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"Two to beam up now Scotty!"

"Aye Aye Captain! Energizing you and Mr. Spock!"

Scotty stood in front of the transporter pad and watched as two shimmer forms began to appear.

One was the Captain's, but the other's was too small to be any of the ship's officers. The littler form turned out to be a pile of clothes that was being moved about by some unseen force.

Jim had barely materialized before he was kneeling before the little moving bundle and clawing through the fabric.

"Spock! Can you hear me!? Spock!?"

Scotty rushed to his Captain's side and grabbed his shoulder roughly.

"By God, what happened Captain!?"

"The ambassador gave Spock a tonic as a parting gift after we formed the treaty. We scanned it! It was supposed to be fine! They made him drink it before he left and then he started to shrink! When I get my hands on them I'm gonna-"

"Waaa! Waaa!"

Jim pushed back a science blue top to reveal the source of the screeching.

Large watery chocolate brown eyes stared up at him from the face of the cutest baby Jim had ever seen, the adorable pointed ears included. The little thing was completely naked except for the top that covered his waist and Jim was stunned still at the sight.

"Spock?" He whispered tentatively.

The tiny baby paused at the calling of his name and stared up at Jim curiously. Then, like the sun peaking out from behind the clouds, Spock's face broke into a blinding smile.

His tiny hands stretched out to touch Jim's palm and he giggled at the contact.


Scotty unfroze before Jim did and ran to the nearest intercom.

"Scotty to the bridge. We have a situation in the transporter room, requesting Uhura, Dr. McCoy and Sulu immediately. You aren't going to believe this. Scotty out."

Jim sat down cross legged and placed Spock gently into his lap, careful not to jostle him as he wrapped him up in the science blue top. The infant cooed happily and snuggled against Jim's shirt when he was done.

Not even five minutes later the requested crewmembers had joined them, each shocked at the sight of Jim holding a Vulcan infant.

Their Captain rose as soon as they entered and began giving orders.

"Sulu I want you and a security team to head back down to the planet and find out exactly what was in the drink the natives gave Spock, Bones I want you to take Spock to sickbay and scan him for any immediate danger and Uhura I want you to look into all the info we have about the Utylis. See if they've done this before."

Everyone stood still as stone and didn't react to their Captain's commands right away.

"Now!" Kirk ordered loudly, sending his officers scurrying about to obey his demands.

Dr. McCoy held out his arms for Spock and Jim reluctantly handed over the blue clothed bundle.

No sooner was Spock settled into Bones's arms than he was screaming bloody murder. Everyone in the room rushed to cover their ears from the high pitched wail that the young Vulcan emitted. Uhura was the first to react and quickly snatched Spock from McCoy's arms and thrust him back into Jim's. The moment Spock was once again in the Captain's arms his screeching ceased and he returned to his gentle cooing.

Silence hung in the air for a long moment before Bones spoke.

"What the Hell was that!?"

Uhura sighed and turned to glare at Jim.

"You let him touch you didn't you?"

Jim held Spock closer and nodded.

"Yeah, so?"

The communications officer rolled her eyes and sighed loudly.

"Vulcans are touch telepaths. They bond instantly with the first sentient life form they touch with a compatible mind. That tends to be their mother while they're still in the womb, but if a mother dies they pick the next available like-minded sentient being which, Lord help us all, happened to be you."

Jim looked down at the adorable cooing baby with a panicked look.

"You mean he thinks I'm his Mom!?"

Uhura rolled her eyes and shook her head no.

"He thinks you're his caretaker. He can sense you're a psi null and not related, but he won't accept anyone else as a parent until he's at least 6."

"He can't just turn it off or switch it to someone else? I mean, I can't raise him till he's 6!"

"Calm down Jim. We'll figure this out and get him back to normal. You just need to put up with it till then. You can handle a baby for a little while can't you?"

Spock yawned softly in Jim's arms and suckled on a corner of the top that covered him, looking innocent and adorable.

"Maybe?" Jim muttered, his tone as hopeful as it was questioning.

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