"You couldn't have hit me at a better time Stiles, really. His eyes were all red and his fangs were out; I think he was really going to give me the bite. Turn me into one of those things and try and control me like he did Scott." Going back to the memories in the car rose the hair on my arms. I guess it's only right before you 'die' you realise how much you've got to lose. I wasn't ready for it, and the prospect of dying was just too much.

"I can't find it anywhere. Call it again!" Scott sped into his room like a tornado, looking through an assortment of papers on his beside table in search for his phone. It'd gone missing since Derek had gone missing and Scott was dissolving into a panic.

"So you lost your phone? Why don't you just buy a new one?"

"He can't afford a new one!" I chuckled, hearing Scott say those same words from under the bed. "Besides, I can't do this alone. We need to find Derek."

To say I was less than happy about this new change of heart in Scott would be an understatement. I didn't want to see Derek anytime soon if I could help it. Things wold just be too awkward after the kiss, and I didn't want to read into the situation more than I already had. "Okay a) you're not alone. You have me! And Leah! And b) didn't you say Derek walked into gunfire? He sounds pretty dead.."

I didn't voice how much that possibility upset me.

"Wasn't the Argent's plan to use Derek to get to Peter? They won't kill him." I tried to make it sound like I was sure of the fact as I said it.

"Alright, so then, just let them do what they're planning. You know? They use Derek to get Peter, problem solved."

But what would happen to Derek when Peter was out of the way? I doubted that Kate the physco was just going to let him go, and she wanted to know who the second beta was too. She wasn't going to give up her only tie to finding Scott without a fight.

"Not if Peter is going after Allison to find Derek!" Everything always came back to Allison didn't it? I loved the girl and I wanted Scott to be happy, but it irked me that his driving reason for everything he did was to keep Allison safe. "I can't protect her on my own." I made eye contact with Stiles across from me, who just made a face like he was sick of hearing about her. I sort of was too. "Which means we need to find Derek first. Just-just help me." Scott moaned finally, throwing a plastic basketball at Stiles that bounced off his head comedically.

"You probably lost it when you two were fighting." Stiles puffed out exasperatedly, throwing the ball in my direction. "Remember that, when he was trying to kill you? After you interrupted him trying to kill Jackson? Are you starting to see a pattern of violent behaviour here?"

Apparently after I left the Hale house, Derek lured Jackson to the back there and was planning to kill him. Sure, he found out about Scott and was giving him an ultimatum and a deadline, but killing him wasn't the way to go. His parents were some of the richest people in town and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they would go to hell and back to find out what had happened to him if he turned up dead. And with Derek technically still being on the run for attacking the school, all traces would lead back to him.

"He wasn't going to kill anyone. And I'm not letting him die."

"Could you at least think about letting him die? For me?" Stiles was greeted with yet another ball to the head.

Being a Friday, it was time to tutor Kara. The girl was crazy talented, and great to talk to, but having to tutor someone whilst juggling your werewolf brother, hyperactive best friends and possible werewolf lover was a task and I still had to make a trip to Macy's at some point in the day to go and get an outfit for the dance, seeing as though I was a chaperone.

"Hey Ms McCall?"

"I told you to call me Leah! But what's up?"

"Sorry!" She giggled, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear in an extremely familiar gesture. "Do you think we could have these during the day? Like our sessions I mean? It's just- it is a Friday afternoon and I wanted to go to the movies with this guy I like. And I'm sure you have better things to do with your afternoon than sit here and listen to me butcher the classics."

"You are doing extremely well, despite what you think." It's like an early Christmas present. Now, I can partake in the daily craziness that has become my life and not have to worry about blowing Kara off in the process. "Moving our sessions sounds like a great idea. We'll talk more about it in class on Monday but for now, run on home and get ready for that date."

We both went our separate ways, and I sped to Macy's to make it before the place closed for the day. Taking two stairs at a time on the escalator I reach the top in no time and want to drop dead at who I see. Peter holds a tasteful dress to Allison's front, leaning back in admiration. "Oh my god! Leah, hi!"

No turning back now. "Hey Allison! How are you doing?" I pull her in for a tight hug, and glare at Peter over her shoulder. Doesn't get anywhere with me and instead goes right to Allison. He must be desperate. "Looking for a dress for the formal? I love that colour on you, it does wonders for your skin tone."

"Yeah, he picked it out for me. I'm sorry- I never caught your name."

"Attention shoppers: the owner of a blue Mazda, license plate-"

"Oh, shit! That's my car! It was nice seeing you Leah." Allison runs off quickly, pulling her keys from her bag as she jogs.

"You're going to have to try harder than that Peter."

"You clean up well, little brother."

Watching Scott fumble around awkwardly, trying to get ready, was the highlight of my Saturday. From what I'd heard, Scott had a giant hole in the back of his pants and mom had had to sew it up. Irregardless, the suit fit his form well, and him having buttoned up the jacket gave him a nice, polished look. "You don't look so bad yourself."

"What, in this old thing? Come on, let's go. Before mom pulls out the camera."

When we got to the school, it was surprisingly well done up. My last memories of the gym were of snarling fangs and blood red eyes, but you could hardly look at the set-up and think it was the same place. Lace drapes hung from the ceiling, round tables illuminated the dance floor and were covered with half-empty cups and napkins, glittery light fixtures dangled and cut through the overwhelming pink and purple colour scheme, and a single disco ball spun to the beat of the funky pop music blasting through the speakers.

I could see Jackson pouring liquid from a flask into Danny's cup from my spot against the wall, and I had to sneak silently over there to berate them for it. "Sorry boys, but I'm going to have to take that from you. Unless-" I questioned, holding out my cup. Jackson reluctantly poured some what looked like vodka into my cup and slipped the flask back into his inside jacket pocket. I bowed my head in thanks. "Why thank you kind sir. I hope I don't have to remind you how this could've gone if it'd been another teacher that caught you. Skedaddle kids, and try and keep it on the dl."

Danny stayed behind and nudged me in my ribs. "You know, if coach had caught us he would've done exactly the same thing." Danny and I had become quick friends after he'd helped us trace that text message back to my mom's computer. He was funny, charismatic, very attractive, and very gay. Regardless, he was a joy to talk to, and I found myself looking for his company after lacrosse practice or during free periods.

"Well yeah, but Jackson doesn't have to know that?"

He chuckled and gave my outfit a once-over. "You look fantastic, if you don't mind me saying."

"Thanks Danny."

We talked and made jokes for a while, the dance relatively calm around us. Across the gym I can see Stiles and Lydia dancing and having a good time and I smile. After how many years and he is finally making his move, or at least getting on the road to making his move. It makes me happy to see him happy.

But then, I hear Coach Linstock yelling out Scott's name and see him push through the crowd, chasing after my brother. Coach is darting in between gyrating students and Scott is trying to hide behind the lace curtains and failing miserably since you can almost see straight through them. Suddenly, Scott came running over to Danny, bouncing anxiously.

"Danny! Dance with me!"

"What? No." Danny looks curiously to me and I shrug my shoulders. Scott just keep pleading with Danny until he pulls him up and wraps his arms around his neck. It's a funny sight really. Allison ever comes over to stand with me and we watch in utter delirium as coach stumbles over and starts stuttering when he sees Scott dancing with Danny. He lets whatever he was chasing Scott for go, and Scott immediately takes Allison's hand and leads her to the dance floor. Danny's unsuspecting date comes back with another drink for Danny and I take that as my cue to leave. All the people coupling around me, I needed to escape.

It was a relatively warm night. There were a few stragglers outside the front of the school, chatting away or dry-humping off to the side somewhere, but they all seemed to retreat back inside the second I stepped out. The music was still blaring from inside, a slow song, and I could imagine Scott finally telling Allison how he felt about her, and Stiles and Lydia swaying awkwardly to the music, Stiles' excitement getting the best of him. For the first time in a while, I felt good. We might not know where Derek is, and there was always the impending threat of Peter and Kate, but I turned and looked back at the school with fondness.

"A good night."

Wow. Chloroform smells awful.

When I came to, I was in a damp, dimly lit room. It smelt like earth and mould, and there was something cold and rigid keeping me upright despite how weak and drained I felt. When I tired to move my arms and legs, I found them to be restricted with handcuffs. The more I pulled and tugged, the deeper the metal cut into my wrists.

I was coherent and aware, but the utter fatigue in my neck and head stopped my from lifting my head and opening my eyes.

"You already know who the second beta is, why bring her here?"

"By now, Allison should already know about little Scotty and his… affliction. He's got nowhere left to turn and if he wants Allison, he's going to have to lead us to the Alpha. What better way to coax him into it than to hold his big sister hostage?" I would recognise that voice anywhere; Kate. And she knew about Scott. I didn't know what Kate, or Chris for that matter, had done to reveal himself to Allison but I knew better than anyone that he'd do almost anything to have her. It wasn't looking good for me.

"So I can kill her and Scott can find his sister's dead body, or you can tell me who he is." I definitely wasn't looking good for me.

"Don't hurt her Kate." Derek panted. He seemed… distressed. Which wasn't the first emotion I'd pick Derek to have when it came to me.

"Tick, tock, tick, tock." Kate's voice cackled delightedly and her heels clacked and echoed until I couldn't hear them anymore.

"You can stop pretending you're still out now. She's gone."

I look up through my hair and see Derek. His arms are shackled above his head in thick handcuffs, and then chained to a heavy metal gate. He's shirtless, showing off his toned chest and stomach, and he's glistening with sweat, the light shining above us accentuating his physique even more. Is this a dream? I then remember the handcuffs digging into my wrists and the headache and the extreme pain I'm in and I immediately know this is no dream.

More like a nightmare.

I try and struggle against the handcuffs, shaking and rattling and pulling as best I can with my hands secured behind me, but the cuffs dig into me and rub off a few layers of skin, leaving the remains raw and burning with pain.

"If I can't get out of them what makes you think you can?"

"Now is seriously not the time." I grumbled, shaking the cuffs in defiance. "Where are we?"

"A cellar under my house." He replied shortly.

I sit back into the chair, my resolve disappearing. There's no way I'm going to get out of here alive. Kate said it herself: either Scott will lead them to Peter, by then I'll already be dead, or Derek will tell her and they'll all be dead. "I don't get it. You essentially say you want nothing to do with me and then tell Kate not to hurt me." A question that I've been contemplating since the kiss comes to mind and I blurt it out without thinking. "Did you mean any of it? Before? Or was it just to get closer to Scott?"

Derek lifted his head and rested it back against the metal bars, exhaling loudly. "It was all a lie."