Helen Keller once said, "The only thing worse than being blind is having sight, but no vision."

"Lopez... Pierce... in my office, NOW!" Assistant Director Sylvester yells down to the two agents currently enjoying their morning coffee with the rest of their team in the bullpen.

As the blonde and the brunette shoot questioning glances at each other, the rest of the team whispers amongst themselves, trying to decipher the rare appearance of their boss. Both women then slowly make their way upstairs towards the director's office. Once they finally arrive, the Latina agent steps aside to allow the Communications Liaison to enter first.

"Ladies..." Director Sylvester greets.

"Ma'am..." both women reply.

"I'm sure you're wondering why I've asked you both here," the older blonde begins. Both women slightly nod their heads, waiting for their boss to continue. "It has recently come to my attention that there may be something going on between the two of you… Care to explain?"

"I'm not sure what you're referring to, ma'am," Agent Santana Lopez states confusedly. Agent Brittany Pierce just shakes her head, feeling just as lost in this conversation.

"I've been hearing a lot of chatter about how close the two of you are," the director continues. "I can't say that I haven't noticed your close interactions as well. You both know that we have a very strict policy on fraternization."

"Ma'am, if I may..." the blonde states, asking for permission to continue. She receives a slight head nod from their boss. "I'm not sure what exactly it is that you've heard, but I assure you that nothing is going on between us. I'm very close to everyone on our team, but I will say that I am closest to Santana... I mean, Agent Lopez."

"Is this the case, Agent Lopez?" Director Sylvester asks the Latina, watching her carefully with her eyes.

"Yes ma'am... Agent Pierce and I are just friends," Santana clarifies, sounding slightly dejected to anyone who was really paying attention. "Best friends, actually..."

Director Sylvester takes a moment to study the faces of both women standing before her. After watching them intently, she finally says, "Okay... you can go."

The brunette and the blonde once again exchange confused looks. "That's it?" Santana cautiously asks.

"Yeah, no third degree or anything?" Brittany adds on.

"No," the older woman simply states. "You're two of my best agents in the BAU... I have no reason to believe you're being untruthful."

"Thank you, ma'am," both agents say in unison before quickly exiting the director's office.

As the two agents get further away from their director's office, they both breathe a sigh of relief.

"Whoa... that was intense," Brittany exclaims.

"I know right!" Santana responds back. "I mean, I know sometimes we're a little touchy feely, but no more than Puckerman and Fabray are."

"Those two are the worst!" Brittany playfully states. "All of their sexual innuendos... gross!"

"I'm surprised we haven't had to attend a sexual harassment workshop with all of the weird sexual tension they exude," Santana adds in.

"I mean, seriously... what would make anyone think that someone like you would remotely be interested in someone like me?" Brittany wonders out loud.

Santana looks a bit hurt by the blonde's off-handed comment. She knows that Brittany probably didn't mean anything bad by it, but still... hearing those actual words wasn't appealing. Perhaps because the Latina had a crush on the blonde... a secret crush, that is.

"Someone like me?" The profiler finally questions, halting her movements. Once the blonde doesn't feel the presence of her counterpart beside her, she stops as well.

"Well, yeah..." Brittany begins to say as she walks back towards Santana's stationary position. "I've seen the countless number of women that throw themselves at you and the tons of men that only end up disappointed once they realize that you have zero interest in them," she explains. "You're gorgeous, Santana. You're like a succulent filet mignon, while I on the other hand… I'm like spam that's still in the can."

Santana can't help the giggle that escapes from her lips that she was trying so hard to hold back. She also feels her heart flutter a little from the blonde's compliment.

"Hey!" Brittany says, slapping the Latina's arm whilst giggling to herself.

"C'mon... spam?! How can you expect me not to laugh," Santana replies incredulously. "You're far from some disguising canned meat, Britt; if anyone's a filet... it's you."

Brittany opens her mouth to interject, but doesn't get a chance to.

"I guess we should get to work," Santana says, quickly hoping to change the subject. "I've got a lot of reports to catch up on."

"Yeah... same here," the blonde replies, letting her co-worker's compliment hang in the air.

Santana then walks Brittany to her office before throwing her a 'see ya later' as she turned around to make her way to her desk downstairs in the bullpen.

"So... what was that all about?" Santana's partner Noah Puckerman asks.

"Sylvester asked us if we were 'involved'," Santana answers. "Apparently they have been some rumors going around."

"No shit..." Puckerman responds. "I'm surprised she hasn't dragged me and Quinn in there."

"That's what I said!" Santana exclaims. Both agents share a laugh. "Anyways, we told her that we were just friends and that was it."

"Are you okay?" Puckerman softly asks, knowing about his partner's 'secret' crush on the communications liaison.

"Yeah... I'm good," the Latina says as convincingly as possible. She was good at compartmentalizing... a great skill to possess in her line of work. "It's not like I was ever gonna act on it. Let's just get to work, okay?" Santana silently pleads.

"Yeah... okay," Puckerman concedes.

Several hours and a dozen of finished reports later, the profiling duo receives an unscheduled visit from their very vibrant co-worker.

"Hello, my Jewish Adonis!" Tech Analyst Quinn Fabray says to Puckerman.

"What's up, Baby Girl?" The male smugly replies back.

"Oh, nothing... just needed to escape my cave," Fabray flirtatiously says back. "Santana... can I just say that red is definitely a good color on you," she finishes with a wink.

"Ya know, Quinn... if you keep checking out the menu, eventually your gonna have to order something," the Latina playfully flirts back with a wink of her own.

"Whoa... am I interrupting something here?" Brittany's voice appears out of nowhere.

"Oh, hey Britt... I didn't see ya there," Santana nervously chuckles out.

"Damn, B... it was just getting good over here," Puckmerman whines.

"Aww... poor baby," Fabray teases him. "Don't you worry... after work, we'll go find you a fine piece of ass to take home."

"See... this is why I love you!" The Jewish man says as he gives Fabray a quick peck on the cheek. "Who else is in?"

"Watching Puck get shot down by lots of women... yeah, that sounds like fun," Santana cattily replies.

"Watch it, Lopez..." Puckerman warns. "I bet I'll get more numbers than you do."

"Oh, Puckerman... that's because you try entirely too hard," Santana retorts. "All I have to do is sit at the bar and ladies practically throw themselves at me," she states as she flutters her eyelashes at her partner.

Although Santana knew that she was fairly attractive - and that her previous comment wasn't far from the truth - she was more of a one-woman kind of girl. Sure, she could go home with a different chick every night like her partner sometimes did, but that wasn't her style. However, she knew how much her co-workers enjoyed her playful banter with the resident Casanova of the group. Plus, she appreciated Puck making a point to help her feel a little better about herself, given their present company.

"What's this about going out tonight?" Finn Hudson, the senior profiler of their group chimes in.

"Hudson, my man!" Puck says as he hi-fives the older man. "He's in... who else?"

"Well, that depends..." Dr. Artie Abrams, the youngest member of their group, quietly states in the background. "You guys aren't gonna be out super late, are you?"

"Don't worry, Boy Wonder... we'll get you home at a decent hour," Puckerman says as he puts the genius in a playful headlock. "You think Schue will come?"

"I'll ask him, but probably not," Hudson answers. "What about you, Blondie?"

"Uh, yeah... sure," Brittany hesitates. "I'll come out for a little bit. I guess I should head back up and finish my paperwork then," she says, using a similar excuse that the Latina did earlier.

"Then it's settled!" Puck exclaims.

Less than an hour later, the team is putting the finishing touches on their reports and packing up to enjoy their weekend. As the rest of the gang head towards the elevator, Santana pops her head into Brittany's office to check on her progress.

"Are you ready to go?" The profiler asks.

"Just about," the blonde replies. "You don't have to wait for me though... I'll just meet you guys there."

"Are you sure? I don't mind waiting," Santana insists.

"Yeah... I definitely wouldn't want you to keep the ladies waiting," Brittany says playfully with a smile that doesn't quite meet her eyes.

"Okay... I guess I'll see ya whenever you get there," Santana solemnly replies.

Just as Santana turns around and takes a few steps away from the liaison's door, she stops herself. There had been something plaguing on her mind all day since the impromptu meeting with Sylvester earlier.

Once the Latina finally makes up her mind, she turns around and positions herself in the doorway of Brittany's office.

"Hey, Britt..." she says, gaining the blonde's attention.

"Yeah, San?"

The profiler loses her train of thought momentarily, enjoying the nickname that she only allowed the blue-eyed woman to use.

"You are the most beautiful and intriguing woman that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. But you're so much more than just another pretty face," Santana starts out, trying to find the courage to finish. "You're smart and funny and kind and loyal… you have an amazing personality and you're an incredible friend," she continues. "I could only be so lucky to be able to call someone like you my girlfriend. But... I'm not foolish enough to believe that that would ever happen."

Santana pauses, unsure if she should go on. Brittany hasn't said anything and her facial expression has remained pretty stoic throughout the Latina's rambling.

"If it wasn't for these damn rules - or the fact that you were straight and not interested in me like that - then maybe I would make a move cuz I am very interested in you," the profiler confesses. "However, I would never do anything to make you feel uncomfortable or possibly jeopardize our friendship or our jobs. I just thought you deserved to know..."

And with one final look at Brittany, Santana quickly turns on her heel and hauls ass towards the elevator before the blonde can respond. As the brunette mentally curses herself for saying anything in the first place, Brittany continues to sit at her desk with her jaw hanging in mid-air.

Needless to say... the communications liaison was definitely not expecting that.

"Lopez! Why the hell are you over here drinkin' by yourself?" Puck wonders as he takes the vacant seat next to her. "Even Artie is out there on the dance floor."

It was true...

Ever since Santana had arrived at the club nearly 30 minutes ago, she had been pretty anti-social. It's not that she didn't want to enjoy a fun and usually rare evening out with her friends away from the workplace; she just couldn't stop thinking about her last interaction with Brittany.

"Another please," the Latina ignores her partner's question in favor of getting the bartender's attention. Once he sets down another shot of vodka, the profiler wastes no time throwing it back and then chasing it with the rest of her beer.

"Whoa... slow down there, Princess," Noah says concerned. He knew that his partner was no lightweight, but clearly something was off. "What's going on?"

"Ya know... I'm fluent in 5 different languages, but I'm actually fucking retarded," Santana mumbles out.

"Yeah... I'm gonna need a little more than that," her partner replies, hoping that he doesn't have to pull out her hair just to get her to open up.

"I told her... sort of," the Latina says very vaguely.

"You told who what?" Noah inquires.

"Her..." Santana simply states, nodding her head towards the end of the bar.

Once Puck follows her line of sight, he notices the two blondes laughing animatedly about something. For a brief moment, he catches Brittany's eye until she immediately looks away and dives back into her conversation with Quinn.

As Noah slowly turns his head back towards his partner, it finally clicks. "You told Brittany you like her?" He asks for clarification.

"In so many words..." the Latina replies.

"Okay... what were the exact words?" Noah asks more directly.

"I basically told her that she was fucking beautiful, that I was interested in her, and that I would be honored to call her my girlfriend," Santana quickly spits out. Once she sees Puck's eyes double in size from her admission, she adds in, "but I know that she's straight and my feelings aren't something I would ever act on... for obvious reasons."

"Well... fuck me running! You've got some balls, Lopez!" Puck says proudly. "So, what did she say?"

"She didn't say anything, probably cuz I didn't give her a chance to," Santana responds. Once she sees the confused look on her partner's face, she continues. "After I said all of that stuff, I basically hauled ass out of there and ordered my first drink as soon as I got here."

"That's understandable," Puck agrees. "So... are you gonna talk to her?"

"And say what exactly?" Santana questions. "I can't tell her I didn't mean it; she may not be a profiler, but she knows when I'm lying."

"True, but you're gonna have to talk about it at some point."

"I know, I just don't want things to get awkward between us just cuz I couldn't keep my big mouth shut," the profiler chastises herself. "What about the next time we go away for a case... there's no way she's gonna want to share a room with me after knowing I have feelings for her. I just ruined everything!"

"Hey, c'mere..." Noah says sympathetically as he brings his partner into his side. "Everything's gonna be alright. Brittany is your best friend and you know she isn't like that. Everything will go back to normal once you guys finally clear the air."

"I hope so..." Santana says a little less frantic than her previous rant. "You're a really good friend, Noah... y'know, when you're not trying to get into some chicks' pants."

Puck looks slightly offended until he hears a light chuckle emitting from the Latina. "You're an ass... I'm trying to be sentimental here," the man replies as he playfully pushes his partner off of him. "I'm glad to see you're feeling better."

As Santana and Noah exchanged light conversation, they fail to notice the intense stare coming from the communications liaison at the other end of the bar. Brittany had been watching the close interaction between the two profilers and knew nothing romantic was going on between them; however, something about seeing the resident Casanova comforting her best friend - especially after the Latina's confession that took place barely an hour ago - didn't sit well with her.

"Brittany! Are you even listening to me?" The tech analyst says slightly frustrated, seeing that she had been trying to get the blonde's attention for the past minute.

"What? Oh sorry... what were you saying, Quinn?"

"What has got you so distracted?" The other blonde asks rather intrigued.

"Nothing... it must be the alcohol," Brittany replies, not so convincingly.

"Puh-lease... we both know there's no alcohol in that drink," Fabray says knowingly. "What's going on, Sugar Plum?"

Instead of responding to her friend, Brittany looks down and takes another sip of her virgin margarita. Sensing her unwillingness to open up, Quinn looks down the bar for answers and that's when she spots the two profilers.

"Hmm... this wouldn't have anything to do with the smokin' hot Latina sitting at the bar, would it?" Fabray says suggestively.

Quinn had long suspected a physical attraction between the blonde and the brunette, but never had she commented on it before... at least not to either of them. Her and Noah often have private discussions about what a great couple the profiler and liaison would make, but neither of them would dare bring it up to either party. Quinn knew about Santana's feelings for the blue-eyed woman because of course, she's all-knowing; however, she didn't know for sure if those feelings were reciprocated... she just had a very strong hunch.

Before the tech analyst could question Brittany any further or comment on how red her friend's face had become, she felt a vibration coming from her purse. As she retrieved her phone from her bag, she notices Brittany grabbing her phone from her pocket.

"Aww shucks, saved by the mass text, Blondie..." Quinn playfully comments as she makes her way towards the group. Brittany follows suit.

"Looks like the fun is over... we've got a case," Puckerman addresses the group as he re-reads the mass text from their unit chief.

"Okay, who's driving... cuz I know I can't," Hudson slightly slurs out.

"Yeah... even if I wasn't a profiler, I think we all could've figured that one out," Santana chuckles out. The rest of the team joins in, but once the Latina sees her best friend trying extremely hard to avoid eye contact with her, her smile fades. "Noah's only had 1 beer, so Finn... you can ride with us."

"I haven't had anything to drink so the girls can ride with me," the boy genius says. Santana releases a deep breath that she didn't know she had been holding.

"Alright, let's close our tabs and get some coffee before going in," Noah says, taking charge of the group.

"This is going to be a long case..." Santana mumbles out, realizing that in the very near future, she would be in very close quarters with the blonde.

Author's Note:

Hey guys! Here's another story for you, set in the Criminal Minds world. I'm not sure how long this story will actually be, but I'm only planning on a few chapters. For those of you not or somewhat familiar with the show, here's a list of characters that our resident Glee cast is portraying: Santana as Prentiss, Brittany as JJ, Puck as Morgan, Quinn as Garcia, Artie as Reid, Finn as Rossi, Mr. Schue as Hotch, and Sue as Strauss. Anyways, hope you all enjoy and look out for more updates on 3rd & Lucky and other stories.


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