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H.L.A. Ch:6

Darkness was as far as the eye could see in any direction with exception of forward towards the front of a rather large room that had a single light source set just above a lone door in this room was several tables which due to the lighting revealed human-shaped figures laying atop of them.

Of course these were not people at all, but various deities who had come in contact with the bow known as Heaven's Tear's had all been sent into a deep sleep like coma, one such individual seemed to be stirring in the darkness, toward the middle of the room and sat right next to her was a small pillar where the bow itself that sent her into said coma was floating in the air as if held up by invisible strings.

Opening her eye's she could only see darkness, however, tilting her head down her eye's came in contact with the light of a room. She stretched her arms and legs slowly pushing herself up into a sitting position as she gave the room a wild glance trying to get her bearings.

Opening her eyes she allowed them to adjust quickly searching the room her eye's stopped wandering as she observed the bow that was the current reason for her predicament, however, something else caught her adjusting eyes and that was a long handle with a pointed tip leaning against the same pillar.

Just then a jolt of pain erupted in her back nearly causing her to cry out, however she managed to stop herself gritting her teeth, whilst clutching the point of injury, swiveling her torso slightly turning her head she glance at her back as best she could givin the angle observing a purple star like pattern on her back which had started to burn, then she noticed four other burning sensations which she could assume were similar to the first pattern.

"I am so going to make her pay for this," she said aloud to herself, as she observed the pain was slowly decreasing, the burning seemingly to cool off ever so slightly.

'I hope they are not permanent.' she thought to herself just as an image of Hildr's child form crossed her mind her lips moving the word's being: Don't you get it, Lind, you already belong to me... you always have your living on borrowed time, in the end, you will serve me.

'I'll never belong to her ever!' she inwardly promised, though she was starting to doubt her last thought more and more over time, and after seeing everything she saw she inwardly wondered if it indeed might be true.

~You have to go now Lind they know you are awake the window is short but you have to escape, I placed your halberd by the bow, however, leave the bow it isn't for you.~ spoke a somewhat familiar female voice within her mind, however, she couldn't quite place it.

"What?" Lind inquired, as the sound of footsteps off in the direction of the light seemed to get louder and gain in number.

~Hurry you haven't much time before they seal the vault. I'll come to help you if I must but I prefer it if I didn't have to so please hurry!~ the voice exclaimed from within' her mind.

"Who are you?" Lind inquired, as she swung her leg's out from the bed then hopped off to the floor nearly losing her balance and falling over, however, managed to right herself as she crossed the distance between herself and the bow, reaching over taking hold of her halberd.

'Let's just say I am a friend, and it's best if I am not seen in Asgard.' came the voice once again in reply.

Making her way towards the light, Lind looking down she observed her body was unclothed with a silent mutter a brief flash of light a white silk gown the hem ending just below her knee appeared on her person, with that done she then posed yet another question to the entity talking to her from within her mind.

"Your a demon aren't you?" she inquired, sure of the answer, she would receive.

~It really doesn't matter even if I am a Demon or Goddess you still have to get out of there so please hurry a detachment of fighting wings are on their way to stop your escape.~ The voice stated, not really wanting to answer in either way.

At the voices beckon Lind continued on, weaving around the various tables that had other comatose patience laying on similar tables to the one she had been laying on trying to hurry toward the light was which was a huge doorway with two huge doors that were slowly closing causing the floor the vibrate.

Picking up her pace Lind leaped over a table that was in her way, making a beeline straight through the clear path to the door, the hurried sounds of several feet could be heard somewhere beyond the slow closing doors.

Moments later the doors almost closed with a foot of clearance between them Lind leaped through head first pitching into a forward roll landing on her feet outside the door, her blue-eyed gaze falling on a group of twenty fighting wings all bringing their halberds to bear, with exception of the lead one who was wielding a double-edged sword with a golden hand-guard just where the blade and the hilt combined.

Each was dressed similarly in a white one-piece leather body suit with black boots and black gloves, the only difference between them and the lead one was a red cloth that hung off her right shoulder that left three inches between it and the white stone floor they and Lind stood on.

"I am sorry High General I have been ordered to stop you from leaving please lay down your weapon and lay down on the floor belly first placing your hands on the back of your head.

Lind gave the group a cursory glance, biting her lower lip as she recognized her second in command with hesitation to her voice. "I am so sorry Lillian please forgive me for what I am about to do," she called as she tossed her halberd towards the group where it flew past above their head's causing the group to follow it with their surprised gazes.

She then bolted forward at lightning speed using precision strikes on each of the fighting wings seemingly to go left then right in rapid succession finally springing forward into a roll she reached up catching her halberd in mid-air.

Sparring a glance over her shoulder she watched all of them fall to the ground as if felled tree's, with a saddened expression she then sprinted off down the hall towards freedom alarms sounding out as the rest of the facility, was made aware of her escape attempt.


Elsewhere in Tyr's office, he sat with his back to the door, his gaze out the window that gave view to his kingdom. The translucent screen seeming to follow the events of Lind's escape in real time. A pinging sound was then heard as the aging God reached over pushing a button on the left armrest of his chair.

"What is it?" he queried with little emotion.

A feminine voice then responded. "My Lord, I am sorry to report that the High General has escaped the vault.. she's thus far taken out twenty fighting wings all by herself what is it you wish us to do?"

"Are they?" he started to inquire.

The voice on the intercom quickly replying. "No they are all alive she doesn't seem bent on killing my Lord."

Considering her words Tyr furrowed his brow, turning around in his chair he watched Lind as she was in the process of incapacitating a group of Goddess's who attempted to block her escape.

"Send four battalions of my elite guard I want her captured at all costs we can't allow her to escape from the city," he commanded, biting his lip ever so slightly. "As much as it pains me to say this... Kill her if you must I believe she may have been compromised by a virus."

The voice on the other end seemed to pause for a few moments, before calling out in a cold monotone voice. "Your will be done, my Lord."

Following the one-winged angel with his gaze, he furrowed his brow, a troubled look to his features. "What have you done to her Hildr.. what are you planning?"

His frown deepened as he heard a pinging sound, reaching over he pressed a flashing button on his desk at which another translucent screen appeared observing a raven-haired individual with a bob-haircut wearing a tan-n-white school girl's uniform a red tie hung loosely around her neck with white knee-high socks and black flats on her feet seemingly heading to intercept Lind in order to aid in her escape he presumed.

He reached over clicking the zoom key which made the image bigger revealing the girl's face revealing she had a sapphire left eye with her right covered by an eye-patch with rivets.

"Hildr..." he mumbled, drumming his fingers on the desk.

'How can you be here.. in your fragmented state and mortal condition you shouldn't be able to leave Midgard how is this possible?' he wondered to himself, just as a thought crossed his mind gaining a thoughtful expression knowing just how resourceful Hildr could be when she wanted to be.

Back to Lind...

Rushing as fast as she could she followed a long path that went between several buildings, in the distance she could make out the silhouette of a person who was standing in the middle of the path that was a cross-section as if an intersection in a major city, the structures on all four corners were towering comprised of white marble walls.

Eventually, she came to a stop a few feet from the figure recognizing it as the girl who was accompanying the red-head who had put her into her current predicament, and laying all over the place was a great many fighting wings who were all seemingly unconscious.

"You were with that girl.. you did all this that's four battalions worth how?" Lind questioned, with a bewildered expression to her features since she herself couldn't have done the same at least she wasn't sure if she could have done so.

Rei shrugged her shoulder's, gesturing for the blue-haired goddess to follow her. "There is no time to answer questions Lind we have to go now if we want to get you out of Asgard in one piece. I mean if you haven't figured it out you are wanted dead or alive at this point now let's go."

"I need to access Yggdrasil... I can't leave until I do so... with your apparent skills if we head to the cities center we can access the main system hub." Lind adamantly pointed out, as she hurriedly followed Rei down one of the many paths that were leading into a forested area.

Shaking her head in frustration Rei then quickly replied. "We don't need to do that.. if you want answers from Yggdrasil you don't need that hub.. we can go talk to him directly follow me I'll lead the way."

looking to the raven-haired teen questioningly as she followed closely querying. "What do you mean him? Yggdrasil is a computer.. you know a super computer?"

"Ygg' isn't much different from us Lind he's an elder-God.. and well his wife Nidd' well she is an elder-Demon they put on airs of being advanced computer systems since they prefer to distance themselves from the petty politics of both the God's and Demon worlds are currently running on today," Rei explained as she cut off the path diagonally with the blue-haired goddess close on her heels.

Considering the eye-patch girl's words. "I guess that would explain a great many things.. like why they bicker with one another.. kinda like a married couple," Lind noted as she kept close observing Yggdrasil the great ash tree wasn't too far away from their current position.

"Were almost there Lind just a bit further is the doorway to their realm," Rei called continuing her forward momentum, the blue-haired Goddess following close behind.

Eventually, the duo made it to the foot of the great ash tree, bending over feeling winded Lind glanced around at her surroundings posing a question whilst trying to catch her breath. "Where is this doorway you are talking about?"

Just then a stone arch doorway with double stone doors pushed up out of the ground just at the foot of the great ash tree, the doors slowly swinging open.

"We are here kiddo... I regret to inform you but you will have to make the rest of the trip by yourself I can't be seen by them.. and well I shouldn't need to tell you that I wasn't here if anyone asks." Rei said just as she placed her left index finger upon her lips, seemingly to fade out of existence in her place a solitary pure white feather slowly fluttered to the ground just in front of the doorway.

With slight trepidation, Lind walked over to the doorway bending down picking up the feather immediately an air of calming warmth washed over her person. A second more passed as she looked over the feather finally taking the steps needed to enter the door pocketing the feather into subspace, the archway vanishing behind her.

She then watched as several torches set into the walls flared to life causing the darkness to give way to light revealing stairs that spiraled downward. Steeling herself she continued on down the staircase finding it seemed to wind downward for what seemed like forever finally giving way to a room void of light say a solitary light that revealed a large table with some kind of game being played at its center, two individual's sitting at either side that was shadowed due to the low lighting that was upon them.

"Ah if it isn't Hildr's little protegee my have you grown up." a feminine voice called out that Lind assumed must be Nidd'

Lind making her way to the table exclaiming. "I am not that woman's protegee!"

"No-no my wife merely jests. Come sit with us, won't you? Why we don't get many visitors." a male voice this time spoke up, whilst the figure to the right made a gesture with its left hand towards an empty chair, whom Lind assumed must be Ygg'.

Lind slowly approached the table, proceeding to pull the chair out giving it a look before finally sitting down whilst giving each figure a glance, just as she was forced to close her eyes and the room suddenly became brighter.

"You okay Lind you look a little pale?" Nidd' inquired as she gazed to Lind's person and she seemed to be sweating.

Opening her eyes Lind slowly adjusted whilst shaking her head negatively inquiring. "No, I am fine why do you ask?"

"Well, that is good since you have something inside your person that doesn't belong to you." Ygg' simply stated, whilst with a snap of his finger just as in front of him upon the table appeared a small plate, a teacup filled with tea and in front of Nidd' and Lind were similar cups.

With a look of confusion Lind questioned. "What do you mean something that doesn't belong to me inside me?"

"You have something that doesn't belong to you though it was dormant for such a very long time within your person it has been woken up and will slowly poison you until you get it out." Nidd' calmly explained, whilst partaking of the cup set before her.

Lind frowned at the Demon's words. "What do you mean something that doesn't belong?" she questioned once again.

"You have a fragment long left behind by Hildr in your body child... You must go to her and return it before it is too late the symptoms are already starting to show and well eventually you will die." Ygg explained, whilst partaking of his own cup's contents briefly sparing his wife a glance.

Lind bit her lip as the all too familiar burning sensation was felt once again on her back where the star tattoos were located though it slowly subsided her features becoming slightly pained.

"I see so I go to her and she will remove it?" Lind questioned with an inquisitive brow raised making sure she heard correctly.

Ygg' gave a nonchalant nod of his head. "Precisely."

"Of course you didn't come to hear about that fragment that is poisoning your body did you, child? Oh no, you didn't you wish to confirm a truth did you not?" Nidd' questioned, whilst finishing her cup's contents.

Lind looked to Nidd' observing a slight smirk to the woman's lips. "Not from a Demon's lying tongue I don't." she drawled.

"Very well that is fine by me you insolent child... I wasn't the one going to answer that my Husband will answer the question for you since you can't trust my liar's tongue." Nidd' sarcastically stated through laughter that seemed to echo off the walls of the surrounding chamber which only served to gain a slight glare from the blue-haired goddess.

Ygg' seemed to chuckle at the exchange. "You know child if I didn't know better I think my wife is gaining a liking for you.. careful or you may reserve a spot next to Hildr on her list of entertainments," he observed.

"Look she is right I do need answers... I just well learned some things that are a little hard for me to believe after all I have been through and seen during my years serving the Almighty." Lind pointed out, proceeding to pick up her perspective teacup sniffing it before finally partaking of its contents.

Ygg' gave a simple nod of his head. "Indeed I can understand how it would be hard to believe anything that demon-blooded Goddess has to say since she has the ability to lie with seeming ease. Of course, she is really good at misdirection like many of the God's so half or most of the time she needn't lie at all," he said with a slight frown to his features.

Nidd then added. "Which is why she was the greatest Daimakaicho to date. Even if she isn't a pure Demon she may as well be there isn't a demon out there that can match her in power and strength say for myself that is."

"Wait you said Goddess how can that be? Urd is both Demon and Goddess? I don't understand how that is possible if Hildr is indeed a Goddess as you say.

Ygg' a sigh escaped his lips proceeded to answer. "Well that is a complicated question, but I guess the simpler term to say is Hildr split herself into two parts. The Hildr you have always known is only a forty-nine percent avatar she split her divine self from her demonic self."

"Hildr was a very special being from birth her father was a Demon of unknown origin even I don't know that information for whatever reason, and well her Mother was the Goddess Hel... Hel herself was special for the fact her blood was demonic in origin though she was born from Loki the living God of fire himself. Odin cast Hildr's mother out of Heaven and into Hell for fear she may attempt revenge for what the God's had done to her father." Nidd' explained, gesturing for her Husband to continue on.

Ygg' waited a moment before continuing. "It was due to Hildr's unique nature that got Tyr interested in her since he too shared a similar situation." he finished.

"So wait are you telling me Tyr is like her?" Lind inquired, as her curiosity had been peeked.

"A Demon with divine blood running through his veins, though like Hildr he split his Demonic side off so as to be pure.. he hated what he was and sought to rid himself completely of what made him imperfect and well due to a spell he had cast upon himself he doesn't remember ever being that way at all and thinks he was always the pure being he is today.. of course, this is what had lead to the two constantly being at odds with one another, but at the same time they share a bond that runs deep being they are both unique beings." Ygg' explained, whilst partaking of his teacup's contents.

Lind shook her head slowly from side to side. "That is an insane secret those two had been keeping.. it explains why she is constantly testing us God's, mankind and the Almighty himself.. she's trying to get the truth out there.. but why not be direct?" she inquired.

"Hildr has always been about maintaining the balance between both good and evil. If you directly challenge someone's beliefs it could only serve to cloud the truth further that and well nobody is ready for the truth.. especially not him." Nidd' replied, whilst turning to glance up to a clock on the far wall.

Ygg then added. "Lind it would be best if this information stays between we three since it would serve no good purpose to speak its contents unto others. The only reason we let you in on this secret is that you are wanting to know the truth about your past.. and well Child it's all true Hildr protected you and her only real crime was giving you false memories" he paused a moment before continuing.

"Of course you probably should thank her when you see her since due to her tampering you grew up into a fine young woman and rose up the ranks of Heaven's fighting wings rather rapidly. Your sister would have been proud of you." he finished.

Nidd' tapped her left index finger on the table. "Well Lind you have your truth, but now you must be going time is short we can only mask your presence so long." with a simple gesture of her right hand a portal appeared just behind the blue-haired goddess.

Standing up from the table Lind turned towards the portal, pausing she looked back over her shoulder posing a question. "If I am to return this fragment I need to know where to go?"

"This portal will lead you to Nerima, Japan. You will want to look for the Tendo estate and from there you will want to find one Ranma Saotome find him and you will find Hildr." Nidd' explained, waving goodbye with her left hand.

Lind gave a simple nod of her head not bothering to wave back as she turned her head forward then walked into the portal which vanished soon as she did so.

"What do you think Nidd' will she join the side of Hell helping Ranma in his quest for vengeance?" Ygg' inquired, as he gazed to the board watching as a game piece that looked like Lind advanced three spaces.

Nidd' shrugged her shoulders. "Maybe maybe not... time will tell though she certainly will see him in a different light than she had previously... I feel her true loyalties still will lye with Heaven."

"Perhaps you are right Nidd' Perhaps you are right." Ygg simply replied, whilst sparing his wife a simple glance briefly taking in her beauty.



The school day was winding down, only one more class to go Ranma sat at his desk whilst jotting down notes from the chalkboard on his notepad his expression one of disinterest and boredom.

'No matter how many Millennia's past they still have yet to perfect the art of schooling.. it is still the same boring activity it was then as it is now. The only real difference is the stuff taught and technology used.' he thought to himself, doing the last finishing touches to his paper he tossed the pencil down inelegantly on the desk.

He then went about putting his notebook and pencil back into his school bag proceeding to hanging it on the side of his desk, he then laid his head down atop his arms on the desk to catch a brief nap before the next bell rung.

After a long few minutes, the bell rung signaling the changing of the guard or in this case the teacher of the next class would be coming in whilst the current one would be leaving. Not bothering to raise his head Ranma just waited patiently listening to the murmuring of his fellow classmates.

Eventually, the sound of chalk on a chalkboard could be heard as Ranma opened his eyes observing the new arrival to the class was writing out several different math related equations on the board.

This teacher was a tall lanky mid-forties man with raven-hair cut short, glasses worn over his hazel eyes clothing consisting of a black pair of slacks, and a white button up shirt, a gray vest worn over this a black belt with a silver buckle around his waist.

Meanwhile unbeknownst to Ranma he was being watched through the classroom window by Urd who seemed to hover in mid-air as if standing on an invisible platform, she seemed to shake her head negatively in rather slow motion as it seemed so wrong for her mother of all beings to not only be reincarnated as a mortal boy, but one who was sitting in a mortal classroom.

'Should at least be the final period.' she inwardly thought to herself, proceeding to sit down on an invisible lounge chair, producing a manga when her gaze fell on a girl with cobalt blue-hair who appeared to be speaking to her reincarnated mother.

Pondering to herself a moment. "So that's one of the Tendo girls.." she unwittingly spoke aloud.

"Correct." came a simple reply which caused the silver-haired goddess to jump with fright from sheer surprise as she hadn't realized anyone was there.

Spinning around she observed Ranma's twin who stood before her dressed in her school uniform with a slightly blank look to her features. Urd Recovering from the shock of the unexpected surprise. "How long have you been there?" she inquired.

"Just got here I felt a very powerful magical aura nearby Ranma-san's location." Rei simply replied as she scanned the surrounding area for the threat she felt.

Feeling pride, gaining a smile Urd called. "Wow, so you finally recognize I am getting stronger?"

"Oh no I didn't mean you Urd. No there is something else around here I just can't seem to put my finger on it." Rei explained, which caused Urd's ego to rapidly deflate.

Upon observing the gloomy looks to her daughter's features Rei let a sigh escape her lips calling. "Oh don't take it the wrong way Urdi you certainly are getting stronger there is no doubt about that. You do know you have great potential that you have yet to tap into right?"

The silver-haired Goddess's face brightened at this. "So everyone keeps telling me, thanks for the compliment I guess... I just wish she would recognize it... Not that I don't appreciate what a fragment of my mother tells me or nothing, just wish-" she was then interrupted.

"Hey I get it I really do," Rei called, as she turned her focus on her silver-haired daughter not at all locating the threat she had sensed in the vicinity.

Looking out the window Ranma gained a perplexed expression since he hadn't even realized both of them had entered the area without his sensing them which meant both were suppressing their magical aura's.

Course he already figured Rei had suppressed hers in order to sneak up on Urd, however since his silver-haired daughter had suppressed hers only meant one thing that she was spying on him and he had somehow not even detected her which meant he had completely let his guard down having become complacent.

'Won't happen again.' he assured himself, though something was amiss he could feel it deep down that something was about to come crashing into his life in the very near future he just couldn't quite place it.



Urd laughed aloud, attempting not to fall over while doing so. "You got to be kidding!" she exclaimed as hearing what she had just heard sounded so absurd.

"No, not kidding your mortal Grandfather-n-law sold your mother for a pair a house slippers and a bowl of miso soup," Rei explained whilst attempting to keep a straight face, as she glanced over observing her currently male twin appeared to be sleeping through class.

Urd shook her head in disbelief. "Wow so the old guy certainly has a racket going, he's in for a shocker come time to check out of life cause my guess is Mother has been taking note of every transgression and will pay it in kind like she has so many before him," she observed.

"Perhaps, but Ranma well he can be unnervingly forgiving when it comes to his mortal father and friends," Rei noted since she had so far been surprised by how her twin handled certain situations, though sometimes he could be rather petty and severely hold grudges on a case by case basis.

Urd pondered a moment as she gazed over observing her mortal and currently 'male' mother looking in her direction, of course, h/she quickly diverted his gaze away.

"So let me ask you something.. Um so how hard is it to gather your fragments?" she inquired of the raven-haired girl.

Rei considered what to say briefly before speaking. "Well, the problem is each fragment has a personality program they were running on. Each fragment had a function they were performing this was to help better gain contracts since as you well know we can't simply initiate the contract."

"Oh, that is sneaky. Basically, your fragments lay in wait and are approached by a mortal and they tell you about their problems probably on a friend basis and then you offer to help make their dreams come true and problems go away." Urd explained in hopes she was correct.

Rei gained a slim but wicked smile. "Ah you are on target dear you are very much our daughter." she cooed before continuing, "Well the thing is the fragments being out there also limited the number of demons that could be on Midgard at any given time, and well when your sister Bel-chan came to live with Keiichi we dispatched a one-one millionth avatar to balance it out. Of course this seriously upset several key individuals in Hell since Nidd' wouldn't allow anymore demon's to travel to Midgard until that avatar was dismissed."

"Ah Well so the fragments are the entire reason the balance has been disrupted since you are more than a simple one-one millionth avatar, and Ranma is the core fragment.. but that doesn't explain the severe displacement on the scales." Urd pointed out.

Rei nodded her head. "So if I and Ranma and our fragments don't explain the severe displacement, then that would mean there is a large demon force located somewhere in Midgard most likely hidden in plain sight," she observed.

Urd's eyes became large. "Wait you didn't know about this did you?" she questioned, an inquisitive brow raised.

"No-no it seems not... Ranma doesn't tell me everything and well he has access to all our memories so he knows more than he lets on. All I figure is Hildr in our former glory had a plan decades in the making and Ranma is trying to put it in motion. Once it is sprung we are indeed going to witness an era like none ever seen before." Rei explained, her features one of excitement at the prospect and potential of it all.

Urd shook her head in negative slow motion. "Not sure why you are so excited.. he/she's going to bring a war like none before it that's going to kill a lot of people, doesn't that bother you any at all?" she queried.

"Urdi I-no we as a whole being as Hildr we never liked war as much as many think. The truth is we are just really good at war and killing.. in our heart of hearts we wish there was another way but sadly there is none and in order to make change sometimes you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet someday down the road you will understand this well." Rei somberly explained.

Shaking her head negatively once more Urd continued to look to her raven-haired mother. "No I'll never understand but I will fight you both on it...I will figure out what it is she is planning and stop it," she assured.

"You can try Urdi.. you definitely can try who knows you might even succeed." Rei lightheartedly called, as she felt slight happiness by her daughter's determination.

"Urd I have been looking all over for you!" came the voice of a newcomer who came flying in from the right of the silver-haired goddess.

Looking over to her right Urd observed her little sister who stood at four-foot-eight eyes chocolate brown with raven-hair tied back in a ponytail, her clothing was a pink peasant dress, with a white fur overcoat worn over her shoulder, on her feet a pair of white knee-high boots.

Her ears adorned by two tiny blue-sapphire earrings each, a gold choker with a sapphire jewel at its center, on each wrist were gold bracelets.

Her forehead at the center features a blue small semi-circle with a triangle tip at the bottom with a circlet in the middle, similar sigel's on each cheek the triangle points facing forward.

Urd also observed she was flying on her own. "I am proud of you your flying on your own Skuld!" she cheerfully exclaimed.

Skuld appearing winded shook her head rapidly. "Thanks but we have more pressing matters... It's Lind she woke up and well she took down several fighting wings as she fought her way out of the quarantine vault," she called, observing the raven-haired girl with the eye-patch.

"She.. she was with the girl who put Lind in that nasty coma!" Skuld exclaimed pointing at the raven-haired girl.

Rei waved to the raven-haired goddess a cheesy grin to her lips. "Oh hi, there short stuff."

"I ain't short!" Skuld exclaimed, crossing her arms across her chest.

Urd giving her little sister her full attention. "So Lind is awake that is good, but you say she fought her way out of quarantine.. please tell me she didn't kill any of them?" she questioned with worry knowing just how dangerous the one-winged angel could be when she fought.

"No the ones at the vault entrance was only knocked out, but she went on to engage two elite and seasoned battalions which I think is amazing since they should have easily subdued even her.. they were all knocked out of action with only minor injuries," Skuld reported while shooting the raven-haired girl a glare.

Urd considered all the information her sister had just dumped onto her. "Okay so where is she now?" she questioned.

"We don't know she went to the foot of Yggdrasil and after that, she vanished off the radar and we can't locate her anywhere in Asgard. Father believes she is now somewhere here in Midgard." Skuld explained, not at all holding back with the raven-haired girl standing there.

Rei considered everything she had heard thus far, though none of it was anything she didn't know about since she herself was the one who took out the battalions though she wasn't about to admit or take credit for it since she didn't want either the goddess's to know she could leave Midgard and she especially couldn't allow Ranma to know of this either.

Though she now felt relief as she figured out the source of the potential threat she felt near Ranma's location which meant it would all be fine and according to whatever plan her twin had set into motion, she herself just wished Ranma would feel more comfortable to let her in on such things.

As it sat she realized her twin was highly suspicious of her motives and had partially concealed his/her thoughts from even herself, though Rei did her best to deal with it and make the best of the current situation despite all the things her twin did that tended to piss her off and that was a rather long list.

Urd mauled over the implications of Lind's disappearance at the foot of Yggdrasil her features taking on a thoughtful expression. 'So she went to Ygg' and Nidd'.. but now what is her next move where is she going to go as a fugitive? Oh! But she wouldn't, would she?' she inwardly questioned herself as her eyes diverted towards the raven-haired boy who caused Lind to wind up in a coma and in quarantine lockup observing he was no longer in the window.

The end class bell rung at which most of the students were either leaving or in the middle of cleaning up their various classrooms before they left.



Meanwhile, Ranma was now busy moving desks while Akane was sweeping the floor, a few other students were busy cleaning the chalkboard and other essential areas of the classroom that would be needed the next day.

Glancing from one point of the room to the next Ranma frowned as cleaning was so mundane to him, deep inside he wished all the students would simply go home so he could just use his magic to clean things up much faster even if it would cause some nausea.

Of course ever since Hildr's memories had been merged with his own thoughts like this tended to grace him often, and of course, thoughts of conquest also graced him sometimes it was a difficult fight to resist the urges.

"Hey Saotome could you go to the maintenance closet and get us a mop bucket and mop?" came a question from a brown-haired boy who he had recently learned was named Hiroshi who had brown eyes, he wore a white button-up shirt, with a black tie, worn over the shirt was a blue school uniform jacket, black slacks and a pair of green slippers currently on his feet.

Ranma without a word stopped what he was doing giving a nod of his head, as he quickly left the room to go fetch the needed cleaning items, as he stepped into the hall he observed Lind standing there looking lost at least that is until her gaze fell on him.

Several students walked by Lind not even noticing she was there with her halberd in hand though it was sheathed in a violet colored cloth which means she was using passive magics to mask her presence from the mortal denizens of Midgard.

The blue-haired goddess followed the raven-haired boy who walked over to a maintenance closet sliding the door open, she proceeded in closing the distance entering the room just behind him sliding the door shut with magic that was her own but enhanced by the fragments inside of herself.

Before Ranma could react he found himself spun around and picked up by his shirt collar by a delicate but powerful hand that slammed him against the opposite wall of the door. His blue eyes locking with the blue-haired goddess's gaze her features between pain and anger.

"Jeez, no introductions or nothin' you already at my throat," Ranma called, while with his right hand seizing Lind's wrist gripping it tight causing the blue-haired goddess to wince.

Glaring daggers at the raven-haired martial artist Lind called through clenched teeth. "I don't need introductions when it comes to anyone associated with Hild now spill where is she!"

"Where is who?" Ranma queried dumbly, though he knew full well what the blue-haired goddess meant.

Lind grit her teeth tighter creating a grinding sound. "Don't play dumb with me boy where is the red-head Nidd' said you would know where to find her so spill!" she demanded through clenched teeth.

Tightening his grip on the blue-haired goddess's wrist in an attempt to force her to let go Ranma found himself amazed since even with great pain to her features Lind still managed to keep her grip.

In resignation, as he realized the blue-haired goddess wasn't yielding to the pain he was inflicting Ranma let go of her wrist allowing himself to hang from the collar of his shirt.

"Well, she was right... Now can you let me down now you really needn't be so violent about it you know Lind?" Ranma questioned, as the blue-haired goddess continued to glare at him with her cold sapphire eyes.

Not at all ready to let go Lind kept Ranma in the air by his shirt collar responding with. "I'll consider it when you tell me where she is."

"You found her alright?" he simply replied, at which he had to catch himself before he fell down when the blue-haired goddess let go her features one of bewilderment.

Lind examined the raven-haired boy shaking her head negatively in slow motion. "Wha-no-no way you're just a mortal and a male there is no way in Hell you could be her!" she exclaimed in bewilderment.

"Well yes way I am.. and I am not. Just cause my current birth gender doesn't have the magical power my curse body doesn't mean I am not her." Ranma simply explained, though while it was true he wasn't able to use magic as well while male he made up for it with his skills as a martial-artist.

Lind considered the raven-haired boy's words. "Curse as in Jusenkyo?" she questioned eliciting a simple nod of the boys head.

Turning her blue-eyed gaze to the nearby faucet only to return her gaze to the raven-haired boy a thoughtful expression crossing her features. Observing what the blue-haired goddess had in mind Ranma gave her a death glare with his own sapphire gaze.

"Don't you dare." he drawled.

Lind with a falsetto cutesy toned lilt. "But wouldn't it be better that way... feel quite awkward me a beautiful young woman in bloom trapped in the maintenance closet with a strapping young lad.. and a mortal girl at any moment about to slide the door open to discover our current situation what will we ever do?" she questioned her lips quivering, while tracing her free index finger across the top of Ranma's right shoulder.

Feeling flustered shaking his head in a negative fashion. "You can cut the act... Lind Akane is-" he started to say as the door started to slide open, however, it appeared to be jammed since it didn't slide open but a sliver.

"Ranma are you alright in there?" came Akane's words from the other side of the door, while Lind gave the boy in question a mischievous gaze as she was using passive magic to hold the door in place.

Giving a slight glare to the blue-haired goddess he quickly replied. "Yea I am fine some stuff fell against the door while I was looking for floor soap is all I'll open it once I finish filling the mop bucket." he carefully lied.

"Oh Okay then. Please hurry I don't want to miss dinner." came Akane's voice once again from behind the door.

Ranma fixed the blue-haired goddess with a slight glare. "Look cut it out... 'sides that isn't your usual self-talking, you have something that belongs to me and you are here to return it yes?" he inquired.

"You mean the fragment you left inside of me so long ago that is slowly poisoning and overloading my body as we speak..the same one that is leaving memories of your past flooding into my own memory slowly pushing me to insanity.. the very one you activated when you put me in that coma using Heaven's Tears?" Lind drawled, as she fixed the raven-haired boy with a piercing gaze.

Ranma with a sly grin, responding. "Yea that's the one... Anyways not to cause alarm but I must remove it soon or you are finished.. but in the meantime, you are going to have to wait until I finish up here first."

"Why can't you remove it now?" Lind inquired squirming ever so slightly, as she didn't like the idea of dying in the slightest.

Ranma gaining a serious expression. "The truth is its not a simple process. Look you are not going to kill over in the next hour or so... just tomorrow morning is all so be patient and I will fix you," he promised.

"Oh, So I am fine today how relieved I am to hear you say that Hild," Lind stated her words dripping with sarcasm, grabbing the boy by the collar of his shirt once more. "What do you mean tomorrow morning... you say it like its business as usual.. you are a monster you know that! Just plain cold." she exclaimed.

Shrugging his shoulders while popping his neck. "So I am blunt sheesh, Look trust me I made you a promise and fix you I will... I never break my promises if I can help it. 'sides you dying isn't on my to do list I might be slightly cold I admit but I am no monster." he assured.

Letting go of the boy's collar Lind let out a tired sigh. "I am not sure what to believe about you anymore... I am in your debt for saving my life back then that much is obvious, but you have caused me a lot of problems in the now... I can't go back to Heaven cause I am a fugitive from my own people cause they think you infused me with a horrible virus.. Where do I go from here I can't go to Belldandy and them they may turn me in or worse since I probably now have a price on my head."

"Look lay low for a small bit and once I am finished with these mortal's in that room of literary torture I will come back soon as everyone leaves and we will figure that out together." Ranma simply assured as he used what little magic he could muster to slide the door open.

Upon exiting the room Ranma gave the blue-haired goddess a brief glimpse as she slowly slid the door, he then continued on towards the classroom with the much-needed cleaning equipment. Eventually, he arrived at his destination Akane meeting him at the door and just past her he observed Nabiki who was helping clean the windows.

"Sis finished helping in her class and came down here to help... Ranma Um what took you so long?" she inquired as she thought it was strange the boy took so long filling a mop bucket.

Ranma looked to the blue-haired girl with a dumb expression. "Sorry I am not used to the school it's my first day and well I didn't realize the floor soap dispenser was on the wall... so I spent some time rummaging through the shelves for a bottle of it which caused several items to fall against the door. Anyways after filling the bucket I had to put everything back on the shelf again I am sorry for taking so long." he carefully lied in apology since the truth of the matter wasn't something he wished to explain.

"I see well let us get started shall we?" Akane questioned taking the bucket and mop from Ranma pushing it further into the classroom starting the process of mopping the floor, while everyone carefully moved desks back into place as she went.



Eventually, everything was finished the cleaning supplies put away and those who had stayed behind to clean up the classroom's had started to head home including both Tendo sister's as well as Ranma who seemed spaced out as if in deep thought.

Looking to the raven-haired boy Nabiki inquiring with an inquisitive brow raised. "Ranma whats up you have been quiet for the last thirty minutes so what is on your mind?"

"Oh, its nothin' really I was just thinking I forgot something back at the school... I'll catch up to you all I really need to head back." Ranma called, turning to head back in the direction of the school.

Nabiki looking confused called after the raven-haired boy. "Ranma the school is probably locked up right now can't it wait until tomorrow?"

However, Ranma didn't reply and was as if a blur off like a shot and out of sight in a matter of seconds, Akane observing the speed at which he had gone. "Damn he is fast."

"Yea..." Nabiki trailed shaking her head side to side in disbelief since even though she knew he was a martial-artist she hadn't expected him to be able to run so fast however this was Nerima stranger things have happened in the past that much she did know.

The Tendo sisters continued on towards home, meanwhile, Ranma had already arrived at the school observing the doors were chained shut, though this hardly served as a deterrent for him as he vanished and reappeared on the opposite side of the doors and into the main hall.

He then continued on through the corridors until he finally reached the maintenance closet the sensation of magic could be felt through the doors. He stared at the door blankly before speaking up. "Alright, Lind coast is clear you can come out now."

The door lock could be heard as it unlocked then slid open revealing Lind who stuck her head out into the hall looking both ways to make sure there was no one there but the raven-haired boy she had come to know as Ranma and was also the reincarnation of one of her topmost foes and ironically the savior of her life.

"Surprised you didn't forget about me." she sarcastically stated as she stepped out into the hall, the maintenance closet door sliding closed on its own.

With a shrug of his shoulders, Ranma chuckled. "Ironically I did for a moment.. but then I remember you have something of mine and I need to get it back," he responded pausing a moment before continuing gesturing to the blue-haired goddess with his right-hand palm up. "However Fu fu fu... I must say there will be a catch a tiny one if I may for ridding you of that little piece of me."

Frowning at the raven-haired boy. "Woe woe woe... What do you mean a catch? You promised to fix me how can there be a catch?" she questioned, then before the boy could speak. "Your Hild, of course, you would have some kind of strings attached for your help." she dryly grumbled with venom.

"Smart girl... that is why I like you, Lind, you always had a knack for seeing the bigger picture once it has presented itself," Ranma called, reaching up with his right hand patting the blue-haired goddess's cheek.

He then went on to explain. "Now this string with attachment isn't something you should fear at all.. you see I need someone capable of doing certain things for me... certain things only a Valkyrie such as yourself can do.. so you scratch my back I will scratch yours."

Lind considered the raven-haired boy's words. "So you need me to do things for you the Daimakaicho... What kind of things and what could I possibly gain from scratching your back so to speak?" she inquired.

"Its simple really Lind my dear everyone needs a friend in high places.. even low ones... Some could raise a hand and ask for Him to help them.. but in your case, you can't simply do that right now, can you? So the way I see it you simply have no alternative per the moment." Ranma explained finding himself interrupted.

Lind grit her teeth. "Yea thanks to you it is all your fault if you never shot me with that-" it was her turn to be interrupted by Ranma this time as he spoke up. "That was simply an invitation."

"An invitation to what?" she inquired with angst.

Ranma clasped his hands together. "An Invitation to stand at my side Lind.. you are wary of my motives and understandably so, but I promise you if you want answers and want to know just what it is I am trying to do walk by my side and serve as one of my personal guards and learn... mutual protection none of Heaven will raise a hand to you with my personal seal." he offered holding out his right hand palm up at the center was a silver ring with a golden crested Valkyrie symbol with a pentagram carved crudely into it.

Though this ring was ancient Lind recognized it from ancient history text since it was the seal of the Valkyrie High General which was second to the Almighty... Hildr's personal badge of office from the first order of Heaven... Odin's order... the same order she had learned was behind both her sister's death and the ultimate destruction of her village.

Hesitantly she reached out taking the proffered ring from the palm of the boys hand, a yearning coming over her to put the ring on she slowly brought it up to eye level looking it over the raven-haired boy watching her as she did so a small grin crossing his lips, however, she was too entranced in the ring to notice it.

"This is the very first seal ever given to a Valkyrie by Odin himself... you commanded such power with this ring... yet you threw it all away for my well being... I still don't understand why you would do such a thing... Why go to such lengths you could have even become his-" Lind then found herself interrupted by an unseen force that had silenced her.

Ranma's features turning to one of hate his eyes going crimson. "Don't you say it.. don't you dare say it!" He half shouted as he didn't want to hear the coming words.

Managing to calm himself his eyes went back to normal, then with a wave of his hand. "I.. I am sorry Lind but please I... no Hildr did it for you and the well being of everyone involved... You could never understand how she felt about that bastard.. 'sides it would have never worked she loved someone else and that someone stabbed her in the back when it really counted... and ran off with her best friend of all people and created the Heaven's and the system as they are seen today." he rattled off, his emotions mixed as he realized he revealed too much.

Lind gaining wide eyes at the revelation of what she had just heard. 'Wait this wasn't just her revolution.. it was his.. they both lead the mother of all coup's ' upon considering Hildr's best friend,

"Ansuz is your best friend, isn't she? That is why she won't kill you and you won't kill her?'

"Yea we... no Hildr she and Ansuz were inseparable when they were spores they did everything together.. even played quite a few practical jokes together Ansuz could devise some real devilish pranks for a Goddess it was quite intriguing considering she hasn't a drop of demon blood in her." Ranma responded a fond memory that was his but not his playing over in his mind.

Lind considering this new information slowly slid the ring over her left ring finger. "Fine I'll accept your invitation and walk by your side.. but I am warning you try anything and I will end you myself."

"Good that is exactly what I wanted to hear we have a lot of work to do and so little time to complete it. Worry yourself not I have no intentions of doing anything to you... I want you as my General Lind even if it is only temporary.. it is all up to you, in the end, win or lose when the chips fall you can do as you wish." Ranma explained, stepping closer to the blue-haired goddess placing his right-hand palm upon her cheek caressing it.

Lind's person started to heat up euphoria setting in, a moan leaving her lips as she felt as if she had just had a major orgasm that caused her legs to feel week and her toes to curl falling to her hands and knee's her forehead an inch from the concrete floor, speaking on this in a raspy voice. "Wha-what are you doing?"

Retracting his hand Ranma held a purple orb in his grasp. "I am keeping my promise to you." he simply stated as he then brought the orb to his abdomen pushing it into himself wincing in pain as the demonic energies from the orb shot through his system increasing his energy reserves.

Raising her head feeling wet in her nether regions Lind gained a self-conscious feeling realizing she was aroused however looking to the raven-haired boy longingly and wanting as if hoping for something, a red tinge to her cheeks and nose.

Ranma relished in the Goddess's features a grin to his lips, "If you were expecting me to kiss you to absorb this energy as Hild once had kissed you... and it left you wanting as I have left you wanting now...I am so sorry Lind but you will be left disappointed as I am saving my lips and self for another." he simply stated.

"I just bet you are." Lind simply stated in frustration as she made her best effort to push the lustful thoughts playing across her mind away.

He then offered his hand to the blue-haired Goddess who took his hand at which he helped her back to her feet, "Let us go get you cleaned up shall we?" Ranma offered gesturing down the hall to which he and Lind started heading in the direction of the Gym shower room.



Nabiki paused in her step while Akane continued on briefly before pausing as well realizing her older sister was no longer moving, the blue-haired girl turned around on the ball of her right foot. "Sis?"

The brown-haired teenager had turned back to the school, a curious brow raised. "We should have told him the school would be locked up before he got there." she pointed out.

Akane shrugged her shoulders. "Do you want to go back for him?" she questioned.

"I'll go back for him you go on ahead Akane," Nabiki called as she doubled back in order to hopefully catch her fiancee as he would surely be heading back by now having found the school locked up.

With a reluctant nod, Akane turned to continue walking in the direction of home while her older sister started heading in the direction her soon to be brother-n-law had gone.

Moments later Nabiki finally came in sight of the school gate which was still open surprisingly which simply meant the groundskeeper was behind schedule and had yet to lock up which could also mean other students could be lingering behind which did tend to happen from time to time as many liked to use the school library and or were currently undergoing after-school detention.

She started to head through the gate coming to a stop and quickly hiding behind the wall of the gate observing Ranma exiting the school with a very beautiful foreign teenager with light blue hair wearing the Furinkan high school uniform. 'Who is she?' she inwardly questioned since she had never seen the girl a day in her life and wasn't aware of any foreign exchange students or transfer students.

The brown-haired teen continued watching the duo was they started walking away talking to one another, however, she wasn't close enough to make out the details of the conversation the one thing she was sure of is the blue-haired teenager girl seemed to have a sour expression to her features.

As the duo got further away Nabiki quickly moved to follow making sure to take cover behind a tree, quickly moving to another attempting to get as close as she could without either of the duo noticing her which seemed to work for the most part very well as neither seemed to have noticed.

"So what do I do now huh where am I supposed to go?" Nabiki heard the blue-haired teen inquire of her fiancee.

The raven-haired martial-artist put a finger to his lips pausing in his step, looking over his left shoulder to which Nabiki quickly hid as best she could behind some bushes.

A few minutes passed as she kept as quiet as possible finally she chanced a look over the bush she was behind observing neither the girl or Ranma were anywhere to be found which caused her to gain a confused expression as she didn't even hear them walk off or anything.

However she did feel relief wash over her as this in a way as confusing as it was meant she hadn't been discovered, she then heard breathing right behind her which caused her to tense up. "Hey, whatcha doin'? Ranma whispered causing the girl to jump in fright.

Turning to face the raven-haired teenager Nabiki face had a look of fright that quickly vanished as she managed to calm herself a blank mask overtaking her features upon realizing it was just Ranma.

"I... I came looking for you to tell you the school may already be locked up... however it seems they haven't finished closing yet." Nabiki explained, glancing back over her shoulder not at all observing the girl who was accompanying her fiancee before she had arrived.

Ranma gained a thoughtful expression. "Well that was thoughtful of you Nab's U'm but why were you hiding behind a bush?" he inquired.

Realizing she had been caught red-handed Nabiki decided on the truth. "Well I was trying to figure out who you were with.. she's pretty cute for a foreign girl," she admitted.

"She's apparently a foreign exchange student from Europe from what I understand her name is Lind and she will be in our class soon," Ranma explained with a careful lie.

"Lind what? Did you get a sir name?" Nabiki inquired her curiosity peaked, while at the same time filing the information she had just gathered away for later as she made it a point to get information on everyone going Furinkan for the possibility of potentially making a profit down the road.

Shaking his head, while scratching the back of his neck with his right hand. "No, she just told me her name was Lind nothing else."

"Oh, I see. Well, we best get home I don't wish to miss dinner." Nabiki said, turning to leave, though in her mind she was thinking about the person she had seen Ranma talking to and how fast the girl had vanished which seemed a little odd to her, and the fact her fiancee had somehow managed to sneak up behind her.

Course this brought an odd image of a girl with an eye-patch that had been sitting behind her at the theater when she was following Hikaru though she couldn't remember for the life of her what was going on that she was following him for.

Ranma put his hands in his pockets proceeding to follow the middle Tendo home, neither teen spoke to one another for most of the trip.

As time went on and a few intersections later Nabiki decided to break the silence. "Say Ranma how was things did you enjoy your first day at school?"

Ranma perked an eyebrow, looking at the back of his fiancee's head. "It was okay I guess. Though I think I would have rather been practicing martial arts with Pop's." he casually explained.

"I see well I think we all would like to be doing other things with our time, however, school is very important if we ever wish to get into college and perhaps get a good job later down the road." Nabiki offered, sparing a casual glance over her right shoulder.

Ranma shrugged his shoulder's. "Yea I guess you are right. However, I still think I could do just fine without school... besides I already have a jo- a job in mind." he caught himself.

Nabiki paused in her step turning to face the raven-haired martial-artist. "Oh, what job is that Ranma?" she inquired as Ranma came to a stop just in front of her.

"I plan to teach martial arts so I really don't see the need for school," Ranma explained, to which the brown-haired girl shook her head negatively at him.

Nabiki then posed a question. "Okay so you say you don't need school, but what happens if teaching martial-arts falls through what if you get injured and can't practice the art anymore how will you make a living?"

Ranma considered on how to best respond. "Well in the case the art was out I guess I would have to figure something out... Maybe get a job at a gas station or something like that?" he offered.

"That is a practical solution, but most jobs will want to know your education level and if you didn't even make it out of high school they may pass you over for other more educated individual's. School helps you get the skills necessary to either enter college or at the very least helps you get a mediocre job though even mediocre jobs will question a lack of education." Nabiki countered, turning to continue the journey home.

Ranma let a tired sigh escape his lips, proceeding to follow his fiancee. 'Mortals they lead fleeting lives, learning things from a young age going to school so they can go to college all so they can slave away at some mundane nine to five job making little to nothing while their bosses who care little about them get rich.' he thought to himself. He then said to himself in a near whisper. "Of course nothing in life is surer than death and taxes."

Barely hearing her fiancee's words it was Nabiki's turn to perk an eyebrow. "What a morbid outlook though I suppose that is very much true Ranma," she admitted.



Meanwhile in the Antarctic...

Currently what one would consider being whiteout conditions a storm blew over the icy tundra of snow and ice, mountains barely visible to the naked eye due to heavy mist that had encroached over the area a black medium sized portal opened up just big enough for an average human being to step through, though this wasn't a mortal that stepped through a demon being Marller who gave her surroundings a cursory glance before dismissing the portal she stepped through which seemed to vanish just as quickly as it had appeared.

Holding the envelope she had in hand she tucked it in the right-hand pocket of the jacket she wore, proceeding to walk into the storm that was growing in strength by the moment. If she was bothered by the cold she did not show it on her features, though she did have fear in her eyes for the unknown as to what she might find was scary especially when it had to do with an errand given to her by Hild-sama herself even if in mortal form.

"Marller do this... Marller do that. Why must I always go on these odd errands couldn't she have given this errand to a lesson demon..." she griped speaking her mind to no one in particular, she had grown to hate such errands as nothing she ever did seemed to please the Daimakaicho. No, she either ended up punished even when she accomplished a task given, each time given a harder assignment than the last.

However her loyalty was unyielding despite her grievances since no one she knew was more powerful than Hildr at least that is what she believed, she even held to the belief that if the Daimakaicho had ever put her mind to it Heaven would surely fall to the might of the Daimakaicho alone since demons such as herself would simply be fodder.

Though even so she wasn't a fool and knew many a Goddess and Demon would lay dead before victory would be held, and no one would truly be the victor in the aftermath to come.

After walking what seemed like forever Marller finally arrived at the entrance of a cave just at the foot of a towering mountain the closer she got to the entrance the thrum of magic power was felt from within the depths threatening to overwhelm her senses as her own power was being drowned.

Feeling a familiar presence just behind herself, she turned to look over her shoulder observing a woman standing just behind her wearing the full uniform of a United States Soldier that was snow patterned.

The woman stood at five-foot-six, her hair raven tied back in a long pony-tail, she wore steel gray wireframe glasses over her Crimson-red glowing eyes, a fang-toothed smile to her lips, two leathery wings were folded over her shoulder's, a tail seemed to curl around her right leg.

So the Daimakaicho's Brat has come to my base camp why?" the unnamed woman queried, taking a step closer crossing her arms just under her ample chest.

"Li-Li-Lilith! Yo-you are here?" Marler stammered a question, as she hadn't expected to see the Demon that stood before her who was one of the oldest of the oldest of the many Goddess's who fell from grace after the first Coup of Heaven.

Lilith narrowed at the blonde-haired demon standing before her. "Oh your fear is delightful child... but surely the Daimakaicho's brat didn't come all this way to stammer questions what are you doing here child?"

Straightening her posture Marrler did her best to push down her fear ans regain her composure before the raven-haired demon. "For one I am not a child! I have come with the Daimakaicho's marching orders," she answered without a stammer.

Gaining a ghost of a smile Lillith looked to the blonde-haired demon as if waiting for something, to which the blonde-haired demon quickly retrieved the parchment she was carrying from her pocket which turned into a scroll that was neatly rolled holding it out.

Taking the proffered item from the younger demon, Lilith proceeded to whistle a tune that was eerie to say the least, she then proceeded to walk past Marrler who was slow to follow as her gaze observed a flag pole that was bent in the distance at the top which was threatening to fall to the snowy surface was a sliver of the red white and blue stars and stripes that looked to have nearly burned away, the shades of destroyed gun turrets could be seen off in the distance.

She turned to follow the raven-haired demon further in the cave which followed a winding path she found herself nearly tripping over something observing a dead mortal wearing a similar uniform Lillith was currently wearing, an m-sixteen that appeared battered and broken was also laying there just to the left of the corpse.

"Watch your step child we have yet to clean up the mortal filth that used to inhabit this base... We tried to be peaceful about it but they weren't willing to yield an inch of the base when asked nicely so we took it by force," she explained in a sing-song voice.

Marller continuing to follow the raven-haired demon stepped around the mangled corpses as she went shaking her head. "Couldn't you have used magic to you know maybe peacefully subjugate these mortals without killing them? I mean I don't think Hild-sama would approve due to the agreement between both Hell and Heaven..." she trailed.

Without looking back the raven-haired demon spoke up. "Mind your tongue brat this is my operation as ordered by the Daimakaicho herself she wanted me to find a suitable place to hide our forces so I did what was necessary and I am sure given the circumstances she would approve."

"Of course I guess you are right... Glory to Hell." Marller reluctantly said in a mere whisper, as she continued to follow the raven-haired demon further down into the depths of the mountain.

Well it would appear things are getting interesting, Lind has seemingly taken the seal of the Daimakaicho, Marller has delivered marching orders to Lillith one of Hildr's most loyal and fanatical generals who has made the antarctic her base camp housing her forces inside what appears to used to be a United States military base of some kind.