Some officers were walking purposely through the parted crowd. The streets were gray and muddy. The world would have seemed to be colorless, except for the few pieces of clothing that were a vibrant red, green, or blue. Like Eren and Levi's capes, as the mentioned two forced their way through the cluttered bland crowd. A girl, with hair matted and hanging in clumps from the rain, bright, sunny blond in color, a splash of paint on an artists charcoal drawing, was being dragged along behind the officers, wrists tied with rope handcuffs. She had old, crusty blood stains on her clothes, as well as newer ones that were from fresher wounds. Civilians were whispering things like "we don't have time to deal with this, what about the titans? We need to fight them." Just then, as Eren and Levi were at the front, the girl turned her head and looked at them, straight in the eye. "You!" She screamed, looking at Levi. Her eyes were a lovely brown, but they were filled with hate. "Are you happy now? You caused this! It's your fault! Everything is your fault! Don't you see what you've done! I'll kill you! I swear I WILL kill you Midnight!" She had fought off the men and was now nose to nose with Levi. Eren grabbed his arm, trying to pull Levi away. The guards were reaching out, about to grab the girl. The moment seemed to happen in slow motion. "Or should I call you Brain II?" She seethed. By then the guards had her arms, and everything was back to normal speed. They apologized to the scout regiment members and put the blonde, who apparently knew Levi, under even tighter restraints. "I swear I will avenge my friends," the strange, and, honestly, insane, girl whispered to herself. But by then no one could hear her for they had already entered the building in which she was being held prisoner.

"What the hell was that about Levi?" Eren and Levi were at Levi's house. It was where Levi used to live before he became a Titan slaying devil protégé. Levi ran inside to grab some towels for them to dry off with. "It was nothing. She's just a random girl from the outside. I bet she mistook me for someone else," Levi said this as he inspected the ground for any traces of mud. "Yeah," Eren scoffed. "A girl from outside the walls. You sure find those everyday. If they were common, that girl wouldn't have been dragged inside, all tied up, to a prison cell. Now I know you're lying. Let me ask you again." Eren looked Levi right in the eye. "Levi, how do you know that girl," he asked in a soft voice. Levi sighed. "Her name is, well, it was, Lucy Heartfilia. She's someone from my... my past. I guess they found her, so, she's finally free." "What do you mean she's free? How did she survive the outside the wall without any weapons? I've never, ever seen her before. Levi, please, please, please, explain." Months ago, Eren wouldn't have dared to speak to his superior in such a way. But now, since they grew "closer" relationship wise, he was up close and yelling. "I don't want to talk about it Eren," Levi moaned, sitting down at the kitchen table. "Fine," Eren sighed softly, noticing Levi's discomfort. "But you should talk to her. She probably needs someone to talk to that she knows, even if she DOES despise you. Especially before her trial. She gonna have one you know. She did survive outside the walls. Maybe you might even get some information on if she's been transpiring with Titans or not. How she survived way out yonder." There was a slight pause in the conversation, in which both parties stopped to think. "You're right Eren," Levi said, biting his lip and looking Eren in the eye. He stood up. "I'll go talk to her tomorrow, but it's late." Levi gently placed his hand on the younger boys. "We should both get some sleep." Levi ascended the stairs to his bedroom. Erin shook his head, stood up and went to the bedroom. "That was weird," he said turning out the light. Without another thought about it, he climbed into the bed across from Levi's, and fell asleep.