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There was a gigantic red train sitting around the lonely train station. Standing in front of the train was her brother Takuya Kanbara. Takuya is a dark brown haired male with a light green hat on top of his head. Over top of his hat is a pair of goggles. He wears a yellow shirt on his upper body underneath a red jacket like shirt. On his lower half is a pair of jeans. His feet are covered by a pair of red and yellow shoes and white socks. Takuya turned around when he heard the door open, he saw that his beloved sister was standing there.


Karia walked over to her brother and sighed in annoyance. She told him that their mom wanted him home soon but she was told that he had to stay for a little bit to protect some place called the Digital World. Karia was wondering what that place was so she had takuya take her with him to save that place. Takuya sighed and told her to follow him into the train. When they got on the train, it started moving towards the Digital World.

"What the heck is going on Takuya?"

"The digital world is a place full of wonderful creatures known as digimon. Some are mean while some are our friends. My friends and I are trying to save that world from evil digimon. We are known as the Legendary Warriors there. You will see why when we get there."

Karia was now really confused but did not ask anymore questions because the train started to jerk around making her fly out of her seat. She screamed as she fell to the ground with a hard thud. Her eyes were closed and so she did not see a weird ghostly figure appear around her but she was the only one to not see the figure. Takuya was able to see and so did the other Legendary Warriors. It looked like a fusion of Lobomon the Warrior of Light and Agunimon the Warrior of Flames. Takuya and his best friend Kouji Minamoto turned their heads towards each other and stared in surprise. Karia rubbed her head because she bumped it as she started getting up from laying on the ground after getting jostled around. She looked outside and saw that they were no longer in a tunnel. Karia got up cooing after she saw the little marshmallow like creatures floating outside of the train.

"Alright what are those things Takuya and why do you need to protect this world?"

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