Hi! I decided to write this story because there are far to little stories about genderbend gay Disney princesses. Just to make things clear, Ben is supposed to be Belle, Aron is Ariel, and Jazmir is Jasmine. Anyway, i hope you like it. Enjoy!

"Oh my god you guys! I still cannot believe this our first day of freshman year! You have no idea how long I've been dreaming of this day." Aron squealed.

He and his two best friends, Ben and Jazmir, we're walking down the hall of Lucy's Academy for Boys for the very first time.

"I know!" Ben agreed. "Just think: everything changes this year."

Jazmir sighed. "We're starting high school, not enrolling in the army. The only thing that's changed is that we're in a new building."

"True. But it also means we're one step closer to the rest of our lives." Ben pointed out. "Just think, we're a year closer to going to college."

"A year closer to getting married." Aron said dreamily. Ever since he was little he'd fantasize who he would end up marrying and he didn't spare a detail when telling it to his friends.

"And year closer to moving out." Jazmir added. Jazmir was sick of living at home. His father was very old fashioned and being an immigrant from the Middle East, he believed very strongly in arranged marriages. No matter how many times Jazmir told his father he was gay, he would still keep looking for a bride for his son.

The three boys stood there in the middle of the hallway chatting excitedly. There were a lot more people then any of them expected or realized. And someone mindlessly bumped into Ben causing him to drop the books he had brought. Ben turned around, hoping to find the guy who had ran into him. He saw a boy who was extremely high-we're talking like 6' something- and he had a tattoo on his neck. Ben couldn't tell if it was a dragon or a rose. Before he could do or say anything, the guy with the tattoo had disappeared in to the crowd of students.

The three friends parted ways and scurried along to their classes. The school wasn't very big. But somehow Aron managed to get lost on his way to homeroom. He was freaking out. He couldn't be late on the first day! He would no doubt earn a bad reputation, something he certainly not interested in. Aron knew he'd have to ask someone who knew what he was doing. He saw a blonde boy closing his locker and begin to walk somewhere. He looked old enough to be a senior. Aron pushed himself as quickly as he could. It wasn't easy because he was paralyzed and doomed to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. But he managed to reach the blonde guy.

"Excuse me!" he cried out. The blonde guy looked at him. Once Aron reached the blonde he began explaining himself. "Okay so I'm new here and totally lost. Can you please help me find homeroom with Mr. Hook?" he asked.

The blonde boy smiled. "Sure. I'm headed that way myself. Would you like me to walk you to it?" he asked.

"Sure, I wouldn't mind. I'm Aron by the way." Aron didn't know why he felt the need to say his name. But he had, anyway.

"Nice to meet you Aron. I'm Charles." The blonde guy replied.

The two made small talk until they had reached the the classroom. Aron thanked Charles for helping him find his way and entered the room.

Due to lack of enough classrooms, they threw in students of all classes into the same homeroom. But Aron seemed to be the only freshmen in that class. He wheeled himself into the corner of the room. He couldn't sit at a desk because he couldn't stand up from his wheelchair. So he normally sat next to the desk in the back corner, afraid to sit in the front so someone would laugh at him. He had done that to much in the past. The beginning of high school was like starting all over for Aron. No one knew him and he would finally make a positive name for himself.

Aron watched as the groups of boys, who obviously knew each other from years before, reunited. Aron bit his lip and pulled his phone out of his pocket. He had told Ben and Jazmir to text him when they got to their classes. He was discouraged to find he had no new messages. He let out a sigh.

"Hey, is anyone sitting here?"Aron heard someone ask. Aron looked up to see the most beautiful man in the world. He had jett black hair and ice blue eyes. His skin was creamy and he was wearing a shirt that showed off his fine muscles. Aron just sat there for a second, dumbly staring at him. When he came to his senses he shook his head in answer to the beautiful boy's question. The beautiful boy flashed a smile. His teeth were perfectly white. Aron felt his heart racing. Should he strike up a conversation? His question was answered when the bell rung and Mr. Hook commanded everyone get in a seat and shut up. Aron sighed. Maybe they would talk tomorrow. Or after class.

As Mr. Hook took attendance, Aron couldn't stop staring at the boy next to him. He's so perfect, Aron thought.

"Eric?" Mr. Hook said.

The beautiful boy raised his hand and said, "here".

Aron nodded. Eric was a nice name.

He couldn't wait to tell Ben and Jazmir he may have possibly ound the love of his life.

Ta-da! In case you didn't know Charles is supposed to be CInderella. SO What did you think? Was it good? Was it bad? Should I continue? Leave me a review and tell me. Reviews are what keep my stories going.