The wizard walked slowly up to the podium in the Great Hall.

"Welcome, witches and wizards. We have gathered here today on this 8th

day of June in the year of Our Lord two-thousand fourteen to pay our respects to an individual to whom we owe so much."

The wizard slowly looked out over the crowd, few dry eyes were to be seen.

"The man who has recently departed needs no introduction. He was involved for only six years at the level that he most recently occupied as Headmaster of this great school. And he leaves us early, far too early for one who has given so much to our world and for our lives as they are today."

"He leaves his wife," the wizard looks to his left, where the brown hair is the only feature easily discerned, "and so many others who mourn his passing."

"We in Britain and many others throughout our world, will mourn tonight and tomorrow, next week and next month. For a light has been extinguished, one whose light had illuminated our world in a way that is all too rare, and even worse is the cause of his abrupt departure from our midst. Betrayal by some of those who should have been safe, cut down in his prime while fighting for our world."

"I would like to have called him friend, although we never met, but his work was enough, alone, to make me one to him."

"We may never see his like again, and even if we do, his early departure from our ranks has dimmed the world a little, some light leaving that will never be regained. Goodbye and God Bless."

As the wizard descended from the podium, the sunlight streaming through the window at his back dimmed as if a cloud had passed before the sun…

A/N On 8 June of this year, Robst published the last chapter of 'Harry Crow', a great story and a masterpiece that provided thousands of fan fiction readers a cornucopia of entertainment. I was disappointed and upset to find that he has decided to cease publishing his writings on Fan Fiction due to the abundance of negative comments that he had received. In losing Robst, the fan fiction community loses a great author, whose contributions will long be valued by many.

For Robst, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, thank you for the last six years, and I hope you continue writing and enjoying it, I will say that I already miss one of the highlights of my week...