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November 25, X784

Natsu came thundering up the stairs with a blue cat flying next to him. "Who do I need to meet?!"

Gajeel smirked. "Use your nose Salamander."

Juvia rolled her eyes. "Good luck Nellie." The water mage passed Wendy, Lucy and Carla on the stairs. "Wendy there's someone who'd like to meet you."

Wendy and Lucy came up the front steps to see Natsu sniffing a small blonde girl with a long braid. She had her eyes squeezed shut and Gajeel rolled his eyes when he exclaimed, "She kinda smells like Wendy! Only less like clean air and more like the sea."

Wendy caught the scent he was talking about and was intrigued. "Are you a dragon slayer?"

When she didn't answer, Gajeel said, "She can't hear you. She uses sign language. I don't know it so I gave her some paper."

Lucy reached out and gently touched the girl's cheek. She started and Lucy smiled sympathetically at her. "Hi there. I'm Lucy."

She timidly moved her fingers and the Exceed that was hovering next to Lily said, "Her name is Nellie. I'm Willa."

Wendy smiled shyly at her and Nellie offered her own timid smile in return. "What's your element Nellie?" asked Carla curiously. The young dragon slayer blushed. Water. I didn't master all of the skills my mother taught me, but I'm still practicing.

Wendy looked delighted. "Me too! I'm not very good yet and most of the advanced spells are out of range."

Most of the advanced water spells are healing and scrying.

Natsu's nose wrinkled. "What's skyping?" he asked as Wendy asked, "Healing is an advanced skill for you?"

"She said scrying Natsu, not skyping," said Lucy, rolling her eyes. "And it's using water to see people who are too far away to contact by lacrima." Nellie giggled at Natsu's confused look and signed to Wendy, Yes healing's an advanced skill. Vaelle said it's because Water healing is used only for the most fatal wounds because Sky magic is so complete. The only spells worth knowing were for wounds that are so severe they are beyond even Sky magic.

Wendy looked surprised. "Did you say Vaelle?" That caught Natsu and Gajeel's attention too. Nellie gave her new friend a quizzical look. Yes. She's my dragon-mother.

"Grandine had mentioned her in my lessons. She was supposed to be greatly renowned among the dragons." Natsu scratched his head. "I remember Igneel saying something about an Empress Vaelle."

Nellie looked surprised when even Gajeel slowly added, "Metalicana said something about her being some big deal healer. One of his wings ached when it rained and he'd rant about being an idiot to not accept her help a long time ago."

Nellie blinked several times before answering, I didn't know my mother was such a big deal.

Lucy smiled. "Well, it sounds like she didn't make it a big deal when she was raising you. That sort of implies she was modest."

Nellie smiled. She liked Lucy. Wendy renewed Juvia's invitation to eat with them and the girls went downstairs. Levy and Lisanna had joined Juvia and they all spent time asking Nellie questions, such as where in Fiore she was from, and where she'd been living after X777. Eventually, Cana and Evergreen wandered over and soon Erza and Bisca began asking as well. All the questions were beginning to overwhelm poor Nellie. She couldn't watch everyone's lips at once.

"Alright everyone give the poor dear a break! Poor Nellie looks so confused," scolded Mira from the bar. Evergreen rolled her eyes. "Alright, alright. We'll give the poor girl a break!"

After a minute or two, Levy, Lucy, and Juvia were the only ones still seated while Erza hovered over them.

Wendy smiled at her friend and asked, "So Nellie. Now that you've met us, what are you going to do?" Nellie thought for a moment. I don't know. I might stay a while. Fairy Tail is a fun place once you get used to it and you're really nice Wendy. She smiled sheepishly. I don't have many friends my age.

Wendy giggled and they chatted a few more minutes before Natsu skidded to halt before their table. "Oi, Nellie! You're a dragon slayer! Let's see what you've got!"

Nellie looked very confused and Lucy bristled. "Don't you dare, Natsu! She isn't going to get into one of your stupid brawls!"

Natsu, however, wasn't listening. "Prepare yourself Nellie Barlow!" And hurled a fire ball at her face.

Nellie ducked under the table as Levy and Lucy shrieked and jumped out of the way. She heard something sizzle and saw Juvia putting the fire out with her arm, which had turned to water!

Nellie grinned and crawled along the table as Erza began to beat Natsu up for attacking her. She picked up an abandoned glass of water and manipulated it so that it hovered directly over Natsu's now spinning head. He gasped and spluttered when she let it drop and Gajeel roared with laughter as he looked wildly around for the culprit. He spotted her under the table and lunged for her. She squealed when he caught her and gave her a noogie. "Nice shot kid but I'm a lot stronger than you!"

Wendy ran over and started pulling on his arm. "Natsu, let go!"

"Yeah Salamander. How tough do you have to be to beat up on a little girl?" That sparked off one of their arguments and Wendy was able to pull her friend outside. They grinned at each other and Carla and Willa joined them. "You know Nellie, I'm curious about your skills too," admitted the Sky maiden. "How do you use your magic?"

Nellie brightened and pulled Wendy toward the beach. When they reached the water, Nellie swept one arm in a wide arc. Sea water leapt up in a stream and swirled around the blonde. She separated the water into two streams and made them whip at leaves that blew in the wind. Wendy watched in fascination when the leaves fluttered to the ground either cut cleanly in half or with small holes drilled through the exact middle. When her eyes returned to Nellie, the young water slayer had waded into the water and was making circular motions with her hands. The water swirled around her in a whirlpool and Nellie slapped the water smartly to make it part briefly. Then it flowed back in and raised the girl into the air, water swirling around her, making it look like she was half a whirlpool.

Wendy, Carla and Willa clapped eagerly and though Nellie couldn't hear it, she felt warm. She let the water flow down, creating a slide and went down, coming to stop at Wendy's feet, giggling and completely out of breath. Wendy reached down and helped her up. "That was great Nellie!" She hesitated and then asked, "Can you do a roar? Natsu, Gajeel and I can all roar."

In response, Nellie turned toward a large rock and took a deep breath. Then water blasted through the air and sliced off the top of the rock. Wendy cheered and threw her arms around Nellie. "That was great! You're really strong Nellie!"

"How did you get so powerful child?" asked Carla, who was also impressed.

I've practiced hard. And I used my magic regularly on Grandpa's farm. Carla turned to Wendy. "You could be just as powerful as Nellie if you tried harder Wendy! Look how far she's come!" Wendy grinned sheepishly. "Well, I just think we've employed our time differently."

Nellie smiled. Yes I agree. I'm an awful healer. Look. She showed Wendy and small burn scar on her elbow. About a year ago, I got too close to Grandma's stove and burned myself. I tried to heal it with tap water but it didn't really work. The stinging went away immediately but it still scarred.

Wendy nodded. "That's actually really good. It took me forever to learn how to heal burns." Something lit up her eyes and she suddenly cried, "I have an idea!"

Nellie cocked her head slightly and Wendy continued, "I can teach you how to heal and you can teach me to fight!"

Both girls found this prospect exciting until Carla gently reminded them of one very important fact. "Girls there might be a problem. Nellie's style of magic is largely based on her inability to speak her spells. Teaching you to use the same type of magic would mean going back to the extreme basics for you Wendy."

"And Wendy's healing is Sky magic," added Willa. "Wouldn't Water magic's version be more difficult? Besides, the basic spells for water healing have been lost for a long time, haven't they?"

The girls sighed and a moment later, Nellie ventured, I could still help you train Wendy. Just fighting someone a little more your level than Natsu or Gajeel would help you improve.

Wendy smiled again, cheered. "You're right! And I can still show you how my healing works. You can study it and see if you can find any similarities between it and Water magic."

The girls grinned and hugged before wandering around the beach. When the sun started to set, Wendy and Carla brought Nellie and Willa to Fairy Hills and they had a sleepover. Erza and Juvia both checked on them and Levy actually joined them for bit before both girls finally fell asleep.

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