"Good evening listeners" Cecil said spinning around in his chair to look out the window
"last night perfect Carlos got a call from some one named Wade. Carlos has been mumbling 'how did he find here' and 'Dead pool' and the word shit over and over again. So I'm curious about this man, as Carlos wouldn't give me any sort of description other than insane. On an unrelated note school is cancelled due to children eating wheat and wheat by products and are currently being quarantined. The sheriff's secret police have told me to remind you street cleaning day is coming up. Stay indoors. Lock your doors and wait for the sheriffs secret police to leave a white rose on your door step." Cecil looks over at the office door to see Carlos panting holding the door shut "he's here" the scientist says and sits against the wall. "Well, listeners I have just been informed, by my perfect Carlos, this mysterious Wade has arrived here in Night Vale. I can see a figure walking towards my office door, they are turning the doorknob and the door is opening. OH MY GLOW CLOUD. The figure is tall, he's neither thin nor fat, he has perfect tanned skin, has hazel eyes and chestnut hair and teeth like a military cemetery. This is Wade. Carlos just nodded. Wade carries twin katana blades on his back and several pouches on his belt along with several knives." Cecil looked between Wade and Carlos. Wade spoke up and loud enough so you could hear it over the radio "So this is NightVale" he looked around the room "Quiet an interesting place, do you guys get double gangers here?" he sat in a chair that was against the wall and put his feet up on Cecils desk with a thud. "Yes we do, are you looking for yours?" Cecil asked smiling at Wade who smiled back. "That I am, uhhh what's your name?" "Cecil" "Well Cecil my doppelganger is supposed to meet me here, he more than likely be dressed in head to toe in red and black spandex that includes a mask, he'll have two swords on his back and lots of guns on him." Wade said. Cecil nodded "Well listeners if you see someone fitting that description point him in our direction. So wade where are you from?" Cecil asked as Carlos finally calmed down. "Canada, I think" Wade replied and looked at the door studying it. "Wade is now staring at the door like he's trying to burn it down" Cecil announced as intern Dana came in dragging a Red man behind her. "And now the weather" Cecil said turning off the mike and putting on Iron Man by Black Sabbath. Wade lunged at Deadpool a sword coming out of his hand and went though his gut. Dana moved out of the way as the two went to the floor wrestling and one of them teleported and they disappeared from the office. Carlos let out a sigh of relief " thank heavens he didn't rember I owe him money." Cecil turned the mike back on " Everyone you can stop looking for a man in red as he was just here and Wade attacked him and they disappeared in thin air. So the moral of this is never make your doppelganger mad. It appears Wade had swords built in his hands and his counterpart left a symbol on my door. It is a red circle with a red line down the middle with black filing in the gaps and two white circles inside the blackā€¦

Goodnight NightVale, Goodnight."