I quickly grab what I can out of my closet, stuffing my clothes into a bag, preparing to go with Anthony. As soon as he comes, we will run away together and no one will stop us.

"So it's true," Judge Turpin says, entering my room. I spin around, trying to hide my bag.

"Sir, a gentleman knocks before entering a lady's room," I say.

"Indeed he does, but I see no lady," he responds. He starts walking towards me, very quiet. He is so quiet, that I begin to question my safety at the moment. "I told myself the sailor was lying… I told myself this was a cruel fiction… That my Johanna would never betray me. Never hurt me so." He steps towards me again, more threateningly.

"Sir… I will leave this place," I warn.

"I think that only appropriate. Since you no longer find my company to your liking, Madam, we shall provide you with new lodgings," he says. He gets much too close for my liking, but I don't turn away. I can't. Not this close to getting away. "Until this moment I have spared the rod… And the ungrateful child has broken my heart. Now you will learn discipline…" I see the Beadle come to the door. Inside, I begin to panic. "When you have learned to appreciate what you have, perhaps we shall meet again. Until then… think on your sins." He nods to the Beadle, who, then, jumps forward and attacks me, pulling me out of the room. I fight back with everything I have. Every ounce of anger and sadness and desperation I have kept pent up inside of me, I pour it out, trying so hard to hold onto that little thread of hope I had left, but to no avail. The Beadle throws me into a hansom cab. I look down the street, and see Anthony. I bite the Beadle's hand, and he recoils.

"Anthony!" I scream. "Help!" The Beadle claps his hand over my mouth, pushing me into the cab.

"Johanna!" he yells back. The door slams shut, and I watch him through the window. He yells something to Turpin, then runs after me. The Beadle pulls me away from the window, making me wonder what's happening.

"You won't get away with this," I say to the Beadle.

"Oh, Johanna, we already have," he says.

"At least tell me where I am going!" I demand.

"Alright, I see no harm in that. You're going to Fogg's Asylum," he replies. I gasp, leaning back into the seat. No. This will not happen. Not if I have anything to say about it. I kick the door, and it flies open. I jump out.

"Help! Please!" I scream into the night. The only person out is the old beggar woman. Desperate, I run to her, hoping she can help me somehow. "Please, Ma'am, you've got to help me!" I beg.

"Mischief," she whispers.

"Yes!" I cry. "Please, help me!" I grab onto her arm, and she looks up at me. For a moment, I feel like I've seen her before. The Beadle is about to catch up to me, I hear his heavy footsteps.

"Johanna," she whispers. I cock my head, wondering how she knows my name. For a moment, she snaps out of her deranged attitude, and throws me behind her as the Beadle approaches. He tries to strike her down with his cane, but she throws her hand up, catching it. "I'll not let you hurt her," she says dangerously. I look at her, confused.

"I know you from somewhere," I whisper. The Beadle grabs her around the waist, and throws her to the ground. Suddenly, I realize how I know her. She's my mother. "Mum!" I yell, as he grabs me. "No! Stop, please! That's my mother! Stop!" I elbow him, making him drop me and letting me run to her unconscious form. "Mum..." I pull her hair to the side, seeing her face. I know this is my mother, and that Judge Turpin lied to me. Tears stream down my face. Please, don't be dead! I beg, silently. I sit on the ground, pulling her body up onto my lap. "He lied to me," I whisper. Suddenly, my sorrow turns into a boiling anger, coming from deep inside of me. "And he will pay for it." The Beadle grabs me, pulling me away from her, and back to the cab. Right as the door closes, she wakes.

"Johanna!" she yells. As we go back around the corner, she looks deranged again. "Mischief!" she calls out. "Mischief! Mischief!" I rest my head against the side of the cab, and fall asleep.