Chapter One- A new Case

JJ was sitting at her desk looking through case files when her phone rang. It was Charlie Swan on the other end. He told her that the team was needed in Seattle because there have been several mysterious killings. She set the phone back on its base. She then picked up the file for Seattle and left her office. She headed into the ball pen to gather the rest of the team for the briefing.

Aaron Hotchner, Derrick Morgan, David Rossi, Emily Prentiss, and Spencer Reid were sitting at the round table. JJ handed the files to each person on the team. "Chief Swan called and he needs our help. There have been several mysterious killings in Seattle."

"JJ, exactly how many people are we talking about?"

"Five people in all, but three of them were male and two of them were female."

It has only been six months since JJ had checked on her little sister Alice. They had talked to each other on the phone a lot since then just to see how each other are. JJ found that Alice had to be on oxygen while she slept for at least another year or so. "JJ, we should check the surrounding town to see if there is anything to help. Wheels up in thirty." With that the team dispersed.

Thirty minutes later the team was on their privet jet. Penelope Garcia appeared on the jet's laptop. "Garcia what do you have for us?"

"Well, Jessica Stanley was the first one to get killed. She went into the city to shop for a dress. She's a junior in high school. The second one to be killed was Colin Bradley. He's a senior in college. He went into the city to take a break from studying. Leah Clearwater was the third one, but she put up a fight. She's a Quileute, but she left the reservation to see what else is out there. Riley Biers was the forth one to die. He's a native of Forks, but was in Seattle for college. The body that they just found belonged to Phil Dwyer. He's Bella Swan's stepfather."

As Garcia disappeared from site Aaron started to assign places for his team to go. "JJ and Reid will go the station. Emily and David you two go to the morgue and Morgan and I will go to the dump site."

The jet landed in Seattle. As the agents got of it three black sedans were waiting for them. JJ and Dr. Spencer Reid went to first sedan while Agents Prentiss and Rossi got into the second one. Agents Hotchner and Morgan were in the third sedan. Within five minutes the team went to their respective places. For JJ and Spencer it took them about fifteen or so minutes to get to the station.

As the two of them walked through the doors of the station they saw that Chief Swan was there. He introduced them to the Seattle detective. "JJ how are you doing about Alice's condition?"

"I'm doing fine, Charlie."

In the morgue Emily and David were looking at the most recent body. The M.E came in. "Dr. Winters what is the cause of death?"

"Well, there were some bruises on all of the victims. They were all drained of blood and all of the victims have a half moon mark on their necks. Each of the victims was tortured for a couple of days."

Agents Hotchner and Morgan went to dump site where all of the victims were dumped. They could see that it was well hidden from the road. No one would be able to see the unsub dumbing the bodies. "The unsub chose the woods as his dumbing grounds, so no one would see him in action."

"Hotch, don't you think choosing the woods at night, or even in the day is slightly extreme?"

"Yes, I think that it's a bit extreme, but he doesn't want anyone to know what he's done. Let's get to the station."

Half an hour later the whole team was at the station. All six of them were in the conference room to discuss their findings. Agent Prentiss began the discussion. "All of the victims were drained of blood. They weren't killed right away the unsub wanted to feel their fear when he killed them. The signature is a half moon mark on necks, or somewhere on their bodies."

Agent Morgan went next to explain the findings. "The unsub dumps his victims in the woods."

"How were the bodies found if he dumps them in the woods, Hotch?"

"Each time they were found by hikers. Leah Clearwater was found by her brother, Seth."

"One of my sister's friends found Leah. Seth allows Alice and Jasper to come on the reservation when they need to talk."

Chief Swan came into the conference room to see if the BAU has anything that could help. "JJ what's going on?"

"Seth found his sister in the woods near La Push, Charlie."

"I know Alice has been comforting him ever since he found his sister. He knows what to watch for, so Jasper doesn't have to be with her all day."

"Charlie, all victims were drained of blood and had a half moon mark either on their neck or on one of their wrists."

"Chief Swan they weren't killed right away. The victims were tortured for a couple of days before they were killed. Also, there were no witnesses to help us find out who did this."

Suddenly JJ's eyes widened because she knew who might know who did this without actually being there. She knew that she couldn't exactly say who the person is. She knew that the team had to wait and see if there were any other witnesses who were actually there. If not then she would ask her sister if she knows anything. She will do it alone, so she wouldn't give away Alice's secret. "JJ, what are you thinking about?"

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