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So I thought of a new story literally the day I came back to work after vacation and I couldn't help but feel so many emotions when thinking of the scenes. Granted, the color and details are so much more vivid and I know for a fact I'm not talented enough to accurately describe everything, but I don't want these thoughts haunting my mind long enough until they dust and disappear. So I thought it best to do my best and see where it goes.

Unlike my other story where I give you the music hits of my playlists, for this story, I'll give you the latest anime (or other—you never know) pics that are swimming the interwebs! For this first chapter, I decided to introduce the image we probably are VERY familiar with by now: (bit -.– ly - / - 1ux44ti). It saddens me that this series is almost ending ='[ but it will forever and always remain as a classic that taught me the best ethical lessons.

Anyway, please enjoy the story and if you enjoy this, perhaps you'll enjoy my other story Always a Sin. Thanks so much for reading, and please review!

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It has always been fairly easy to think a mistake can only be made once, after the first time is learned from. Suppose a mistake occurs so frequently that it's no longer viewed as a mistake, but a habit?

Suppose that habit becomes such a characteristic that it becomes a problem?

And suppose that problem persists until it becomes a disease?

Then suppose that disease weakens you so much that it becomes terminal?

Suppose love isn't any different…