Karia`s pov.


Hi. I am karia kanbara. I am a fourteen year old girl. I have light brown hair and I wear light blue boots, a purple skirt, green shirt, an orange jacket, and red gloves. I have two younger brothers. Their names are takuya and shinya. Takuya is twelve while shinya is eight. Enough about me. Let me tell you how I met the legendary warriors. It all started when my mom asked me to find takuya after he left at 5:35.


I was sitting in my room writing a story when my mom yelled," KARIA! CAN YOU GO FIND YOUR BROTHER PLEASE?" I got off my bed , put my notebook doen, and said," ALRIGHT MOM!" I put on my orange jacket and my light blue boots at the front door and walked outside.

'Alright where did takuya say was going, oh shibuya station.'

I ran to a train, paid for a ticket, and rode to the station. After I got off the train, I found an elevator that had marks that looked like takuya`s googles.

'I should take this elevator cause then I might find takuya.'

I got in the elevator and pushed the down button. I noticed that it was taking forever to get to the last floor so I looked otthe back and saw that I was passed that floor. " Aww saiyans. How longer until I get to the bottAHHHHHHHHH"

I fell on the ground when a big crash happaned. I started rubbing my bottom and said," this is not my day. What happened. Before I could find the answer to my own question, the doors to the elevator opened. I looked out them when they were fully open and gasped at what is saw.


Me: well cliffhanger. How evil is that. Now lets see what the main character thought of the story so far.

Karia: why is the story taking so long. I want to know what I saw.

Me: If you stop whining I'll ginpve you a d-tector cookie.* holding up cookies.*

Me: yeah cookies. I'll stop whining.* grabs cookies.* good now please rewview. I need 2 good ones to update bye.