Here's a little outtake to a scene I started writing out, but eventually dropped from the story.

Jim was filling his bathtub with warm water for Spock's first non-washcloth bath when he took notice of his charge's frightened face. It didn't strike him as odd that Spock was afraid of the water, most toddlers probably were at first, but he couldn't have predicted Spock's reaction when he attempted to actually place him in the water. The green blooded infant shrieked in terror as his toes were dipped into the liquid and gripped Jim's wrists with all his strength. Only Jim's quick reaction kept him from dropping the tot at the bone crushing grasp and made him wrench the child from the water's touch. He was quick to deposit the Spock on the nearest pile of towels and examine his pained wrists.

Two tiny hand shaped bruises were already forming there and throbbing painfully from the child's touch. Spock crawled to his caretaker's side and gingerly reached out to stroke Jim's damaged flesh. He recoiled at the feel of pain radiating from Jim's skin, tears instantly swelling in his eyes for the first time in his life.

"Sowwy…." He muttered quietly, his little voice sounding so fragile and sorrowful for causing Jim pain.

Jim instantly forgot about his injuries and scooped Spock up into his arms.

"Don't cry Spock, please don't cry. It's okay sweetheart I'm fine, you didn't mean it"

The tears fell harder as Spock he tried to wiggle out of Jim's grasp.

"I hewrt you! I'm sowy! All my folt!" Jim held the two year old all the tighter and stroked his hair soothingly, making soft shushing noises.

Eventually the stream of tears trickled down to nothing and the Vulcan stilled in his arms. Spock laid his head into the crook of Jim's neck and sniffled pitifully.

"I Sowwy." He mumbled tiredly.

Jim shifted Spock to his hip and grabbed the nearest towel from the stack. He wrapped the tot up tight and brought him back into his room. They could do a washcloth bath in the morning before shift.

Spock let himself be dress in his nightgown like pajamas and laid out on top his bed without protest or tears. It wasn't until Spock was tucked away and dozing that Jim sat at his side and began explaining.

"You know you and I are different species Spock. I'm human and you're half human, half Vulcan. That's why we look different."

Spock awoke more at his words and looked up at Jim with wide and puffy eyes.

"Diffuent?" He questioned cutely.

"Different isn't bad Spock, it just means you're very special. A child of two worlds. You remember what I taught you about Vulcan right?"

Spock nodded solemnly in response.

"Well I may not be your parent by blood, but I care about you as much I would my own child Spock and I don't care that you're a different species. I thinks it's pretty awesome that you're so unique.

"Unique." Spock parroted back flawlessly with a shy grin.

He knew that word. It described the feeling he got around Jim.

That special feeling he got around no one else. The one he still lacked the word for.

One day soon though, he would learn the word.

The word for the feeling he'd felt since Jim had first held him in his arms.

The word Love.

Those of you that read the Author's note in the first chapter will remember that I promised a surprise at the end of this story.

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