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"President Eos, you're on," a cameraman informs me.

"Hello, Capitol, and welcome to the revealing of the twist!" I say, excitedly drumming my fingers on the podium. "But first, the man who made it all come true!" I gesture towards a tall, blond man: Gamemaker Jaycrel.

"Thank you, ma'am," he says politely. I flick my long black hair away from my eyes as he continues.

"The twist for this game is that when a tribute dies, our scientists will revive them and put them in a small stone arena where they fight to the death. Whoever wins will go back into the games for a second chance. They will only have a second chance once. After that, once they're killed, they're dead."

I smile as Jaycrel warps up his description. These games will be longer than usual. And bloodier. The cameraman cuts off the tape and I walk to my room, ready to take a long rest.

Down the hall, I see a man in black, waiting at my door. When I get closer, he says, ''President Eos, I'm here to escort you to the reaping recaps." I smile, having forgotten that part.

"Of course," I say. As I walk towards the recap room, I wonder what type of tributes will be in the games.

Yay! This is just the twist so that people submitting tributes can read this. The form is on my profile, btw. :D And, yes, it was very short, but that's only because it's the twist, and you can't add much more detail than the twist itself. So yeah, plz plz plz submit tributes!