The slightest sliver of light in the city and its hittting Malle right in her eyes. The brightness drawing her from the blissful darkness of sleep. Her arm numb from being in the same position for 8 hours. She looked down at the messy blond locks that were pinning her arm in place. She slowly attempted to extract it so she could get up. The twisting motion of her torso aggrivating her ribs. She took a deep breath and in one motion freed her arm and rose off the bed trying not to wake her sleeping companion. She grabbed a cami, jeans and an over sized sweater and left for the community showers.

When she got back she noticed Aurora was still fast asleep. She pulled out their coffee pot and started it while she made breakfast with the stuff the yound woman brought back. Plain bagel with cream cheese and lox. The girl paid more attention to her than she cared to think about. She took her food and her coffee and sat in the window watching the people scurry around while the big snowflakes fell.

Sitting here watching people go about their day to day Malle started really sinking deeper and deeper into her head. Dangerous she knew but the silence did that. She thought about how fake she must appear to people that knew her. She thought about how close she came to fucking everything up last night. She knew it was a stupid risk. But why did it feel so good to have her so close.

'She is young and has her whole life in front of her. And you are a washed up old bat that could get her in trouble.'

"Because you are a fucking idiot." She reprimanded herself.

Aurora pulled her pillow tighter not really wanting to wake up yet but the coffee smelt so good. She opened one eye and peeked around the room she noticed quickly she wasn't in her bed. Memories from last night flooded her brain the movie dinner the almost kiss. That brought a deep blush to her cheeks. Damn idiot Philip for ruining that moment; thought it was really hot watching Malle man handle him. Speaking of tall, dark and broody. Aurora turned onto her back and noticed the brunette sitting in the window. And what a site she was. Her waving raven locks hanging loose down her back. Her bare shoulder peaking out from her sweater. Her knees tucked into her chest. Long fingers playing with those full lips Aurora almost got a taste of. She knew Malle only did that top her lips when she was deep in thought.

Aurora lent over to grab her cell phone snapping a picture of Malle. She would play with some filters later but she looked too stunning not to immortalize the moment. Aurora stood up from the bed grabbing her cardigan before getting herself coffee. She crept out of the room and down to the bathroom leaving Malle for a moment.

Malle snapped a bit out of her mind when she heard the door click but she still was not fully aware of who was there at first. Aurora sat across from her cinnamon raisin bagel and coffee in hand.

"Wow those flakes are huge."

Malle hummed in agreement. The snow was coming down in heavery blankets now than when she first woke up. She didn't think much of it until her and Aurora's cell phones went off. They opened their text messages to a winter wether advisory and class cancellation for the next three days. Aurora got up and turned the radio on to 1010 WINS for the news and weather.

"Looks like we may be stuck here for Thanksgiving. I don't think I've ever not been home for it. I don't know if my family would notice."

"What's that like?" Malle asked eyes staring coldly out the window.

"What? Being stranded?"

"No having a family to go home to?" Her tone was harsh almost accusatory.

"I'm Sorry? Are. .are you mad at me for something?" Aurora felt her voice hitch.

That choked sound snapped Maleficent right out of her mind her eyes refocused and softened when she looked back at the doe eyes blonde.

"What? No. . .no darling I'm not angry at you at all." The endearment slipped out but she left it alone. She took Aurora's hands in hers kissing her knuckles.

"I am trapped in my head, forgive me."

Aurora blushed and nodded. They sat together quietly listening to the news and watching the snow. Malle stood up and stretched slowly.

"I think if we are gonna be stranded for a bit we should go get some supplies from the store up the road. Care to join me?"

Aurora looked at her she seemed to be considering something.

"I will go with you on the condition that you let me help you carry stuff miss wounded ribs; don't think I forgot. And you let me help you get ur boots on."

Malle grind she was trying very hard not to remind Aurora about her ribs though the bruises and cuts on her face would make it pretty hard not to remember.

"Ok I will concede to your demands only because I would really like your company."

"You sure are a smooth talker Malle Moors. I better keep my guard up."

The women finished getting ready and slowly made their way down the stairs and to the store. Aurora's hands linked around Malle's elbow while they walked. They talked and laughed the whole time they were out. They grabbed food and candles and they found a battery operated radio at Malle's insistence.

"Do you really think the power will go out?" Aurora asked.

"Probably not but I'd rather have the stuff and not need it than need it and not have it." Malle smiled at her.

"Well I personally think your being over zealous but what do I know." Aurora teased.

"Call me that again when the power goes out at 3 am and you freeze cuz the heat don't work."

"Nah I ain't gonna freeze. I'll just crawl into bed with you."

Malle looked up at her. She felt happy kidding around with her but she knew she couldn't let her get that close again. She couldn't risk her father finding out. But she wanted this wanted her with everything she was. This assignment will end up killing her or putting her in the nut house. Either way she and Aurora would never need up together. Especially once she finds out who she really is.

The winter weather advisory was uped to a blizzard warning and a travel ban for the tri state area. Looks like this storm is gonna take New York New Jersey and Connecticut for a ride. Maleficent wanted to go check on Diaval but she couldn't blow her cover. She grabbed her phone off the charger to send him a quick message.