Full Summary: Set some years prior to the story of K, 15-year-old Hazuki Endo suddenly finds herself becoming acquainted with some very strange individuals who call themselves 'Homra' when she unwittingly saves the life of a boy named Tatara Totsuka. A Mikoto x OC fic

Chapter I

A Life of Danger is Not For Everyone

Rule #1: Stay away from delinquents and/or troublemakers.

That was one of the many rules set by her mother and it had been, for a time, a rather reasonable one. After all, not very many people would willingly seek the company of delinquents and/or people of similar circumstances. Unless of course you yourself were a delinquent, then by all means go ahead.

However, fifteen-year-old Hazuki Endo was quite possibly the furthest thing from a delinquent.

Up until now, she had just been another high school freshman enjoying a rather ordinary (and admittedly boring) life. But she'd rather have her boring life then a life of danger. She didn't do well with danger and she wasn't exactly the most athletic type nor was she all that brave either.

She was the type of girl to hang out with her friends after school at crepe cafes or little clothing/accessory shops. The type of girl who'd stay in her room when not with her friends and read manga all day, that was what Hazuki had been.

Till now….

All Hazuki could really remembered of that particular incident was how scared she felt. Really, really scared. It was the 'shit your pants because you're so scared' kind yet it was oddly euphoric. Of course, the latter may be just the result of adrenaline kicking in but whatever.

It had been a sunny day, no clouds and maybe a little wind. Hazuki was on her way to school and like usual, she had stopped by the local convenience store to pick up some breakfast. She had enough time since she was an early riser and as such wasn't in much of a hurry. That was where she went wrong.

It had all happened so fast, Hazuki might have missed it if she hadn't been paying attention. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a flicker of movement, followed by some shouting that sounded anything but happy.

A fight? She thought and was quick to find the source of all the commotion. It was only a glimpse she had caught but it was enough to know that it was an unfair fight.

Three against one and the odds of that one winning were slim to none. It didn't help that the four aggressors were older and bigger looking, as opposed to the guy getting ganged up on who was slim in build and about Hazuki's age.

She recognized the uniform of the boy as being from the school opposite of hers, a popular school amongst her peers. Hazuki pressed her back against the wall she was hiding behind and contemplated her choices. She could always leave and find help elsewhere, that was the most logical option. However, what if she left and the boy was hurt while she was gone?

Rule #2: Avoid Any Unnecessary Fighting or Fights Altogether.

"This would be considered…necessary, right?" Hazuki mumbled, though her chances at winning a fight one-to-one were slim at best, three-to-one would be suicidal. She never even hit a person before, let alone get into a full on fight!

"Oh great, now they're hitting him." Hazuki watched in silent horror as one of the older boys pushed the younger one onto the ground and another kick him while he was down. Hazuki was too far to hear the details of what they were saying, but did catch a few words here and there.

Apparently, they were looking for a person called 'Suoh', whoever that was.

"What am I supposed to do?" Hazuki half-whispered as she turned away from the scene, her heart growing heavier the longer she stood there. She didn't know why but she couldn't bring herself to abandon the boy. Despite his situation he was smiling, as if trying to pacify or reason with his attackers.

When Hazuki looked around the corner once more, she saw one of the boys reach into his back pocket and pull out a small knife. Her stomach sunk low and it was as if something had snapped in the back of her mind the minute her eyes fell on the blade.

Before she knew it, Hazuki was running. Not away from the fight but towards it. Her heart was racing a mile a minute and the little voice inside her head screamed for her to stop; yet she plowed on.

She didn't even remember picking up the garbage can nor where it even came from, but she threw it anyway with every ounce of strength she had in her tiny body. She wasn't particularly strong so she was a little surprised to see it collide with the attackers with as much force as it had.

Bewilderment seemed to grip everyone involved immediately, Hazuki included. It's not everyday you expect to be ambushed by a pigtailed schoolgirl with a sailor uniform with a trashcan. Apparently, they hadn't even noticed her until the thing had rammed into them, knocking two of the aggressors off their feet.

Confusion, surprise and fear mixed together and Hazuki reached out and grabbed the boy off the ground and ran. She ran as fast as her little feet could carry her, faster then she had ever ran before.

Maybe it was the adrenaline kicking in but she felt oddly energetic during the whole thing. She and the boy turned a corner, the three older boys not far behind shouting obscenities and threats Hazuki had only heard on television.

"Turn here!" said the boy behind her who, for a moment, Hazuki had forgotten he was even there. Which was stupid considering he was the whole reason why she was even involved in the first place.

The two teens hid behind a dumpster in an alley as Hazuki watched the three older boys run past them, dirty and a little worse for wear. She really hadn't thrown that thing hard enough; they didn't even look remotely injured! When they were sure the three attackers were gone, Hazuki let out a heavy sigh of relief and without warning, felt her legs give out from underneath her.

All the energy in her seemed to have disappeared in that moment and she felt her body go weak. It was only then did Hazuki realize just how frightened she had been.

"Are you all right? Thanks for saving me back there," said the boy beside her as he knelt down to look at her.

It was around then did Hazuki truly take in the appearance of the boy she unwittingly saved. She had expected him to look a little like his attackers, rough and mean looking. Yet instead she found herself staring at a boy with honey-colored hair and hazel eyes. He had a rather fair complexion and soft features for a boy despite the fresh bruising on his face.

"O-Oh, it was nothing," replied Hazuki in between breaths.

It was only a mile or so but she felt like she had just ran a marathon. She couldn't believe how hard she was panting nor how quickly her heart was beating. For a while neither of the two spoke as they tried to catch their breath and recompose themselves. When Hazuki finally decided she was calm enough to resume talking, the boy beside her beat her to it.

"By the way, what made you decide to help me?" the boy asked, causing Hazuki to nearly choke on her saliva. She hadn't expected him to ask her that. "I saw you hiding behind the corner and I was sure you were going to just leave but you didn't. How come?"

His tone of voice made it seem as if he weren't judging her nor was he angry, something which surprised Hazuki. She had expected him to be a little angry at her for even contemplating of leaving him behind. Anyone else in his situation would.

"Honestly? I don't really know myself," Hazuki said, staring down at her hands. She really didn't know. It would have made sense for her to run away. So why didn't she?

"I just…sort of jumped in without thinking," Hazuki stated, more so to herself than to the boy.

The boy said nothing as he stared down her with kind eyes and a smile on his gentle, bruised face. Hazuki had a hard time believing that someone like him was being involved with people like that. What in the world did he do to cause that much of a thrashing?

"Why were those guys beating you up? Were they mugging you?" Hazuki asked before she could stop herself.

"Hm? Oh they were looking for a friend of mine," the boy replied with a shrug. Hazuki immediately thought of the person named 'Suoh' and wondered if that was the one those boys were looking for.

"Did your friend piss them off or something?"

The boy fell silent and merely smiled at her, as if waiting for her to realize what she was getting herself into. Hazuki knew then that the more questions she asked the more involved she would be. And she really didn't want to be involved any more than she already was.

"You want to know?" the boy finally asked.

Hazuki gulped nervously and shook her head slowly. "No, I'd rather not. Forget I asked."

The boy let out a light laugh, as if expecting her answer. Hazuki watched him stretch a little, wince in pain before smiling brightly back at her. She wondered how someone could smile so happily despite going through what he had just did.

"My name is Totsuka Tatara, you?" the boy, Tatara said.

He held out a hand towards her, which Hazuki hesitantly took. Ever so gently, Tatara helped pull the girl back up to her feet. She was small and though Tatara wasn't particularly tall himself, Hazuki barely came up to his shoulder.

"E-Endo Hazuki," she replied shakily. It had tumbled out of her mouth before she had enough time to rethink her decision. Should she really be telling him her name?

"Well then, Hazuki-chan, I guess we should head to school now, huh?" Tatara replied, placing his hands at his hips as he spoke. Hazuki blinked back at him in puzzlement, not expecting him to mention school at all.

She had forgotten all about it!

"Y-Yeah I guess so but shouldn't you go to the hospital first? I mean, they beat you up pretty bad," Hazuki said, pointing at the bruises on his face.

"It's all right I've gotten worse before," Tatara said with a laugh, which only caused more worry and confusion for Hazuki. He was definitely one of those guys her mother often told her to not get involved with.

It was the first time that day that Hazuki had ever arrived to school late and it was the only time she really couldn't care less. Her mind was still on the boy with the bruises and the kind smile, as well as the person named 'Suoh.' What sort of person was this 'Suoh' guy? And all throughout the day, all Hazuki could think about was what sort of 'thing' this Suoh character did to cause that much trouble just by name alone?

The next day, Hazuki decided to take a different route just to be safe. She had no intention of bumping into any of the people she met the other day. She had already promised herself that the next time she saw a fight; she'd call the police instead of jumping in.

Despite this, Hazuki didn't regret saving that boy.

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