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Summary: AJ Lee returns but surprises everyone with a new look.

AN: Hope you enjoy the idea for this came to me while I was at the dentist, even though it has nothing to do with a dentist in it, just my brain not focusing on the injection I had before the fillings I needed. Please leave your opinion on what you think of it.

AJ's Surprise Return

Written by Kenn,Faith,Dawn

(June 30th Monday night raw)

Paige was in the ring doing a promo about how she has proved that her title run isn't a fluke and that she deserves to be on the main Roster when suddenly the lights go out and on the Titantron appears four faces three of them are Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Eric Rowan who isn't wearing the sheep mask the fourth person though is hiding their true identity.

"Paige you and the whole WWE universe have been living a lie and now it is time to reveal that lie, I am truly sorry you must be the victim of this revelation but in the end the world will forget about what happened to you and once a again will flock to the new and improved Wyatt Family. You see Sister Abigail has been around the WWE for a few years and it is finally time for you and everyone else to meet the most beautiful thing the Wyatt Family produced. Oh and one more thing we're here"

The Lights went back on and Paige was looking at the entrance ramp wondering what was going to happen when once again the Lights went out and 'Live in Fear' started and out came Bray with the oil lamp, Luke, Eric was dragging the Rocking chair with him and then the sheep mask covering the identity of the mystery girl who Bray had said was the real Sister Abigail.

The four of them posed at the rocking chair until Bray blew out the lamp and it went dark, as the lights came on Sister Abigail was in the ring still with the sheep mask on and Bray, Luke and Eric stood in the ring behind her.

Paige and the ref got out the ring while Bray had a mic in his hand.

"Where are you going girly are you afraid of our dear Sister Abigail?"

Paige shook her head indicating no.

"Then get back in the ring and face you biggest threat for the title belt around your waist"

The ref made his way back in as Paige did the same never taking her eyes of the Wyatt Family.

The lights dropped again and Bray was sitting in the rocking chair with Luke and Eric beside him, and in the ring Sister Abigail had the mic in her hands she raised her hand and removed the Mask to reveal standing there was AJ Lee.

The fans started cheering and chanting AJ, AJ, AJ, AJ.

AJ brought the mic to her mouth and said "I am not AJ Lee nor have I ever been my name is Abigail Jane Wyatt and I am the matriarch of the Wyatt Family I am Sister Abigail, My Brother Bray and I have been laughing at you pathetic people for not being smart enough to work it out, now as for you Paige you are just the first victim of the new era of Sister Abigail and the Wyatt Families dominance of the WWE"

AJ's Surprise Return

The Bell Rang and the match started but it didn't last long as Sister Abigail never gave Paige a chance and dominated the match right from the opening bell and before long she had the Black Widow locked in on Paige who once again managed to counter it. Sister Abigail grabbed Paige and put her in position and screamed "THIS IS FOR BROTHER BRAY" and hit Brays finishing maneuver on Paige and got the pin fall.

The new Wyatt Family stood in the ring over Paige's body and Sister Abigail holding the Divas Title high and proud.