Top secret Pranking List of Hermes Cabin

It's that time of year again, folks: the end of summer and the beginning of torture, a.k.a. school. To make the transition easier, Travis, Leo and I have compiled a list of pranks to be played at school.

**Note. Hermes Cabin and Leo are not responsible for death, detention, or any other side effects of a badly set up prank**

10 ways to irritate a teacher

1. Insert class pet into students' snow boots (works best if said pet is gerbil or hamster. Fish also work)

2. When the teacher is not in his/her classroom, flip all of his/her desk drawers. The next time he or she opens the desk, whatever was inside will be all over the floor.

3. Organize a band class war. Arm wind instruments with ping pong balls and percussion with drumsticks.

4. In the middle of class, pretend to transform into a chicken or other animal of your choice. Hop up and down on the floor, disrupting as many people as possible. This works best during tests.

5. Super glue. Enough said.

6. Beep occasionally, or make other annoying and untraceable noises. Such little things that cause so much mayhem!

7. Insert a Whoopee cushion inside a padded chair instead of stuffing. This makes it harder to discover before sitting down. It's a little old fashioned, but it works!

8. If or when you get detention, spend the entire time writing a list of reasons why you did not deserve detention on the board… in permanent marker.

9. Compliment them endlessly, so they wonder what you are up to.

10. Whenever they give you a question, first say "Let me consult the computer" in a robot voice. Then give an obviously wrong answer, such as x= 5,902,948,187,290 in pre-algebra.

Good luck pranking, Hermes Cabin! Next meeting of the pranksters will convene over Halloween to discuss the success of these pranks and issue a new list.

Until then,

Connor Stoll

**This message will self destruct in 5 minutes, so take notes, but DO NOT leave them lying around**