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Shadowed Waters

July 7, X777

The sun was shining that day as a small girl with long wavy dirty blonde hair that reflected the morning light stretched and yawned soundlessly. She rubbed her stormy grey eyes and looked around in confusion. This was not the cozy underwater cavern she shared with her dragon-mother Vaelle; it was far too bright. She reached out her hands and concentrated but she could not feel the give and pull of the ocean. Her lower lip trembled and she opened her mouth but no sound came out. She pushed herself to her feet and stumbled. The little girl wasn't used to putting that much weight on her slender legs. She felt a heavy weight around her waist and looked down. A belt of shining cyan scales held her frock of woven kelp in place and a conch shell hung off her left hip. Her lips parted and a stab of fear shot through her and she fumbled for the shell. She blew into it and the blast echoed across. She started walking, blowing into her shell as tears rolled down her face. She didn't know how long it was until she found the elderly couple that took her in. They noticed immediately she could not hear their calls and took her into their small cottage. She sobbed silently in the elderly woman's arms and the man tilted her chin up and said, "What is your name child? And where is your mother?"

Her eyes watered and her hands moved slowly. The woman shook her head. "The girl cannot speak. Do you think she can spell?"

"I don't know. There's a mage in town who knows sign language." The mage was summoned and sat with the little girl for five minutes before stalking over to the couple. "The girl is an imbecile or a liar. She claims she was raised by a dragon and lived in the ocean."

The couple frowned but the woman asked, "Did you get her name?"

"Nellie Barlow."

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