Hi guys, it me again, with another challenge for you and your friends :)

So, directly to the point, this is a challenge about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Prototype crossover.

Differently from my last challenge, which it was massive and some people said that it would be an insane story if anyone did it, this one would (hopefully) be more easy to do, since it wouldn't have character of god-like power (mostly).

Okay, so, in my last challenge, i gave vague intructions of what i wanted, many people complained about that (and are still doing), my idea with that was to give anyone who took the challenge, space for their creativity to work at it's maximun, not hindering their ideas because of what i wanted to do.

But not this one, this one will still have some vague intructions, because of the same motive, but it'll be less.

So to the instructions:

1. Alex Mercer have to be on this one as a "grey" character, meaning a good person but that won't hesitate to mutilate you in the most brutal of ways if needed.

2. Alex is NOT the Dragonborn.

3. It must have all storylines, this includes: The Main storyline, The Companions storyline, The Thieves Guild storyline, The Mages storyline, The Dark Brotherhood storyline, All Holds storyline, The Dawnguard storyline, The Dragonborn storyline, etc.

4. The Daedra quests are a must.

5. Side quests are free for you to choose if you want to do any or mentioning them being done.

6. Pairings are free for you to choose, except Dragonborn/DovahkiinXAlex.

7. The story can be rated at your liking, be it K or M ( preferably M).

8. Companionship between Alex and the Dragonborn is acceptable, but not necessarily needed.

9. The restriction on the game Prototype, such as not being able to consume non-organic matter, is a NO.

10. Alex wanting to annihilate the Thamor would be good, independent of which side they take on the Civil War storyline.

Well guys, those are the instructions for this one, hope people like this one more than the last one, bye!