Apparently the Hermes Cabin doesn't realize their previous note was intercepted, because another was found by Percy! Here it is:

Dear Hermes Cabin,

Leo, Travis and I (Conner) were brainstorming the other day, and came up with our latest masterpiece: Ways to Annoy and/or confuse and/or disgust large crowds

As with all lists, Hermes Cabin does not accept responsibility for any pranks backfiring in any way.

1. Gather a large crowd of friends and walk down the street. At a signal, all friends must stop walking, point at a specific spot, and say 'Wow, I can't believe it,' etc. If any people ask what you are doing hush them and point at the spot again.

2. With aforementioned group of friends, play Marco Polo (works best in libraries or other quiet environments)

3. Use up the mayo in a jar. Fill it with yogurt instead, and eat in public.

4. Do the same with grape juice in a wine bottle

5. Set up alarm clocks throughout the crowd- hide them if possible. Set them to go off loudly and annoyingly at random intervals.

6. Hand out free donuts on a street corner. In the middle, put a huge scoop of toothpaste.

7. Sing and skip down the sidewalk, offering free hugs. If a person seems excessively annoyed, follow him or her until they hug you.

8. Begin a balloon fight in the middle of a crowded intersection. Don't be boring though! Instead of water, fill with glue, manure, mud, or other substances. Bring extra ammunition so everyone can join in!

9. During a large scale event, sneak backstage and reprogram the screens, tie cables in knots, and otherwise cause chaos.

10. In the final 15 seconds of an important game (football, soccer, basketball, etc.) run onto the field and start doing the Macarena or Thriller dance.