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Man, it's awesome how someone can be that shameless. And he supposed to be the kind and benevolent Sun Knight? The others deserve that title more than Sun himself. They all capable in refraining themselves from killing him through all these years. I guess if he really killed by one of us, the first person Judgment interrogates would be Storm. Or perhaps Earth?

Yeah, I know. Despite the way he acts he's still the Sun Knight. The one responsible in leading the Holy Temple. My leader.

But what do you know about him?

You see, when we were still in training; for whatever reason the former Sun Knight had in mind, Sun had been forced to correct his paperwork - which he eventually passed to Storm. Sometimes he even dragged me and Blaze to settle down his teacher's mess. And sadly, even after his teacher retired, the nightmare still continues as he dragging us to settle... his mess. Even Cloud not excluded. (An amazing feat since he was the first to find Cloud outside class, though it still took him three years to do so.) The only one sparred was Earth, and still is.

Okay now we were getting off track.

My point is, even after he becomes the official Sun Knight, even after getting such an awesome vice-captain called Adair, how on earth that his paperwork were found in my room? I just left for mere minutes! Did forgetting to lock my room was such a grave sin that I need to repent by correcting them? And how long did he procrastinate to accumulate these ridiculous amounts of works? Not to mention that recently Hell Knight had join the 'Do me a small favor' club, though the said person still doesn't realized it yet.

Well ...where did I place Sun's hair yesterday? They should be around here somewhere...

"Brother Leaf!"

I turned around and faced him. With a smile plastered in my face, I answered his call, "Yes, Sun?"

He glanced left and right. After confirming the surrounding was clear, he whispered in simple, understandable words.

"The pope asked me to be the groomsman for Son of the God of War. You will come along!"

I widened my eyes, refused to believe what I just heard.

What? Why me?

"Sure Sun, anything for you!"

I'll kill you!

Judgment, Judgment, just interrogate Sun already! Or confine him! Whichever works for me. I don't care as long as it can prevent Sun from going on the trip (and bringing me along). Please?

Lamenting to Judgment in my heart ( I know he won't hear me), I went to the prayer room for a meeting between the 'Do me a small favor' club member, which basically means sharing some snacks and updating each other about the things we heard of, or in other words - gossiping - with Sun as the center of our gossip. Or perhaps I should say complaining about him? It never cease to amaze me how someone always have something to talk about him though he rarely leaves his room. Oh, right. Considering all the small favors he pushed to us, no wonder. They must be delighted to know Sun will be away soon, with the exception of Blaze, I guess? Storm surely moved to tears hearing the news.

On the day of our departure, Ice handing me my pouch along with Sun's. He was as expressionless as ever, though I guess I can see a trace of sadness in his eyes.

And it seemed that I can't even see the silhouette of Earth. No matter how much Sun infuriated him, I honestly believe he should see Sun for the sake of maintaining his image of "Sun's best friend." I bet he holed up in his room as always. Passing the library and heading towards the main door, someone suddenly tapped my shoulder from behind. Alarmed, I turned around and saw a person with bangs covering his face. He handed me a book titled 'Ten Good Luck Charms for a would be Adventurer'. I accepted it with a smile.

The only way to be lucky is to be away from Sun, Cloud. Far, far away.

"You sure you'll be fine?" he asked softly.

Startled, I blanked out for a moment before regained my composure and replied honestly, "I'll try."

Cloud was a shut-in person, just like Earth. And lets not forget to add Sun and Storm in the group. Blaze? If he ever stays in his room for a whole day, Sun would surely rushed over to check whether he had amnesia or something. Storm obviously won't get the same treatment. Contrary to his 'care-free' personality, he was someone who stays in his room most of the time, trying to finish-up his ( and others ) never-ending paperwork.

If the impossible occur and he really went missing, Sun will definitely mobilizes the entire Holy Temple to look for him. That was how precious Storm is to him, and to us as well. We don't need to wait for Sun's order, anyway. We will search for him out of our own initiative.

I always love working outside; at least it saves me from Sun's small favor. Going together with him? Ha-ha. Not in hundred years.

Walking towards the main door I can see Adair conducting the Sun Knight Platoon's practice. It was actually an odd sight to see a platoon practice without their captain. I guess they was a special case, considering how Sun never practice with them. Not even once. Seeing Adair reminded me of our meeting yesterday. It's quite a surprise for him to suddenly knocked on my door in the middle of the night. He was lucky that I'm not sleeping yet.

"Knight-Captain Leaf, I entrust my captain to you," he said solemnly.

"Wha...what?" I stammered, confused.

"Please, I beg you! Please take care of Captain!"

Oh, right. His captain.

Unable to reject his request, I nodded.

His face instantly brightened and he smiled sweetly. Relief clearly shown in his face. I can't help but wonder how on earth Adair can be that loyal to Sun.

"Leaf Knight!"

The sudden call snapped me back to reality.

"Yes, Pope?"

"Take care of Sun."

So as Leaf Knight I'm just downgraded to be Sun's babysitter, huh? It's understandable for Adair, but even Pope asked me to do the same thing?