"Happiness is simple. It's plain. It's a smile. A laugh. But it makes up everything we live for. We want happiness. We wish and we mourn for it. But sometimes, happiness doesn't just happen. There are people out there, who give us evil, who try to take away that happiness,

who want it for themselves. But there are also those who give us happiness. They are full of light and joy and want everyone to feel the same. Everything they live for, every action, every moment, is full of life. Lucy Heartfilia was one of those people. She was a ray of sunshine in the dark world..." Ironic, how the sun was shining at her memorial service. They were going to do it inside the wall, but Gray had refused. He proposed they honour her memory somewhere she wouldn't be forgotten. Where she was remembered and she was loved. The guild.

It wasn't far outside Wall Maria, in actuality Natsu had practically built his domain around it. So they went. There was no body to bury, no special ceremony to preform. She had disappeared in a golden dust, like all Celestial Wizards do when they die. They join the spirits, says Levy. Ancient literature talks all about it. She should be happy there, with all her friends surrounding her.

But Natsu had asked for something, as he was tried. And Laxus, had agreed. He had insisted, actually.

"All I want is to see Lucy leave Fairy Tail properly," Natsu had said. "Do what you want with me, torture me, I deserve it. But just see her off in the right way."

The idiot. The stupid flame brain was so idiotic, and loving and caring. But they granted his wish. They hiked to the guild hall, which looked exactly the same as they had left it. A table or two overturned, a mess made from a previous fight. A dust had gathered around, but other than that, it looked like the guild members would walk through the door at any moment, at any time. How he wished they would. He wished they were here. He wished was here. But she wasn't. Two hundred years had passed and he of all people was given a second chance at life. Gray Fullbuster the ice Mage. Hero. Stripper. Friend. But he couldn't stop her from giving up her life to save his best friends.

And now Midnight, or Levi or whatever he wanted to be called, had stood up and spoke. He was so full of emotion, unlike what he had always been. He was breaking from the inside out, and it was Gray's fault.

"...I've known Lucy Heartfilia for a long time. She was the most loving, caring, and amazing person I've ever met. She was light, she was golden. There are very few people like her in the world. Ones who are selfless and forgiving. Who don't care about power or money, who only want love, and friendship. She was forgiving. I did some bad things. Some really really really bad things," Levi blinked back the tears welling up in his eyes, his hand crumpling the paper in his hands.

"But she forgave my sins." His voice cracked. "Lucy Heartfilia didn't deserve to die. She gave up her life in order to save ours. And we should honor that. Because of her, we can rebuild our lives, because there's no more Titans. Not anymore. And never again. Say what you want about me, about the Survey Corps. But remember, always remember what Lucy did to save us. Never forget her. She'll be in our memories forever. And she'll live. She touched our lives forever, and I will never ever forget that."

He walked down, to sit down on the bench of an old table, where all of Lucy's closest new friends sat. Eren, healed, green eyes mournful, but full of life, put a hand on his arm, murmured comforting words to him, as Levi stared at the floor, void of emotion. Gray looked at Natsu, sitting across from him. His eyes downcast, fists clenched. Natsu being Natsu, still blamed himself, even after these weeks of reassurances from everyone, after being determined not guilty by the jury. Natsu was the one who thought family came first. He was the basis of Fairy Tail's beliefs. Do everything you can to make your family survive.

And he thought he'd failed. Even when Lucy had done what she did on the basis of that idea. He was the one who'd given her the canvas, they all were, and she painted the painting. No one had expected Lucy to have the power to complete that spell, yet she did. No one thought that she would do such great feats, when they first met her, but she did. Lucy went above and beyond for her family. She achieved the impossible. And Gray would always remember.

Her smile, her laugh. Her joy and courage that lite up even the darkest of rooms. Her tears, her sorrow. Her way of pushing through hardship, and keeping a smile on her face. Her father who ignored her, her mom who died, her past was awful. But she kept smiling. She never gave up hope, even in the darkest of times.

Laxus stood, and walked up to the front, underneath the stairs. It was time. Time for her to leave Fairy Tail. Time for her to release the chains holding her. Time for her to join her family, up in the golden light of Heaven. In Heaven where there was a party waiting for her. A party with her mom, her dad, Erza and Jellal and Wendy and Carla. And the Master, and Mira and Elfman, and Lisanna, and everyone who had ever loved her and been her family. Her friends. Everyone who excepted her, who loved her.

And Gray and Natsu and everyone would join them, someday- after rebuilding the world. After living the lives she'd given hers to create. They needed to be happy, that's what she wanted. They needed to live, and laugh, and feel the sunshine and see the ocean. Use their magic, their oh so beautiful magic.

And Natsu knew that. He knew he had to move on, to live his life in her honor. He knew he would join her when it was time, when he was ready. There was no need for Gray to worry, because Natsu wouldn't think of joining her early after all she did to save him, to grant him more time.

And so he would move on. They all would. They wouldn't forget her, never. But they wouldn't mourn her loss. They would celebrate the lives she gifted to them, the second chances. And live in the light.

Laxus raised his arms, tears in his eyes. He took Makarov's place as master. He was the new Master of Fairy Tail. He sniffed, and then started.

"Lucy Heartfilia, in order to leave Fairy Tail you must promise to do three things: One. You must never reveal sensitive information about Fairy Tail to others. Two. You must never have unauthorised contact with past clients or profit personally from them! Three. Even if we walk different paths, one must always live on as strong as you are able. Never treat yourself as insignificant." Laxus paused, tears welling up in his eyes. "You must never forget the friends you made, or the sacrifices you made for each other. Always remember the way we lived, and loved!"

A golden light filled the guild, soft and warm. In front of Laxus, a pink guild mark glowed. A tinkling laugh filled the air, and Lucy, glowing, floating, flying, shining like a billion golden stars, flipped and spun around the guild. She glided over behind Natsu, wrapping her arms around his neck, hugging him from behind. She was translucent, she was beautiful. She was a fairy, a fairy of Fairy Tail. Her lips found his ear, and whispered into it.

With another chiming laugh, she soared, up and up, through a window and into the bluebird sky.

"Goodbye, Fairy Tail. Goodbye my friends."

The glow faded, slowly dying down. They were all looking up. Up, into the sunshine, into the beautiful sky, releasing their anguish.

And suddenly, the silence was broken. With a laugh. A laugh, which slipped it's way through a male, a male with hair the same pale colour as a Sakura trees petals. Soon, the laughter spread, from Natsu, to Gray, to Gajeel, to Laxus. Soon the whole building was filled with laughter. Laughter, that was sweet, and unchained. Pure, replenished joy filled the air as the sun filtered its was through the old windows, brightening the guild. Real, true happiness was accomplished at last, after two hundred years of fighting for it.

Goodbye, Lucy Heartfilia of Fairy Tail. And thank you, for your life after.

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