"Must be nice."

Santana looked up from her paperwork to see Quinn stroll up and lean against the counter; she quirked her brow at Quinn's tone, "What?"

"Being able to randomly take a vacation..just out of the blue." Quinn smirked causing Santana to roll her eyes, "Must be awesome."

She knew Quinn was just messing with her, but she did feel a little guilty about leaving on such short notice. Still, this was important, "Yeah, know I wouldn't leave if it wasn't an emergency. She really needs this, Q. I've never seen her so..out of it." Then she said a little softer, "I'm worried about her."

"I know, I know. God, I'm so not used to seeing you like this." Quinn replied sympathetically, "Any idea what's going on?"

"No. That's what bothers me the most. Britt's so easy to read, you know? She's nothing like me so this, whatever it is, bothers me."

"I'm sure it isn't anything too crazy. Don't worry." Quinn told her comfortingly, "Where do you plan on taking her anyway?"

"I'm still working on that." Santana answered, eyes subtly cast out the bay window towards Pierces' Petals, "She likes the beach, her family used to go all the time when she was younger. I'm thinking about taking her there, I just need to see about renting a beach house."

"And now I hate you." Quinn feigned a frown, "That sounds like so much fun! I'm jealous."

"Like always," Santana teased then nodded over to their new cake decorator, "At least I'm not leaving you with a complete moron."

The two stood side by side and watched the newbie work comfortably in her new setting. Although she had only been with them for a day, Santana could tell she made the right choice. Customers already loved her kindness but her designs were what really grabbed people's attention. Santana could tell that she wasn't just polite and respectful, there was a sassy side to her and that showed in her creations which fit perfectly in their dynamic. Quinn was the more traditional, delicate designs, Santana was more contemporary, and with her talent, the shop became so much more diverse.

"Yeah, she's good." Quinn agreed, "She fits right in here. I was nervous at first about training, but she's a quick learner."

"We definitely hit the jackpot with this one. I'm going to check on her and after that, I'm going to head across the street. I need to ask Susan something." Santana told Quinn. She then started to make her way over to the new girl, "So, you feel pretty comfortable with everything?"

Mercedes looked up from her dummy cake and nodded, "I might need one more walk through of where everything is, but I'm fine. I've got to tell you though, I've interviewed at a few places before here and you've got the cleanest place out of all of them. You're so organized."

Santana just smirked, "You're already hired, no need to suck up to me anymore. Come on, I'll show you around."

Mercedes laughed at that and followed after her for one last tour.


At Pierces' Petals, Santana was surprised to find Brittany was nowhere in sight. Although it was a good thing that she wasn't around since Santana was really there to talk with Susan, it just made her worry more.

"Hi dear!" Susan greeted cheerfully as she always did.

"Hey Mrs. P." Santana smiled back, "How are you doing?"

"Just fine," She said easily, her hands never stopping from her task of picking away wilted petals, "If you're looking for Brittany, you just missed her."

"She's working today?" Santana questioned trying not to sound too surprised even though she was.

"Yeah, she just left for a delivery." Susan nodded then peeked up from her roses, "I hear you two are taking a little vacation."

She didn't know what it was about Susan's comment that made Santana blush, but her cheeks flushed a little at her words, "Yeah, just a weekend thing. I don't want to be away from the shop too long." Santana swallowed dryly at her sudden nervousness and started to fiddle with her fingers, "That's actually why I stopped by.."

"You need help with your shop?" Susan looked up, "I've got to warn you, my decorating skills are quite rusty."

"No, no not that. I've got it covered." Santana quickly cut in, smiling a little at the look of relief on Susan's face and also at the fact that Susan was willing to help her out anyway, "I was thinking of taking Britt down to the beach. She told me how you guys used to go a lot when she was younger and, I don't know, it sounded relaxing."

"Oh yes, she loved it there! The girl's a natural island child."

Santana's smile grew picturing a younger Brittany splashing in the surf and building sand castles, completely at peace and having fun, "I wanted to rent one of the houses down there, just for the weekend, I was wondering if you had any recommendations? At first, I was thinking of renting out the same one you guys would back then but I'm sure the price to accommodate a family of four is way out of my budget. I've never really done this before, so I'm a little lost. I guess I could've gone to Sugar first? Sugar might be able to get me a good deal, but I know she's swamped after the wedding. I don't want to bug her." Santana felt herself starting to ramble and looked up to see Susan smiling at her softly, "Sorry."

"Nothing to be sorry for, dear, you're in luck!" Susan replied as she set down her sheers and stepped around the counter, "I have a friend that likes to rent out a few houses down there, Diane. I know just the house too! It's cozy, Brittany always used to point it out on the drive through. Want me give Diane a call and see if it's open?"

"You'd do that?" Santana asked astonished. She wasn't used to the motherly type being, well, so motherly. Susan had always been kind to Santana though, even before things started to get serious with Brittany. Still, the Pierce's kindness was something she didn't think she'd ever get truly used to.

"Of course, why not?" Susan answered already thumbing through her phone's call list, "You make my Brittany very happy, it's the least I can do."

Santana blushed again at Susan's words again, "Thank you so much."

"Nonsense." Susan chuckled as she held the phone to her ear, "This'll be good for Brittany. She seems so distracted lately, I don't understand. I thought she'd be happy about the big news and all."

Santana's brows furrowed, "Big news?"

"My retirement?" Susan offered hesitantly, "Did she not tell you about that?"

Santana shook her head; Brittany hadn't really been talking to her lately about anything that dealt with her work. Suddenly, things started to make sense.

Susan frowned too, but just as she was about to say something, a smile brightened her face, "Diane! Hey doll, how are you?" Susan gave Santana a wink and a thumbs up as Diane answered.

While they were talking, Santana looked around the shop, admiring the arrangements, wondering which Brittany's were and which were Susan's. Santana could tell the difference almost immediately and smiled because of it. Here was a physical interpretation of Brittany's personality made of rich yellow sunflowers varying in size and height, so cheerful and bright. She loved that she could tell the difference because it meant Brittany was unique, not that Santana needed to look at a bunch of flowers to know that, but she hoped the customers loved it too.

Santana knew the uniqueness was something that she didn't know if Brittany embraced while she was working. Really, she didn't know much about Brittany when it came to work. She knew she was hardworking and diligent and that sometimes she'd have to wake up early in the morning to take inventory. She knew about Brittany's bookcase, how the titles ranged from Disney stories to complex subjects Santana would get confused just at looking at, and that Brittany loved to read and sometimes she'd read at work too. She knew Brittany sometimes had bad days but more often than not, her days at work were great. She knew Brittany loved her job.

She knew that maybe someday Brittany would inherit the shop; it made sense because it's been family owned and operated for more than thirty years. She just didn't know that it would be so soon. Susan looked good for her age, whatever that age may be, but the retirement was a surprise.

Santana began to wonder what was going through Brittany's head this whole time. This had to be the reason why she was always so quick to change the subject when it came to work or spending more time apartment hunting. Was she not ready to take on the business? Was she afraid? Was she nervous? Questions ran through Santana's head over and over, filling her thoughts that Susan had to physically touch her to break the trance.

"Sorry," Santana sighed, shaking her head as she turned to face Susan, "Good news?"

"It's up for grabs!" Susan cheered, "I'll write down her number for you so you two can be in contact if you have any questions, but it's all yours if you want it. She's giving you a nice discount too."

"Oh Mrs.P, she doesn't have to do all that." Santana told her, she didn't want to take advantage of their generosity.

"It's no problem, she owes me a favor anyway." Susan winked and handed over the piece of paper with Diane's number on it, "You girls have a good time, okay? You both work too hard; it'll be nice to have a break."

Santana held the paper with two hands and felt so overwhelmed with happiness, how did she become so lucky to have such a sweet girlfriend who had an even sweeter family? She smiled back at Susan and nodded, "Thank you for this."

Susan smiled too, the wrinkles at the corners of her eyes scrunching, as she reached for a hug, "You're welcome, dear."


" am I supposed to pack accordingly if you won't tell me where we're going?" Brittany feigned a pout, deviating from her dresser to the bed where Santana had been supervising.

"I already told you what you should bring," Santana told her, watching the smirk form as Brittany straddled her thighs.

"Yeah but something you can get wet in? Santana, that could be anything."

Santana kept her breathing even, not wanting to give Brittany the upper hand, and ran her hands along the blonde's waist, "I know what you're doing."

"And what's that?" Brittany husked, leaning in to press wet kisses against Santana's neck.

Santana gulped, she was sure Brittany could feel it too, but she stayed her ground, "You're trying to distract me with sweet lady kisses so I-" Santana had to bite her lip at how good Brittany's hands felt running up her sides, but she quickly leaned away, giving the blonde a glare, "So I tell you where we're going but it won't work."

"You're very serious about this whole surprise thing, huh?" Brittany giggled, pulling her hands away too.

"You were too, you know, once upon a time." Santana smiled and dropped her hands to pat at Brittany's ass, "Come on, let's finish this. It's starting to get late."

"Okay, okay." Brittany sighed and slid off of Santana's lap to fold one of her sundresses, "So bathing suits, dresses, and floppy hats; that narrows the places we could be going by a lot. There has to be some type of body of water around?"

"Or a really nice jaccuzi?" Santana smirked, watching Brittany's jaw drop in awe, "Or maybe a water park?"

"Possibilities are endless," Brittany mumbled, clearly in deep thought, then turned to Santana, "You're good at this."

"I try," Santana winked. She just loved that Brittany was being her usual, excited self again. She thought about what Susan said about her retirement, but decided that Brittany obviously wasn't ready to talk about it, for whatever reason, so she wasn't going to bring it up. This trip was going to be about them and relaxing, not work. Maybe it'll come up, maybe not, but either way Santana wasn't going to force it out of Brittany. So she brushed off the thought and went back to watching Brittany sift through her closet, "You're still cool with driving your truck there, right? You have more space in yours."

"Depends.." Brittany hummed as she slowly turned to Santana with a sly grin, "Where's there?"

"Britt." Santana said sternly though the smile she wore softened the blow.

Brittany just giggled again, "Yeah, I'm cool with it. Although, and not trying to ruffle your cute feathers again, I have no idea where I'd be driving if I wasn't allowed to know where I'm going."

"I can drive." Santana shrugged nonchalantly causing Brittany's brows to rise and her whole body turn towards Santana, "What?"

"You'll drive my truck?"

"Uh yes, is there something wrong with that?" Santana huffed, straightening up to look a little taller. She knew exactly where this conversation was headed, short joke central.

"No, babe, there's nothing wrong with that." Brittany smiled sweetly and walked over to place a placating kiss to Santana's tough girl frown.

"You're not even that much taller than me," Santana muttered causing Brittany to stifle a laugh, "It's like what? A couple inches? That's nothing, I got high heels taller than that. Besides, I've driven your truck before."

"You did? When?" Brittany gasped, "Where was I?"

"In the passenger seat," Santana smirked, "Very intoxicated."

"Ohhh.." She blushed, "No wonder I don't remember."


With the anticipation of their wondrous weekend away, Santana and Brittany's Friday work shift went by excruciatingly slow. At times it felt like time stood still and others felt like it even went back a little. It was complete torture for the both of them; the struggle to stay busy and concentrate battling their excitement was rough. Eventually, after what felt like years, they each finally finished.

Brittany was first, giving Santana enough time to load up her truck with the things that were on the list she wrote for her so she wouldn't forget. By the time Brittany was finished, Santana was already on her way home to get changed and soon Brittany would come over.

They were both eager to get the show on the road, but Santana's excitement gave Brittany's a run for her money. They both loved a good surprise, but this one made Santana squirm with delight. She couldn't wait to see Brittany's face when she saw where they were staying. Each time Brittany tried to trick Santana into telling, the brunette got a little closer to giving in. They needed to get on the road soon before Santana really caved.

"Well don't you look vacation ready," Santana grinned as she met Brittany out front of her apartment. The blonde waved back cutely, clad in cut off jean shorts, flip flops, and a loose purple tank top.

Brittany leaned in for a quick kiss, tilting up the bill of her trucker hat so it wouldn't jab Santana in the forehead as she reached for Santana's bags, "Hey baby. Let me get those for you."

Santana smiled adoringly after Brittany, watching how her shoulder blades moved as she lifted the bags into the back through the window and secured everything in place so it wouldn't jostle about during the drive. Santana pressed her hand at the small of Brittany's back in passing, "Thank you. I'm going to get adjusted up front."

Brittany swallowed thickly, eyes following after Santana unsure if her little gesture was meant to be a cute fleeting thing or something entirely different. Either way, Brittany's cheeks flushed and it wasn't because of the summer heat. After Brittany finished loading everything up, she walked around to the passenger side and hopped in. She glanced to her left and grinned at the sight of Santana adjusting her mirrors looking so tiny behind the wheel.

"I think I've got an extra pillow in the back for you to sit on." Brittany teased as she buckled in.

Santana just slipped on her aviators and smirked, "No thanks, it won't be that long of a drive."

Brittany only laughed at Santana's ability to roll with the punches and reached over to crank the music. When Santana shifted out of park, their weekend getaway officially began.


The drive was a little longer than Santana anticipated, a good two hours, but neither of the two minded. Santana tried coaxing Brittany to take a nap, but the blonde's excitement was uncontainable so instead they sang along to the radio together and let the cool wind ruffle their hair. Santana loved seeing her girl so relaxed already, so happy that she seemed to glow in the dying sun's rays.

Once they got a little closer to their destination, Santana pulled into the parking lot of the closest Winn-Dixie. Brittany looked back and forth from the grocery store to Santana with a crinkle in her brow.

"This was the secret?" Brittany asked as they hopped out of the Jeep. She waited until Santana was at her side, her hand finding hers, "You are good at this, I had no idea."

"Britt." Santana giggled, curling her free hand around Brittany's forearm as they walked towards the entrance, "This is definitely not your secret."


"We're close though," Santana assured her, "We just need to pick up a few things to eat while we're there."

"Hmm, I already had a little something in mind." Brittany whispered teasingly, letting her lips linger near Santana's ear, before heading off to get a shopping cart.

Santana just shook her head and tried to fight off the blush that crept to her cheeks.

After about thirty minutes of strategic meal planning on Santana's behalf, their shopping cart was filled with burger fixings, fresh fruit, pancake mix, a half gallon of milk, two bottles of their favorite wine, some orange juice and a few other items Brittany snuck in for snacking. Brittany tried her hardest to figure out what kind of place didn't come stock with their own food, but eventually gave up and let Santana continue to tease her with this secret destination. Once everything was bagged up and paid for, the two headed back to the truck to get packed up and back on the road.

"This looks really familiar." Brittany mumbled, eyes cast out the window as Santana turned down a winding road. The signs, the style of houses and beautiful landscaping all had Brittany double taking, "Like really, really familiar."

"Oh yeah?" Santana smirked, trying to keep her own excitement down to a minimal in hopes that she wouldn't spoil the surprise. She only had to hold out a few more minutes; that was nothing!

"Yeah," Brittany breathed out still looking at her surroundings until things began to click. The smell of the air was different, saltier even, it was all too familiar.

Just as Santana pulled into the drive way, Brittany's eyes went wide, "We're here!"

"Oh my God, Santana!" Brittany shrieked, eyes flickering from her girlfriend's smiley face to the house in front of them, the same exact house she remembered pining over when she was younger. She remembered how she'd always point it out to the rest of her family as they traveled a little further up the street to the bigger homes. The green and purple walls and the lone little palm tree always grabbed her attention and she knew that every time she passed the cozy house they were close. She'd tell Sam how she was going to take her family there one day because it was the coolest little house on the street, but Sam thought she was silly to think a whole family could stay there when it was so small.

Still, she never lost hope that maybe one day. Apparently, that day had come.

"Do you like it?" Santana asked a bit bashfully as she turned off the engine and turned to Brittany who was practically speechless, "I know you and your family used to come here for vacations and you love the beach, so I thought it would be nice to-"

"Come here." Brittany grinned but was the first to lean over the middle console, her hands cupping Santana's cheeks as she pressed their lips together.

Santana could feel the smile against her lips with each soft peck, "So you do like it?"

"Babe, I love it." Brittany sighed, staring back at Santana dreamily, "I love you."

"I love you too." Santana grinned happily, "Let's get inside, check things out."

Brittany just shook her head in disbelief, the smile never leaving her lips; how could she be so lucky to love someone so perfect?

With their arms loaded with as many grocery bags as they could carry, they climbed the short steps with Santana leading the way. Once she was able to get the door unlocked, Santana nudged it open, amazed by how spacious it actually was. From the outside, it looked like a quaint home but here she was standing in the roomy living area. Even with the couch and the few shelves housing decorative maritime remnants, the space still felt really open.

"Oh San, this is so nice!" Brittany sighed, looking around the room then to the floor, "This is real timber flooring, San, real!"

Santana giggled at her girlfriend's excitement as she walked through to the kitchen, "I see, B. Come in here so you can set those bags down."

"I'm coming." Brittany told her as she slowly made her way to Santana, checking out all the decorations as she went. She had always loved the look of the house from the outside and she only had her imagination when it came to knowing what it looked like on the inside, but now that she sees for real nothing can compare.

It was a straight shot to the kitchen from the living room, Brittany automatically loved the open concept and the timber kitchen counters that complimented the flooring. But as Brittany walked further into the kitchen, the matching floors and counters were soon forgotten as she took in the view through the glass doors that led out onto the deck.

Santana had to even stop with putting away the groceries to see what Brittany was so captivated by. Together, they walked the short distance to the doors and stared in awe. It was a beautiful deck, the timber matching that of the rest of the house flooring and a cute patio set they could already picture themselves lounging at in the morning or late at night, but the view is what held their attention.

Deep blue water reflected the setting sun, soaking in shades of orange and yellow and casting them back up into the darkening sky. The warmth of the colors eased Santana and Brittany's tensed muscles, softening them as they continued to stare in wonder. Tall sand dunes flanked their yard, acting as privacy fences from the neighboring houses, so they felt that the view was just for them, the rest of the world long forgotten.

"Come on." Santana said softly, unlocking the glass door and reached back for Brittany's hand.

The sound of waves crashing and the whistle of the ocean air instantly clouded their senses. They could smell the saltiness of the sea, the sand which was cool enough to walk on now that the sun wasn't beating down on it, and faintness scent of suntan lotion but that could've been a figment of their imagination.

"Wow, look at that." Brittany smiled, tightening her hold on Santana's hand.

"Yeah, I've never seen anything like it." Santana told her and pushed up to kiss Brittany's cheek, "Thank you."

Brittany chuckled at that and turned to look at her, "For what?"

"I don't know," Santana shrugged her nose scrunching cutely, "Coming up with the idea of coming out here this weekend?"

"Well technically I didn't come up with it.." Brittany smirked, turning to Santana and wrapping her arms around her. She leaned in and kissed her softly, letting her hands smooth over perfect curves, "This is an awesome surprise. Thank you."

Santana just ducked her head bashfully, tucking a few stray hairs behind her ear cutely.

Brittany's heart swelled at seeing her girlfriend look so adorable and gave her hand a tug, "Come on, let's get the rest of the stuff out of the truck. I want to check out the rest of the house."

"Alright, let's go." Santana nodded and headed inside first, "We need to start on dinner too, are you hungry?"

"Always." Brittany pouted as she followed Santana in, shutting the door behind them, "I saw a grill out there, maybe we can cook up those burgers? Hey, wait a sec- How did you know there was going to be a grill?"

Santana didn't get why she suddenly felt a little guilty, it wasn't like she was hiding something from Brittany, then again she hasn't really told Brittany that Susan told her about the retirement and that happened when Santana went over to talk to Susan when Brittany wasn't there and Brittany doesn't know about that either, so she could blame everything on coincidence but is there such a thing as too coincidental? But it's not like Brittany asked how she knew that this was the house so special to her growing up.

Santana shook her head, she was over thinking this thing way too much, "It's a beach house rental, don't they all have grills?"

Brittany looked satisfied with the answer and shrugged, "I guess that makes sense. The one my dad rented had the biggest grill ever."

After getting everything inside, Santana went to get dinner started while Brittany did a little unpacking. It was only two days' worth of clothes, so Brittany was finished within ten minutes and headed for the kitchen to see if Santana needed help.

"Britt, do you see a light switch out here? I can't find one." Santana called from the deck, eyes all squinted as she searched around in the dark.

Brittany smirked and flicked the switch on the other side of the wall, illuminating Santana in yellow light, "Better?"

Santana just rolled her eyes playfully and walked back inside, palming Brittany's ass as she passed, "Can you start up the grill for me?"

Brittany gulped at the touch, it was the same feeling she had earlier when she was loading the truck and it was driving her nuts, but in the best way possible. She licked her lips and nodded, eyes lingering on Santana as she walked away, "Sure thing."

Brittany got the grill going in no time thanks to it being propane; if it were charcoal, she would've been there forever. It was relaxing being out on the deck waiting on Santana to bring the burgers; just cool enough out to where she didn't need to go hunting for a sweatshirt and they were just far enough from the city lights so they could actually see stars. She didn't want to sound cheesy, but the sound of the ocean and the shine of the stars? So romantic.

"You ready for me?"

Brittany jumped at Santana's voice but quickly melted when she turned to see her holding a plate with a couple patties and a smirk that could kill. Brittany just rolled her eyes and shook her head, never getting enough of Santana's cute teasing.

"Go ahead," Brittany nodded to the grill as she reached for the tongs that hung on the side, "Careful though, it's super hot." She watched as Santana slowly slid the burgers on the grill, the sizzling sound filling their ears followed by the mouthwatering scent of grill seasonings. They could feel their tummies grumbling just at the smell. Brittany poked at the burgers to make sure they weren't sticking then sat down at the small patio set.

"Will you watch them?" Santana asked as she picked up the dirty plate. Brittany nodded and pinched the tongs together for emphasis, "I'm going to clean up a little in there."

That made Brittany pout a little and straighten up in her seat, "Noo, do that later. Come sit out here with me, it's such a nice night and you've been so busy since we got here."

Santana let out a deep sigh and dropped her shoulders, she was so defenseless when it came to the pout, but if she didn't clean up now she never will. Still, Brittany looked all kinds of adorable sitting there in the moonlight with the glow of the grill and deck lights illuminating her. So Santana leaned down for a kiss, holding the plate away from Brittany so it wouldn't drip on her, "Let me at least put this up?"

"Mm-mm." Brittany reached her free had around Santana's waist, her fingertips edging towards her ass, "Stay."

"Babe." Santana giggled, swatting at Brittany's wandering hand, "I'll come right back, promise."

It was Brittany's turn to sigh and drop her hand completely, "Okay, fine."

Santana gave her one last fleeting kiss before scurrying inside.

Alone again, Brittany couldn't help but think. Physically, being there was a getaway but mentally? She couldn't run from her thoughts; she could distract herself with pretty green houses and breathtaking views of the ocean and a loving girlfriend, but she could never truly be free from those thoughts. All her obligations and worries, they'd never go away no matter how busy she tried to be.

"Okay B, I am all yours." Santana grinned as she walked back onto the deck holding two glasses and one of the bottles of wine they picked up earlier, "Want some wine?"

Upon seeing Santana, Brittany's thoughts quickly vanished at least for the time being. For now, she was going to enjoy the rest of the evening with her girl and a glass of wine.

Santana set the glasses and bottle down before pushing her chair close enough to Brittany that their ankles brushed. Even the tiniest bit of touching warmed their bodies so it only made sense to get closer. Brittany set the tongs down and reached for the bottle, pouring a good amount into each glass, while Santana rested back in her chair and kept her hand palm up on the table, waiting for Brittany to hold it.

The awesome thing about their handedness; they could hold hands and still be able to use their dominate ones for important wine drinking.

"You're right, Britt, it's really nice out here."

"Right? Just think of how it'll be tomorrow! I can't wait to go swimming and feel the sand between my toes, it's been so long." Brittany grinned, her excitement contagious as she got up to flip the burgers.

Santana stayed seated and couldn't help but look Brittany up and down, after all, that was her line of sight with the sudden height difference, "You know what? I've never see you in a bathing suit.."

"Honey, you've seen me naked. I don't think it gets any better than that."

"That's..that's very true." Santana chuckled and took another sip of her wine, "You've never seen me in a bathing suit either."

Brittany looked over her shoulder at the sudden change in Santana's tone, it was more seductive and when she looked Santana winked, "You're right, I haven't.."

Santana laughed her dirtiest laugh and ran her foot along the inside of Brittany's leg, "I'm excited."

Brittany swallowed dryly again, heat spreading throughout her whole body. Santana was going to kill her with all this teasing, but what a sweet death that would be. Her movements were still a little sluggish though with the way Santana was running her foot up and down Brittany's leg, Brittany couldn't help but spazz a little when she moved a little higher than her knee, "Burgers! Th-they're done. Are you hungry? I'm so hungry."

Santana just smiled devilishly as she stood up, "I'll go grab the fixings."

It didn't take them long to finish up dinner and clean up what little dishes they had in the sink, but by the time they were done, it was well past ten. Their bodies felt sluggish and it grew harder to keep their eyes open, but something in them refused to crawl into bed and recharge. The wine didn't help either, but neither were ready to give the bottle up and instead it accompanied them to their bedroom. Both were already giddy on the wine; Brittany doing silly little dance moves as she wandered about the room while Santana sat herself down in the arm chair in the corner of the room giggling.

"Careful, babe, don't spill it." Santana warned between her laughter causing Brittany's eyes to widen and clutched the nearly empty glass close to her chest. She loved seeing Brittany like this; so carefree and a little tipsy, bathed in moonlight streaming in from the windows. She was a goddess and Santana was so in love.

Brittany continued to dance until the wine was gone. With a look down at her empty glass and a pout, Brittany set it down on the dresser and almost started dancing again when she caught Santana staring at her. The look was pure seduction; deep brown eyes dark with lust, smooth caramel legs crossed tight at the knees, thighs Brittany wished were pressed against her ears right about now.

Brittany gulped, heat rushing throughout her whole body while Santana downed the rest of her glass and set it down on the night stand. She licked her lips slowly and Brittany watched in a daze, her heart beating loudly.

Then Santana lifted her finger, beckoning Brittany closer, a smirk pulling at her lips. The blonde, of course, followed effortlessly, drawn to Santana like a bee to honey. Once Brittany was close enough, Santana uncrossed her legs and Brittany moved to stand between them without being told to. Brittany grinned cutely; cheeks a light flush either from the wine or from Santana or maybe a mixture of the two, but Santana just stared up at her, eyes still filled with lust, and tapped her lips with her finger.

Brittany didn't have to be told twice and leaned in for a kiss, her hands gripping the armrests of Santana's chair tightly. Santana had a little less restraint and snuck her hands up the sides of Brittany's tank top, loving the feel of soft skin against the palms of her hands. She could feel Brittany's muscles twitching the higher she pushed the material of her shirt up until it was bunched above her breasts.

When Brittany felt Santana's ankles hook around her calves, she teetered against the chair causing her to flex her arms to keep balanced. She could feel Santana's smirk against her lips at the movement and her hands smooth around to palm her chest. Brittany groaned a little at the feel, arousal already pooling between her legs.

"That feels awesome." Brittany mumbled, pulling away from Santana's already swollen lips to catch her breath.

Santana strained to kiss at Brittany's long neck, trying to get her lips on any expanse of skin she could reach. She was making her feel so good and that coupled with the effects of the wine did wonders. Santana just loved knowing that she knew how to make Brittany feel good. She was glad that she knew where to kiss and where to touch that made Brittany's back arch and toes curl. She was also glad Brittany knew how to work her up too, sometimes even without knowing she was doing it.

There was something about Brittany taking charge that really got her hot and bothered, so when Brittany's restraint finally broke, Santana was more than ready. Brittany's hands slid off the armrests and onto Santana's thighs as she went back to kissing her lips, switching from nipping at her bottom lip and delving her tongue into her mouth. She moved slowly but with purpose so there wasn't much Santana could complain about, especially when Brittany was kissing her so deeply.

With Brittany being hunched over like she was with Santana still sitting down, her back already began to ache but in the opposite way she was wanting. So she moved her hands from massaging at Santana's thighs a little higher to her hips while she kissed her way to Santana's jaw instead.

Santana knew the move well and curled her arms around Brittany's neck, arching her body up towards the blonde as Brittany got a good hold on her and lifted Santana up. Their bodies pressed flush together, Santana's center hitting Brittany's stomach causing a jolt of pleasure shooting through the both of them.

"Oh God." Santana breathed out, her voice already hoarse as she griped Brittany's shoulders and let the blonde continue to suck at her neck. She dug her fingers at the base of Brittany's skull, tugging on long blonde hair until Brittany had to pull away. Santana bit her lip at the sight of hooded blue eyes and pink lips, "Lay me down, baby."

Brittany swallowed dryly at the command and did as she was told, lowering Santana onto the king sized bed slowly. She settled between her legs, Santana's center still pressed warmly against Brittany's abdomen. She swore she could even feel how wet Santana was, even with the layers of clothes she still had on. Thinking about it only turned her on even more.

Santana, on the other hand, didn't want to think about what was probably beneath the clothes, she wanted to know now. Warm hands dived under Brittany's shirt again, it had fallen back down in the walk over to the bed, and tugged on it, "I want this off."

Brittany just quirked her brow and smirked at the command, not making a move to do as she was told. Instead, she played with the button on Santana's shorts, switching from looking at her fingers to watching Santana stare. Licking her lips, Brittany locked eyes on Santana, "These go first."

Santana bit her lip at the sexiness of Brittany's tone, "Go ahead."

With the okay, Brittany began taking of Santana's shorts, the tightness making it hard to tug them down. Eventually they were on the floor along Santana's soaked panties and even in the dark room, Brittany could see her glistening. She crawled back on the bed and settled back into her spot, hands already softly caressing the insides of Santana's thighs and placing soft kisses to each side. Santana was struggling not to squirm around too much, but Brittany was making her feel so good she was beginning to lose control.

"Babe.." Santana whimpered at a particularly close kiss against her thigh causing Brittany to look up at her innocently. It was one of her favorite sights; seeing Brittany between her legs like that, eyes skirting up her torso and looking right at her, long pale fingers clutching caramel thighs. Santana loved it, couldn't get enough of it, and the anticipation was killing her.

Brittany got that much in the way she moaned and quickly sat up much to Santana's disappointment. She quickly whipped off her tank top and tossed it in the direction of Santana's forgotten shorts along with her bra before sinking back down.

"You ready for me?" Brittany asked, smirking as she repeated Santana's teasing line from earlier. As soon as she saw the nod, she dived in. First, with soft kisses, working Santana up even more than she already was, savoring her taste and Santana's sexy little sounds. She loved the feel of her on her lips, the soft skin, the taste of her arousal, the warmth. When she felt Santana's fingers thread through her hair, she began with long strokes of her tongue, slipping through her wetness and occasionally pressing against her opening, loving the high pitched whine she'd get when she did.

"Brittany!" She moaned a little louder, voice gravely with want, and arched her back.

Brittany grabbed Santana's hips, holding her in place as she sped up her strokes and sucked on her clit. Santana was trying her hardest to take control, to press further against Brittany's talented tongue, to get as close to her as she could, but Brittany kept her hold on her. Santana thrashed about, squeezing her legs together at a hard thrust of Brittany's tongue, muffling her moans against Brittany's ears. Brittany didn't need to hear though, she could feel the vibrations of Santana's sexy whines all throughout her body and it only turned her on more. Brittany kept to her task though, no matter how bad she wanted to get herself off with the image of Santana writhing in pleasure because of her.

"Oh fuck, I-I'm-" Santana stammered, body already beginning to tense with the inevitable shock of pleasure. That only made Brittany work harder, moving a hand away from holding Santana down to thrust two fingers deep inside of her. Santana's insides clamped down immediately, making it hard for Brittany to pump back and forth no matter how wet she was.

Still, Brittany kept her fingers curled inside of her and sucked at Santana's clit, "Come for me, baby. Come on." Brittany husked, staring up at Santana's quivering body and tensed jaw. That was all it took to have Santana crumbling down. Her body stiffened in a tight arch, thighs squeezing against Brittany's head, as she came.

When Santana's body finally fell limply back on the bed, chest rising and falling rapidly, Brittany crawled up and smiled triumphantly, "Should I grab your inhaler?"

"Shut..up." Santana smirked, still trying to catch her breath. Brittany just giggled cutely and kissed at Santana's chin, pushing away sweaty hair that clung to her forehead. Santana only tilted her head and tried to fight the sudden sleepiness, "I'm going to do you next. I just..I need to catch my breath."

That made Brittany laugh even harder and curl her arm around Santana's waist, "Okay."

"Don't laugh at me, I am!" Santana pouted, rolling onto her side to get a better look at the blonde, "I'm going to do you so good. Watch, Britt. You'll be the one needing an inhaler."

"Can't wait, baby." Brittany continued to snicker even as Santana's eyes began to close. She didn't mind, really, Santana had put all this together. She took time out of her busy schedule and made time for Brittany because she knew something was off and she'd do anything to make Brittany better. She didn't pressure her to tell her what was going on, she just cleared her schedule and took her away for the weekend. She took her to the beach, her favorite beach, and rented her favorite house all for her so if it meant getting the girl version of blue balls that was okay. Besides, making Santana feel good made Brittany feel good and what's better than that? Tomorrow they'd spend their day in the water and lying in the sand and getting tan. Then they'd come back and cleaned up and maybe make love in the shower because that's them, they can't get enough of each other. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

Brittany managed to tug the sheets out from under Santana's sleepy body and crawled back in bed, curling around her girlfriend for much needed rest. The warmth of Santana's sated body and the coolness of the sheets against her skin with the sound of waves crashing lulled her to sleep easily.