall dedicated to the portraits of the deceased headmasters.

Merlin noticed me within seconds of entering. "AH! Elsa, how are you, dear? Are the classes doing well for you?"

"Yes, Headmaster," I smiled at him.

"Elsa, I told you to can just call me Merlin. I hate all that headmaster BS. If I had it my way, the students could just all call me Merlin, but the other Professors told me I can't do that." He huffed. "Anyway, let's get started!"

Let me explain something about these sessions. Ever since I arrived at Hogwarts in my first year, Merlin would have sessions with me to help me learn to contain my emotions, to hold them in and not be affected by what others say. That way, my fears won't cause me to lose control. In some ways, it was like Occlumency, except with emotions.

As much as it helps me, I hate these sessions. I always end up crying because of them, because of everything I've done, because of what I did to Ana…

"Well, Elsa, I think we are done for the night. It's getting late, you should head up to bed." I snapped out of my daze.

"Yes, headmas- yes, Merlin," I corrected myself. "Merlin, what time is it?" I asked.

"Eight-fifteen," He informed me. Crap, I only have fifteen minutes to get to the forest! I grabbed my bag from the side of my chair and said goodbye to Merlin before running out. I have to say, I never thought I could run that fast through the school after hours without getting caught.

I didn't have a watch, but by the chimes on the clock tower of Hogwarts, I made it on time. I was standing on the edge of the Forbidden Forest, looking around for Jack when a thought came to my mind. It's a trap! He's gonna trick me and show the whole school! My mouth dropped open and I started running back to the school when a hand wrapped around my wrist. The owner of the hand spun me around and there, Jack Frost, stood in front of me.

"Jack…" I gasped.

"Hey, Elsa," he greeted me. "I'm glad you came." He ran his fingers through his hair. It almost looked iridescent in the moonlight and dang did it look good. Wait, what?

"Yeah, well," I started. "Why did you want to see me anyways?"

"You know why," He answered me. "You frosted my cloak. I think that's grounds for a discussion." He laughed.

The color left my body. "Well, what's there to talk about? You're just gonna tell everyone!"

"What!" He asked, shocked. "You think I'm gonna tell on you! I'm not that low, Elsa. You don't want people to know, so I won't tell!" He snapped.

I looked at him, awestruck. "I- I'm sorry, I thought that you were- You were gonna," I began to apologize, but I didn't know what to say.

He sighed. "It's okay, Elsa. Besides, I- I want to show you something." He led me a few feet into the forest and, making sure there was nothing around us, pulled a twisted staff like branch of wood out of the hollow of a tree. "Please, don't freak out," He asked me. I nodded, getting nervous. He took his staff and spun it around in his hand and then planted the bottom of it onto the ground. At first, nothing happened…

But then, the flurries began…