"Okay, class, get into your seats." The teacher, Mrs. Godmother, announced as the bell rang. The students all groaned as they wrapped up their conversations as quickly as they could.

Ben didn't have to go far, though. He was already in his seat, reading a book.

"Now turn to page 205 I'm your textbooks." The teacher said.

Ben kept his finger in his book so as opened up the textbook. He didn't bother opening to the correct page. All that matter was that the boo was open. He skillfully set the book inside the textbook so he could keep reading it.

The teacher was none the wiser.

Ben had already the book twice, but it was still as captivating as it was the first time. It was one of his favorites. Far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, a prince in disguise...Ben loved it all so much.

Every once in a while, Ben would glance up from his bookat the teacher, just to make it seem like he was listening.

"Now I'll be assigning partners, so don't get too excited." Mrs. Godmother explained.

Ben's eyes left the book and shot up towards her. He was asking himself why she was assigning partners. He was hoping she would explain things again. But she just started listing off groups.

Ben just shrugged it off and went back to his book. He was loosely listening for his name to be called.

"Ben and Adam, you're a group."

Adam. Great. If only he knew who Adam was. Ben hardly ever focused on the real world.

Once Mrs. Godmother had finished assigning partners, all the other students were buzzing around, uniting with their partners. But Ben just sat there, cluelessly reading away.

"You're Ben, right?" A low voiced asked him. Adam, probably.

Ben quickly reached for his bookmark and stuck it the pages.

"Yes, i am." Ben answered, shutting the book.

He was immediately shocked at the person who stood before him.

His, slightly matted, black and brown hair was partially covered by a dark blue beanie.

His hands were veiled by a pair of thin, black gloves. He wore a ripped, dark red hoodie. Ben wasn't sure if the rips were a fashion statement or not.

Ben noticed how he had almost no skin showing. Only his neck and face were exposed. He must have been proud to be at the point of his life where he could shave if he wanted to because his chin was dotted with small hints of facial hair.

But that wasn't even the most striking thing about him. His face end ears were littered piercings. And a fully colored rose was tattooed from the back of his neck up tos right temple.

"Cool. We're partners." The guy who was obviously Adam said.

Great. Ben was going to be partners with a guy who looked like he was either homeless or in a gang. Maybe even both. Ben tried to push that thought away from his mind. 'Just because he looks intimidating doesn't mean he's a bad person', he tried to convince himself.

"Would you mind reminding me what we're doing again?" Ben asked timidly.

"Science project. We have to write an educational story about whatever she tells us to." Adam replied with absolutely no emotion in his voice.

Ben let out a sigh of relief. He always loved to write; this should be easy for him.

Neither one of them protested to the silence that fell over them. Ben couldn't help but study Adam. He felt like he had seen him somewhere before, and not just around class. Ben tried to think back, he surely would have remembered someone as unique as Adam.

"Hello, boys." Mrs. Godmother sang as she strode up the them. "Now, I'm going to give you your topic."

She took the paper she was holding and was intently looking for something.

'Ah, here is is.!" She chirped. "You two will be writing your story about precipitation."

Adam and Ben both nodded.

Ben wasn't quiet sure how this was going to work out...

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