Anna's head felt like it had been ripped out twenty seven times and horribly stitched back together again. The pain was receding very quickly, but she was still in pain. The young gingerhead managed to sit up and softly groan out to her older sister, who hadn't gotten up yet.

"E-Elsa?" Anna rubbed her eyes, slightly filled with dirt. "Where are you...and what is that awful screeching noise?"

She opened her eyes.

She blinked.

She screamed.

Koba snarl-hooted, lightly pouncing in place angrily. Anna tried feebly to kick at the weird hairy thing with her boots and succeeded in attacking his flat nose. He reared back from the slight pain, and the hooting around him intensified when lunged at the terrified girl again. A pattern of barely keeping him away ensued, and Elsa eventually gained her composure while sitting up against the chorus of frenzied ape screeching. The apes around her only distracted the Queen for a brief moment, making her gasp in fear. The first thing the queen remembered, however, was the first thing looked for.

"Anna?!" Elsa called, although it barely heard. Behind her, Anna craned her neck to see her sister's back to her. Koba helped her call for her older sister, by finally grabbing her foot and sinking his teeth into the poorly protected flesh.


"ANNA?!" Elsa worriedly screamed at the sound of a pained shriek. Somehow getting to her feet and whirling around st the same time in two seconds, her eyes narrowed. No one was gonna hurt her only living family member. "GET AWAY FROM HER!"

Her arms moved like bullets, and before Koba could fully react to Elsa's presence-

"AAAH!" The ape yelled, as his arm was incased in...ice?! This display of her powerful caused more hooting to commence, this time of fear and anger. Elsa could see 5 Gorillas, not that she knew their species name, shuffle towards her. Anna hugged her sister's legs tightly, hoping Elsa could handle all of them.


Everthing grew silent.

Elsa saw Caser, not that she knew his name, cautiously walk toward her In a human like fashion. He was somewhat tall, reaching her chin at least, and Elsa could see that the Apes seemed to obey him. Perhaps a ruler? Ceaser glared death at them, sniffing tentatively at the air and eyeing them up and down. They were the oddest humans he'd ever seen. There clothes were long and flimsly like a leaf. The taller one's clothing looked like a dress, but with light blue sleeves and skirt, the midriff and chest wast dark blue. their hair was the color of individual flower colors, one was platinum blonde and the other was ginger colored...and their eyes were larger than regular humans...and bright blue. The taller one hauled the smaller one up gently onto her feet.

"Ow!" The smaller one whimpered, struggling to keep her footing. Elsa sadly hugged Anna, until she noticed that the Alpha...thing had decided to walk over to them. The sister immediately raised a hand towards him, halting Ceasar.

"Keep away from us!"

"OOHOOHOOHOOHOOHOOHOOHOOHOOHOOHOOHOOHOOHOO!" Was the reply of the Apes around them, angry and fearful for their leader's safety. Ceaser stopped, but stood his ground and silenced his followers. Then, he took a deep breath.

" .You...?" The ape managed to pronounce.

Elsa and Anna exchanged surprised looks. They weren't expecting THAT. Elsa turned to semi-glare at Ceaser.

"I am Queen Elsa...of Arendelle. And this is my sister, Princess Anna."

Ceaser's face scrunched up. Queen? Arendelle? Princess?

"They! Bad!" Koba snarled, desperately trying to remove the ice. Elsa cautiously pointed her hands at the iced arm. The faces of the apes twisted to amazement when the ice moved away like water and into the air. She caused the ice to disperse into snowflakes soon after. The younger apes curiously poked the new fallen snow and Ceaser's Jaw almost hit the ground. The tranquillity was cut short as Koba abruptly hurled into Elsa's belly. The queen and Princess hit the ground, as Elsa gasped for the air that had been knocked out of her. Koba strangled her happily, glaring and smiling into her wide blue eyes.


Koba looked up, confused at the order. Ceaser said it louder and Koba reluctantly released her slender neck. Koba remained near though.

"Hurt! Koba!" The ape pointed out, and a wave of agreement went thru the crowd. Elsa coughed violently as Ceaser responded.

"Only. Hurt Koba. Because she. Is family...I. would. Do the same."

Koba backed silently away, but his glare never left them. Ceaser held out a hand for Elsa to take and pulled her onto her feet. The queen helped her sister up, rubbing her bruised neck.


He huffed a nod and began to walk over to the meeting place on all fours, gesturing for them to follow.

He had many questions.