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Summary: Zoro has been gone for 2 years, because he went chasing his dreams: to become the world's greatest swordsman. He achieved it, but not many people know about that kind of thing. He told Luffy and the rest already, and he had just came back from his journey. In their crew, Sanji wasn't there, but during those two years Zoro wasn't there, he became a part of the Strawhats. What will become of Sanji and Zoro? OCC(ish) It will (later on) contain things like lemons, guyxguy, etc.

My First One Piece Fanfic, please don't hate, and maybe I'll actually finish this one. :D

The moment that he walked into the restaurant, the blonde waiter stopped dead in his tracks, gazing at the muscular, tanned body of a rather ruthless looking man. His face was one that would scare others away. He also had, what looked to be, 3 swords hanging from his hip. Sanji, being the good person he is, walked over to greet the new customer.

"Hello, table for one sir?" He got a better look at the man and realized that he had a deep scar on his left eye. Another thing that caught his attention was his hair, his bright green hair that only accented his dark gray orbs.

"Yeah," The man said, his voice causing Sanji to shiver. Sanji loved his voice, it was deep and husky, but still had a gruff noise to it.

"Right this way," Sanji said to the man and lead him to a table near the back. He sat down and removed his swords, leaning them against the table. Sanji placed down a menu for him to order. "I'm Sanji and I'll be your waiter for tonight. Please take your time and enjoy."

"Thanks," He said, and opened the menu, scanning over its contents. Sanji had to will himself to walk away from the man. Upon Sanji's observations, he was wearing a black beanie that showed a bit of his hair, ripped, and faded denim jeans, a thick, puffy, red jacket, and combat boots. He also noticed the 3 earrings that hung from his ear. He walked away to attend to other customers, 'I wonder if I made a good impression...No! No! I can't fall for someone like that..plus he's a guy and he doesn't seem fit at all!' Sanji thought as he attended the others with a smile on his face.

Zoro looked over the menu and realized that he didn't know what was good. The blonde waiter also seemed nice, so when he would come back, he would ask his opinion of what he should get. He also had to admit, he liked the way Sanji looked, and how he carried himself with light steps and elegance. 'God Zoro! Get it into your thick skull that he might not be interested in you!' Zoro thought as he put down the menu and waited for him to come back.

Sanji had come back to Zoro's table.

"May I offer you anything to drink?"

"I would like some water."

"And what would you like to eat?"

"I was wondering if I could get a recommendation from you, if that's fine."

"Y-yes! That's fine. I recommend the tilapia stew, it was caught this morning and looks good. Oh, and that's served with a couple of pieces of baguette. It should warm you up from the cold outside." Sanji said with excitement, since this was his passion, cooking. He got so caught up in what he was saying, that his voice got happier and he had a grin on his face.

Zoro chuckled. "Then I'll take that please." He said with a smile and handed the menu back to Sanji. Sanji on the other hand, was blushing as he heard Zoro chuckle and saw his smile.

"S-sorry about that..when I talk about food, I get so excited.." Sanji trailed off.

"And why is that?" Zoro asks him, curious.

"Well, I'm a chef, so it just makes me happy." He says with a grin.

"Hm..so you a chef here?"

"Yes!..although today since we're short on wait staff I'm working the front."

"Okay, then I'll leave it to you Sanji." Zoro says, grinning as he can't wait to try out what Sanji has picked for him, and warm himself up from the blizzard outside.

"Okay!" Sanji said happily as he took the menu and went to wait on others. His heart thumped in his chest hard, as he remembered Zoro's chuckle and smile. 'He remembered my name!...Oh shit! I forgot to ask his name!..But wouldn't that be rude of me to ask?' He thought to himself as he helped others and got Zoro's order into the kitchen. He then grabbed a glass and filled it with water, no ice, since it was cold outside. He briskly walked back to Zoro's table and placed the water down on the coaster. 'Now's my chance to ask for his name!' He thought to himself, blushing a light pink. "Here you are...um…I don't know your name?" Sanji said inquisitively to Zoro.

"Zoro….it's Zoro, and thank you, Sanji." Zoro said Sanji's voice so huskily, Sanji thought he would burst, he was already red up to his ears!

"Okay, and you're welcome...Zoro." Sanji said with a grin. He walked away quickly as his gut felt like bursting, with all the butterflies he felt flying around in there. Zoro's voice was so husky, it made him fall for him even harder.

Zoro had received his water and decided to tease Sanji a bit by saying his name seductively. He really liked the reaction he got from him, as it made him want to tease him more. He chuckled to himself as Sanji walked away from him, seeing him walk quickly. Zoro checked his phone, since everybody kept texting him now that he told them he was done traveling. Several texts were from Luffy, asking if he was already in town. Another few texts from Chopper, asking if he needed any treatment with any wounds he has. 'Oh…Nami texted me….That conniving witch! I owe her how much now?!' He thought as he looked at the text message in shock, he owed her 20 million beri! 'For heaven's sake! How much was interest for me to get that much?!' He thought angrily and slammed a fist on his table, "Fuck!" He scared the waiter, that he noticed was not Sanji, and so, the food that was in the bowl, was now all over his jacket.

"I am so sorry!" The waiter said in panic, as he grabbed the napkin on the table and started dabbing it onto Zoro's jacket.

"No, I'm sorry for scaring you, and not noticing you were. Here...Let me do it," Zoro says, calmly as he took the cloth napkin from the kid and started wiping it off. Luckily, he had a puffy jacket, so it was just hot. Just then, Sanji walked out of the kitchen and saw what happened. He quickly walked over to Zoro's table.

"God Louie! You shouldn't be spilling food onto others! Especially if it's hot!" Sanji reprimanded the teen and shooed him away to do other things. "Are you burned?" He asks, wondering if he had or not, thinking to get the first aid kit. "I'm terribly sorry, I'll get you another one and it's on the house, along with any dessert you would like. Again, I'm very sorry about that Zoro." He says, apologetically.

"I'm fine and it's fine, don't sweat it. I was the one who scared him...but I think this jacket won't last.." He says as he finishes getting off what he could and placed the napkin on the table, zipping out of the jacket. He slipped it off of his shoulders, revealing very toned muscles hidden underneath a long sleeved black shirt.

'Good God! He's soooo not fat at all! In fact, his body is like a god's!' Sanji thought to himself, blushing slightly. "Okay, since you say you're fine, I'll get another order for you and get you the dessert menu, to choose your free dessert." Sanji tells him, somewhat matter-of-factly and walks away from Zoro, not caring if he didn't want any. He goes to the kitchen to tell them to make another order, and to prioritize it, because of an accident, and then goes to get a dessert menu for Zoro to look at.

Zoro sighed as he slouched in his seat, all of those events, within 5 minutes, tired him out. 'Dumb Nami for doing that to me.' He was glad that none of the stew dropped onto his jeans or it would've been worse. He takes another gulp of his water and sees Sanji come back to him, placing a dessert menu on the table.

"Here you are, when you're ready to order, just tell me."

"Thank you"

Sanji smiles at Zoro's response and walks away from the table.

Zoro sighs as he takes a look at their dessert menu. He saw a variety of desserts, such as crème Brule, cheesecake, ice cream, etc. 'I guess I'll have the cheesecake..' He decides as he puts the menu down. He looks around to see other waiters and waitresses and spots Sanji ogling a pretty woman. 'So he goes that way…' He sighs as he waits for Sanji to come back.

Sanji comes back a few minutes later with his stew. "Do you know what you would like for your dessert now?"

Zoro was tempted to say you, but that wouldn't go well. "I'll have the cheesecake."

"Okay, and be careful, the stew is very hot." Sanji says as he placed it down onto the table in front of Zoro.

"Thanks." Zoro husky voice filled the air in between them, as he picks up his spoon to eat. Sanji nods and turns away, his face feeling hot as he blushed.

Zoro started eating the stew and it was delicious. He continued to eat until it was all gone, nothing left of the plate. He sighed in delight for the good meal. He then drank all of his water and saw Sanji coming to him from the corner of his eye.

"Was it good?" Sanji hesitantly asks as he re-fills Zoro's glass of water.

"It was delicious." Zoro says, grinning at Sanji.

"That's good, then you're dessert will be out shortly." Sanji tells him, grinning as well.

"Hmm. Okay." Zoro says as he watches Sanji go back to the kitchen.

After a while Sanji does indeed bring his cheesecake and leaves in a hurry, since others were calling to him. Zoro eats the dessert and was satisfied that it wasn't too sweet. He then rummages into his pockets for his wallet, along with a receipt that he doesn't use, and maybe something to write with. He sets the tip on the table and scrawls on the back of the receipt. He leaves the piece of receipt on top of the money and walks to the door. He was just about to open the door when he hears Sanji call out to him.

"If you're going to go outside in that, then at least take an umbrella with you," Sanji calls out as he walks over to him and hands him an umbrella.

"Isn't this yours?" Zoro questions, with an eyebrow raised.

"I feel bad that you are only in a long sleeve and jeans since your jacket was ruined, and I don't really need it today, since I have a thick jacket.." Sanji rambles.

Zoro chuckles.

"Okay, I'll take it, thanks." He leaves and uses the umbrella, thinking of Sanji as he tries to find his way home.

Sanji blushes and goes to Zoro's table to clean up when he sees the receipt. Written on it was:

Thanks for the meal love-cook.


Sanji's heart speeds up as he reads it and flips it over, seeing the address of a near by convenience store and the date of the purchase was today. He smiles then sees the cash underneath. He counts it and realizes that if Zoro had paid for the meal, it would be a pretty big tip. Sanji chuckles a little under his breath as he pockets the tip and the receipt. He takes the dishes to the kitchen, humming to himself along the way, feeling happy about that.

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