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A Week later…

Serena and Mina walked up to a very tall building with two tough military looking men standing by the glass door and then stepped in the way, halting them in their path.

"Stop. Do you two have an appointment, or a work ID?" Mina dug into her Gucci handbag and pulled out an ID and handed it to the guard.

"I think this speaks for itself boys" She says. The two guards peered down on it and then stood up straight.

"Sorry we didn't recognize you Miss. Hunter. You and your guest may pass." Then they parted like the red sea and Mina confidently walked passed them and Serena scurried behind her. Once then were inside, one of the guard spoke out. "Did you see that shy girl? She is one beautiful lady." His partner looked at him and then said.

"Yeah she is and Miss Hunter is one sexy woman." The first guard nodded in agreement.

"Very true"

~R; R~

Serena looked around her surroundings in awe. She saw people walking quickly to point A to point B, and the front desk people were busy answering phones calls. Serena looked up and saw people on the upper levels walking in and out of rooms and none of these people looked like they were lazing around wasting time.

"My brother is very strict with the rules and people not doing their work." Serena looked at Mina as she pressed the elevator button to go up. Mina looked at her and smiled, "If people are not doing their jobs then the people we are protecting won't be protected." The elevator dinged and opened and Mina stepped in and Serena followed. Once closed Mina grab her ID card slid her card and typed her pass word and the elevator started to move up.

"This is impressive. How long has your family been in this business?" Mina leans on the railings.

"My brother started this company about 5 to 6 years ago", she cleared her throat to continue. "Our parents died on a hunting accident" Serena looked down and cleared her throat at the confession.

"I'm sorry I asked Mina. It must have been hard for you and your brother all these years huh?" They were quiet for a moment then Mina spoke.

"It has been a long time since then Serena. Trust me. Is it sad, yes? But life's goes and we have to go along with it." Mina looked at her reflection on the elevators doors, "But it is worse when all of your family members are all gone and you are the only one left." Mina's tone went from indifference to cold monotone. Serena frowns at that.

"Sound like you know it feels" Mina looked at her and falsely laughs.

"Um…no just talking out of my ass Serena. It just came to me." Mina laughs once more. Serena looked at her for a moment then laugh along with her.

"You are such an airhead Mina but what you said was true though, it could be worse though." Elevator dinged and opened and Mina stepped out and Serena followed out. It was the same situation she saw at the floor level. Mina grabbed her hand and led her to the end of the hall to an office door with the plaque that said 'CEO Jedrek Hunter'. Mina knock three times before a gruff voice sound through the door.

"Come in Mina." She opens the door and there sitting like a king in his castle was Jedrek Hunter or better known as Jedite. Serena couldn't turn her eyes away from this man who looked like he was hand carved by the gods themselves. When Jed stood he was about 6'4 foot tall to her 5'7 feet height. He had honey blond hair, blue eyes and could see the shape he was in, in his suit which she was not going to lie but he was in great shape. He started to walk towards them.

"Hello there Serena, I am Jedrek Hunter; Mina's older brother, pleased to meet you." He stretches out his hand for her to shake with. Once she placed her hand in his something happen.

She stood frozen

Serenity running in the forest in tears while her hands her on womb

Her eyes dilated

Jedite got her hand and pulled her towards him to stop her

Then she saw it

"Serenity please, let me get you somewhere safe, please!"

Parts of it

"Well, well, well. Looks like we caught some wolves, boss."

"Run Serenity run!"

"Capture her!"

"Don't let escape!"

"Ahh, AHH!" Serenity screamed as ran away from them, until she tripped; fall on her side of her hip.

Four men on top of her

"I am going to show you how a man should treat a woman"

"Arugh! She bit my tongue that bitch bit my tongue." Serenity was panting and then the leader screamed in anger "Pin her down I am going to tame this bitch!"

Whipping her with a whip

Serenity screaming as they all violated her repeatedly and Jed screamed in the background to stop.


Serena rolled her eyes to the back of her head and then fainted. Jed caught her in time before she dropped to the ground. Mina was at her side in seconds, patting her face lightly.

"Serena, Serena wake up. What's wrong?" Jed carried her to the couch in the room. He laid her down and walked to his intercom.

"Get me a glass of water."

"Right away sir." The secretary replied. Jed walked back to a panicking Mina.

"Don't worry Mina she's fine, she just fainted." He kneeled down next to her as she looked at him angrily.

"I know that you idiot. It is just that we don't know what caused it" She looked back at Serena and patted her face once more. Jed stayed quiet for a moment with his eyes closed as if he was listening.

"Her heart rate is normal and her breathing as well. She's fine." He stood up and walked back to his desk and picked up some books and a folder, "Mina I have what you wanted." Mina stood up and walked towards the desk and grabbed the books and places them in her bag as the door opens and placed the glass on his desk. Once the secretary left Mina sat down in the chair provided.

"Aren't you wondering as too why she fainted when she shook your hands Jed?" Mina wondered. Jed stood quiet.

"I want to know too Mina." He then looked at Serena, "She's waking up." Mina quickly stood up as Serena stirred in her slumber. She was by her side in a second.

"Serena are you alright? What happen?" Serena groans as she sat up and Jed handed her the glass of water to her.

"Here, drink this." Serena took a sip of it and then looked at them.

"What happen to me?" Mina looked at her funny.

"You fainted once you shook Jed's hand." Serena frowned. What caused her to faint in the first place?

"Do you remember Serena?" She shook her head.

"All I remember is hearing a gunshot." Mina looked shock; she lifted her head at Jed as he as well was in shock at that. Serena looked back and forth at them, "What? Did I say something bad?" She asked them. They shook their heads still looking at each other then Mina looked as Serena.

"No just wondering Sere, just wondering." Serena stood up feeling a bit lightheaded.

"Sorry I fainted Jedrek; you must think I am a werido huh?" Jed laughed.

"Well if that was you being an airhead then you got nothing on Mina." Mina elbowed him hard in the stomach and he grunted but did not double over.

"Don't mind him Serena. Let's go back to the dorm and do this another time." Jed grunted in agreement. Serena walked out the door and Mina followed but she stops at the door frame.

"You think Serena has Serenity's memories or they are the same person, Jed?" He was quiet once more, and then answered.

"I'm starting to think they are one in the same" She looked at him

"I thought as much." Then she was quiet; in thought. "How come when I hugged her a week ago she didn't react the way she did with you?" She asked. Jed kept quiet.

"I think it is because I was there that night; that horrible night. I think I have a deeper connection with than I thought." He walked back to his desk and sat in his seat. He picked up a document and without looking up he said to her, "Find out what you can from those books and papers," He then looked up. "We need to know more and be prepared, understand?" Mina nodded her head and left. Once alone he dropped the document and sat in thought.

"Who would have thought that I would be the one that triggers these horrible memories?"

~R; R~

Once they got to their dorm room, Serena went to bed and Mina followed her lead and went to her room. She locked her door in case Serenity wanted to go in her room. She grabbed the books Jed gave her and crack the book open.

"And now we figure out why Serenity was reborn." She said with determination.

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