The Family.

Don Stefan walked through Bella Vita Ristorante. He sat in his usual booth in the back corner. He read his sports page taking notes on all the odds for each game and race. He wrote up his tickets and set them aside. He looked up in time to see a familiar face come into the restaurant. A tall thin brunette walked up to the matradi, who directed her in Stephan's direction. He folded up his paper tucking his betting slips into the fold.

"Detective Moore. What can I do for you?"

"Stephan. I should be asking that of you?" The detective asked.

Her chestnut hair wildly hung around her sharp features. Her gold hued eyes glimmering in the candle lit restaurant. Her suit slightly crumpled from a long shift at the precinct.

"Maleficent lets go into the back and talk. I need a favor."

Stephan stood up and headed into the back. Maleficent rolled her eyes as she followed the smug man. If she put a bullet in the back of his head she wondered if she would get arrested or a medal. No one knew he was paying her off to have evidence disappear occasionally. She felt sick every damn time but if it kept her best friend from ending up in the river next she would do it.

Diaval got himself mixed up with The Family but going to them for a loan to feed his terrible gambling habit. A habit Maleficent thought he had kicked. He told her he was going to meetings to get help after the last time she picked up his broken body outside a notorious gambling den. She only discovered that was a lie when he showed up at her apartment with a black eye, broken nose and numerous other injuries.

"I need your help Male. I fucked up." Diaval had cried into her shoulder. That night he told her about the debt he owed Stephan's crew. After he passed out on her couch she sought out the Don. Diaval was the only family she had and she would do anything to protect him. Even fuck her own career up.

Once in the back office Stefen locked the door and sat at the desk.

"Maleficent there is something I need you to do and if done to my satisfaction we may be able to settle this little financial arraignment we have."

The idea of not dealing with this scum perk her interest. But she still had to wonder how big it would be to erase a 20G debt.


"Yes. You see my daughter Aurora is studying at NYU and she has a boy that she is close to that I dont like. He has wondering hands and is involved with things I dont want my princess knowing about."

"So he is one of your guys?"

"Being a smart ass got your lip fattened last time." Stephan grind.

"What can I say I'm a glutton..."

Stephan stood up and passed around the office a bit. Maleficent's stomach tightened every time he passed behind her.

"Your right though. He does work for me. And I really dont want her getting too involved with him."

Maleficent knew this would me undercover and had to figure out how to convince the Lieutenant to warrant putting her there.

"Anything I should know?"

"Just keep him away from her. By any means."

Maleficent nodded and stood. She turned to leave.

"Oh Detective. If I find out you put your Dyke hands on my baby. I'll kill you and your little bird brained friend. Understand?"

Maleficent didnt respond she made her way out the back exit Bella Vita and to her Harley. She sat on the seat for a minute and tried not to hurl.

"Fuckin' A!"